The Circle of Kindred Spirits

The Circle of Kindred Spirits

by Laura Hernandez


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Reading this poetry inspires my consciousness to feel spiritually unified with all of nature. I feel loved, nourished and comforted by the Earth and all of her glory. - S. L. Condos - The poetry in this book, written by Laura Hernandez, represents the hope that one day the world will unite in peace. - J. David - The poems in this book are the basic truth about the one thing everyone in this world is longing for - being loved and "fitting in." - Autumn Lynn - We live, we laugh, we cry, we pick each other up in times of sorrow. We cheer each other on in times of great joy. Not every walk of life dances to the same tune, but all do dance! From every direction, East, South, West, North, Father Sky & Mother Earth our hearts beat making us kindred and one. All are connected. Feel It! Love it! Respect it! We are The Circle of Kindred Spirits! - Laura Hernandez -

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ISBN-13: 9781496944887
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/10/2014
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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The Circle of Kindred Spirits

By Laura Hernandez


Copyright © 2014 Laura Hernandez
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-4488-7


    Up Above & Into the Blue

    Looking up above ... into the blue
    I see an Ostrich & a Kangaroo
    floating - happily - traveling through
    together, along with a few more friends
    of the Australian Emu
    Traveling, passing - all is good
    Father Sky cares for them
    with fresh rain and food
    Food from the warm glow of his Sun!
    And enough to drink for all not one!
    Joining them I see the Buffalo at play
    along with a Tiger - Fox and a giant Sting Ray
    Together –
    Together - for all to see!
    All walking together
    All happy
    All free!

    The 360

    8:05 and all is cool
    an enjoyable 62
    Stopped to fuel up our friend,
    the fabricated horse,
    our little 4 year old gray Malibu
    named Chevy
    He will take us to the Bob concert
    Soon we will fuel ourselves
    "What should we name this travel, Cat?"

    Passing a smiling truck driver
    in a passing red semi
    He was not wearing a tie
    that's no lie
    but why
    should he
    He's free
    to be
    on his own
    on the road
    carrying someone's load
    from one side of the country
    to the other
    in all the elements
    rain, cold
    heat, sleet

    Pedals of his traveling machine
    are the only things
    on that man's feet
    not the street
    I wonder if again
    shall we meet
    at the next stop light?

    he's taking a right,
    on the right road he goes,
    the smiling man delivering the truck load
    Up the road he goes,
    he's traveling,
    paying his tolls
    holding hands with
    his best friend
    the map

    86 degrees feels like 1 30
    A pissed man with red cheeks,
    in a passing
    red dodge truck,
    curses us and
    speeds on spewing
    out his nasty
    words of disease
    as we travel on 465

    Looking on
    we merge onto I-74
    to travel on
    some more
    foot to the floor
    hear the engines roar
    and still
    happy to thy core
    Peace be with you
    pissed off man with red cheeks
    in the passing red Dodge
    Peace on ...

    Kindred Spirits

    Yesterday it rained
    Mother Earth & I ate our breakfast
    While enjoying each other's company
    Together ... we were nourished
    Thank you Father Sky

    Sitting here ... where I walk
    writing about this calm moment
    of spiritual beauty inside
    & around me
    Bathed in Nature's water
    Dressed in its cotton
    Warmed with her fire
    Loved and Love
    Love and Loved
    Connected with Earth & Sky
    Connected with the given
    Connected with Great Creators given
    in this calm moment
    of Spiritual beauty inside & around me

    Morning warmth
    cradles me
    as I sit here
    on the soft, rich earth
    next to the fire
    to the music
    of the burning
    Inside of her own room
    she shares with me
    her song
    I am thankful for her gift
    She's with me
    She dances back to back
    with Mother Earth
    On her way out ... she smiles with a
    Her warmth
    surrounds my body & soul
    A loving caress
    She leaves silently
    & slowly says to me
    in a silent whisper
    peace is yours
    Father Sun says goodnight

    Mother Earth is my soft soothing mattress
    Soft feathers of grass
    A blanket
    A blanket
    Father Sky
    blankets me with his warmth
    surrounds me with his love
    Those with feathers sing to me,
    they sing me to sleep
    along with Nature's wind
    This day was enjoyed

    Great Creator sings to me
    on this new morning
    Drumming of thunder & the drops of rain
    keep time
    The opening of voices are singing out
    The choir of Birds
    Many voices
    all dressed in many colors
    many beautiful colors
    Finch, Crow, Robin, Dove, Sparrow, Chickadee
    The Sun now shines upon them
    while they sing joyfully upon Earth's stage
    Many in the audience
    Many enjoy this music
    Many smile
    I am one
    I am one
    I am one - connected spiritually
    to many

    We are one
    Mother Earth
    Father Sun
    Grandfather Moon
    All living creatures
    All that breathe
    2 legged
    4 legged
    6 legged
    8 legged
    Those that swim
    Those that fly
    Those with roots
    Connected ~ Spiritually

    Circulating Circle

    One hurt given
    gives to another
    hurt given
    to another
    Growing - growing -
    Turning into a large never ending circle -
    A large never ending circle

    Circle - circulating - circulation -
    of hurt - anger - hate -
    all equaling into LOSS from many MISTAKES

    Go away - heal all wounds
    that hurt in the many

    Heal them - heal one - heal I -
    Heal one - heal I - heal them -
    Heal I - heal them - heal one
    Heal the entire circle of hurt from within

    They feel my - I feel their - compassion
    They feel my - I feel their - understanding

    Console them - console one - console I
    Console one - console I - console them
    Console I - console them - console one
    I - one - them –
    Them - one - I –
    All are ONE

    Start with the last and go back to the first -
    Go to the first -
    Go back to the last -
    Healing all the hurts that grew in the past -

    Heal the hurt with understanding, compassion and love
    Console as to console
    All of us are one

    This circle has now grown
    into this beautiful circle of LOVE!


    Maple Leaves ~ they dance
    Oak Leaves ~ they dance
    Pine Cones ~ they tap
    They wave their arms
    They wave their hands
    They dance
    They whistle to the song
    of the Wind

    Elegant Maple ~ she leaves ~ she dances
    She dances with Handsome Oak~
    Handsome Oak leaves
    Pine taps while
    enjoying the tune ~

    Leaves leave ~ Pine Cones Sleep
    They now rest
    covered in lace ~

    Artist Autumn Wind

    I learned this technique from the
    Artist Autumn Wind

    Many colors she so ever freely shares with her never ending canvas
    Dipping into the colors with the many surrounding trees

    The trees are her brushes
    The leaves are her paint

    Dark dirt from her palette's ground

    She now splashes her canvas with a hint of brown

    Filbert's limb she dips now into the red
    leaving brush strokes of beauty
    she compliments the grass without end

    Rain now washes Filbert
    Limb's red color leaves
    Now kisses of orange
    on the canvas of Earth
    on this day a colorful eve
    Now a little yellow
    over pebbles of gray

    Rinse now with more droplets of the cleansing Rain

    A little white
    to highlight
    the now bright blue of the Sky

    The beauty of her canvas
    Artist Autumn Wind
    Her Spirit shines

    Winter's Gifts

    Listening to the songs sung & written by Winter Wind
    Drops of Rain
    they dress now in lace
    Many embrace
    Melting in place
    into this season's sweet frosting

    I see many children ... Old & New
    wearing sincere smiles
    upon each of their faces
    & just like the Drops of Rain ...
    they too....
    are dressed all in lace
    Together embraced
    in the warmth of this season's sweet sweetness

    Intricate cone shapes & the warm scent of Pine
    welcome the many
    warm HEARTS that surround them

    Mr. Cardinal all feathered in red
    is welcomed by the family of Pine
    While listening to the songs of Winter Wind
    together our hearts keep time

    Howling Wolf joins in with Winter Wind ...
    they sing more songs of JOY
    Along with the Rain ...
    I too am now dressed all in lace ...
    dancing along with many we dance
    We dance .... we embrace in this sweet melting place
    under the shining eyes of this sacred night


    Our entire life we grow
    Our entire life we learn
    We have many areas within ourselves
    waiting to blossom and then bloom
    We are like the Honeysuckle Bush

    During this life we are blessed by many

    Father Sky feeds us
    Mother Earth nurtures us
    We grow
    We grow together
    All of us grow together - we are one family
    We are blessed with goodness
    We are blessed with plenty
    Together we are nourished
    Together we share our food
    Food given to us from Great Creator

    Bees visit their friend
    Honeysuckle Bush
    This friendship is sweet
    This friendship is family

    Their shared dessert for everyone is honey

    Thank you
    Great Creator
    Father Sky
    Mother Earth
    Honeysuckle Bush
    Singing Bees

    Reverend Sara

    Language of LOVE is spoken

    shared by the HEART of DEAR SARA

    Dressed in friendship ~ pink ~ Her Spirit does wear

    the apparel

    shared by the HEART of SARA

    Smiling eyes ~ sparkling JOY

    shared by the HEART of SARA

    Her Christ Light ~ Shines ~ bright ~
    touching all those around

    shared by the HEART of DEAR SARA


    Inside of OUR HEARTS,
    shared blossoms bloom

    Sharing seeds of inner PEACE
    now with many

    GOD is LOVE
    LOVE is GOD

    LOVE is ~ never ending

    DEAR sharing HEART of SARA


Excerpted from The Circle of Kindred Spirits by Laura Hernandez. Copyright © 2014 Laura Hernandez. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Up Above & Into the Blue, 1,
The 360, 2,
Kindred Spirits, 5,
Circulating Circle, 9,
AUTUMN LEAVES Covered in LACE, 11,
Artist Autumn Wind, 12,
Winter's Gifts, 14,
Reverend Sara, 18,
The Mountain's Crown, 19,
The Canvas of Night, 21,
Jesus Smiles, 22,
My Little Girl, 23,
Little Boy Play, 24,
Three Ladies, 25,
~GYPSY~, 28,
Destiny Unknown, 31,
The Rock Solid Walls, 32,
Ride in the Sky, 34,
Corn Dance, 37,
EYES, 39,
Lovely Denita, 43,
The Butterfly Effect, 45,
Hand Painted Words, 46,
The Crescent Moon, 48,
The Beat, 49,
Embryo, 50,
The Peculiar Character in a Hard Backed Chair, 51,
The Sophisticated Fancy, 52,
Recycle Me, 53,
Joyfully, 54,
Green, 57,
Our Spirits Rise High, 59,
Concert People, 60,
Divided Sides, 61,
Change, 62,
Sweet, 65,
Pleasant Hailey, 67,
Pretty Tzintzuni, 69,
High I Am, 70,
The Circle of Kindred Spirits, 71,
I Am of Many, 73,
Simple Simplicity, 74,
Ringo, 75,
All are One, 79,
The Blanket, 81,
A Different Day A Different Tune, 83,
~ Along the Pacific ~, 84,
The Day Before Angel Day, 85,
Poker and Chip, 87,
Sweet Notes for My Strawberry Man, 89,

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