The conceited guanaco and Fluffy the alpaca: Help the animals collection 1

The conceited guanaco and Fluffy the alpaca: Help the animals collection 1

by Patricia Fernandini


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This story unfolds at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters above sea level.
Fluffy, a lovely baby alpaca,
her mother and Horatio the guanaco are persecuted by alpaca hunters.
These little animals hide in a cave and expect the worst...Until...

"That is the Raimondi puya",
said Horatio to Fluffy. "This plant flowers every hundred years and it is now blossoming, that is why we must admire it as much as we can. Maybe the next ones to see it flower will be your grandchildren Lupe".

"It is beautiful Horatio", said Lupe.

"It gives five thousand flowers. And, although you may not believe me, after bearing six million seeds, it dies", Horatio added.

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Goosie and the Prince.

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ISBN-13: 9781515254621
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/27/2015
Pages: 58
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.15(d)

About the Author

Lima - Perú

An editor, designer and author of several books in different literary genres. A successful bidder in different tenders of the Ministry of Education of Peru with the books entitled: Alquimia 4 (The what and why of things. Science and Technology); Alquimia 5 (The what and why of things. Science and Technology); Legado (Historical and Cultural Heritage); Vigor (Health and Disease Prevention).

ther works include: Grama....posible edén (Science fiction novel in favor of ecology); Capitán Leo (Comic); Eclipse (Collection of Poems); Ciudad Joven (Urban Tales Volume 1 and 2); La historia del Señor de los Milagros.
Furthermore, she is the author of collections such as:
Collection: Party of Letters: Rhymed stories for early stimulation. La familia araña y El gran carrerón; Betzy la ballena; Los monitos y las manitas; El valle de las crayolas; Rubí la niña que tenía todo...o casi todo.
S.O.S. Animalitos: Stories in favor of animals. Luna negra ¡Vergüenza en la arena!; El oso hormiguero y la hormiga reina; Blanco: el osezno que no tenía futuro; La foca azul y el niño esquimal; Pomposa y la zorra plateada; Chasca: la pantera desobediente.
Ayuda a los animales (Help the animals): Ecological stories. El guanaco vanidoso y Pelusita la alpaca; Gansito y el príncipe; Limona y el monstruo plástico; Mara y Asha, la niña que amaba la selva; Chalequito el perro chusco y el bodeguero oriental; Thagus y el niño sheriff; Rechiflao y el águila harpía.
Help the animals: Ecological stories. The conceited guanaco and Fluffy the alpaca; Goosie and the Prince; Lady Lemon and the plastic monster; Mara and Asha, the little girl who loved the jungle; Waistcoat and the Chinese storekeeper; Thagus and the sheriff boy; Looney and the harpy eagle.
Artists Collection: Education for Art. Artista 1 (Leonardo da Vinci - sketch and drawing); Artista 2 (Michaelangelo - Sculpturing and proportions); Artista 3 (Van Gogh - Colour); Artista 4 (Rembrandt - shadow and light); Artista 5 (Cezanne - still life paintings); Artista 6 (Dali - Creativity).
Collection El Libro de Valores de Paquito: A collection of thirty worldwide stories adapted in values about friendship, love, regret, self-esteem, charity, conversion, education, success, family, faith, happiness, gratitude, humility, justice, freedom, prayer, patience, peace, forgiveness, perseverance, foresight, realism, responsibility, service, solidarity, development, work, value, truth and will.

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