The Dark Chronicles: Volume I The Beginning

The Dark Chronicles: Volume I The Beginning

by Cynthia Soroka

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Thrown into the birth of the dark one our introduction to the world of Ancra begins. Meetings between friends, enemies, family, and friends and family pitted against each other spur us on as we travel into the existence of a small town called Guam. Guam houses Big Bill's, a tavern with a quaint set of rooms upstairs for a semi-pleasant night's stay, if you don't mind the singing in the wee hours of the morning. Their menu consists of their special alcholic beverage -Bill's Special Brew - which will knock the socks off anyone, and I mean anyone! Gritts from the good ol' grill is a breakfast favorite and Bill's hearty laugh tops off this speacial place for the food is out of this world.

As we look around town we notice the Crystal Bird. The Crystal Bird is an exquisite flip side of Bill's. Early to bed and early to rise, with no interruptions. Crystal Chandelers hang from the ceiling and crystal goblets line the tables. To stay a night is quite expensive, but worth it if you have the money. The Lionheart is for anyone who considers being thrown from a window as fun. Good food and constant merriment is the signature trademark of this place. As you walk further down to the opposite end of town, many merchants can be found here.

The Bat's Eye tavern will make shivers go up your spine. Blood red wine is served here, and let me tell you I know blood and red are synonymous, but this is what you will see. You might think of it as grotesque, or you might consider the black wine instead. After a drink at oneof the taverns, you might consider a walk down the local graveyard. If that's not up your fancy, you might consider walking the beautiful babbling brooks that wander through the many woods that surround this lovely town.

The characters in this story circle around Gowen, Yasmin, Casiopiea, Darkmere, Minker, Copin, Englemare, and Symra who are always getting themselves into some kind of trouble. Who is evil, who is good, castles, sword fights, the fight for life, and thrills, chills and excitment that is heartwrenching as well as motivating throws you into wanting to get the second volume(You knew that was coming). Enjoy and be merry along the journey.

Let you imagination run wild and free!

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