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The Dark Mister Snark

The Dark Mister Snark

by Lori R. Lopez
The Dark Mister Snark

The Dark Mister Snark

by Lori R. Lopez

Paperback(Same text & artwork, new layout design.)

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There are those individuals we know little about who skulk and creep delightfully across page or screen. In reality, we are taught to avoid them. Sometimes, however, they may surprise us. The Dark Mister Snark is such a figure. Beware!

"Candidly lurking in the shadiest of places, a fellow whose mask wore the gruesomest faces, the dark Mister Snark might be tiptoeing after — shunning the sun and the mirthfullest laughter, spying and shying from your backward stares, following to catch you in complete unawares!"

Narrated by witty rhymes that spin the tangled threads of solitude and acceptance, this book tells the tale of a mysterious man prone to stalking through shadows. Is he misunderstood or mad? A villain or an anti-hero?

His secrets will be revealed in humorous and touching poetic-prose, with Halloween and Edgar Allan Poe among the themes. You will not look at corn or Crows the same. And once read, you could find Mister Snark watching you from every dark place! This illustrated edition features peculiar artwork by the author, Lori R. Lopez.

The Dark Mister Snark won Second Place for Poetry in the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

Book One of a whimsical Trilogy!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644750025
Publisher: Fairy Fly Entertainment
Publication date: 02/11/2018
Series: Mister Snark , #1
Edition description: Same text & artwork, new layout design.
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Lori R. Lopez wears many hats, although at times she feels the hat is wearing her. An award-winning author of short stories, novels, novellas, verse, songs and more, she designs her own covers and illustrates nearly all of her books. When the mood strikes, she pens a humorously serious column called “Poetic Reflections” at Fairy Fly Entertainment, a website shared with her two talented sons Noél and Rafael. She grew up in Wisconsin and also lived in Hawaii, Florida, Spain, and Key West before settling in California. Vegetarian or vegan most of her life, Lori’s work is often quirky yet at times addresses more serious themes such as the rights of animals and children. Stories and verse have appeared in assorted publications including Weirdbook, The Horror Zine, Bewildering Stories, The Sirens Call, and numerous anthologies.

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