The Doomsday Experiment: Save Our Planet

The Doomsday Experiment: Save Our Planet

by Michael Mathiesen


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Just after World War Two and because of the use of the Atomic Bomb during that war a group of concerned scientists started something called the DOOMSDAY CLOCK because they thought quite rightly that the human race had just uncovered the technology that could end all life on this planet as we know it and they put the clock at about TWENTY MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT - an analog to when the world would end.

Over the years since the inception of the Doomsday Clock these concerned scientists have moved the hand back and forth based on world events. During the so-called Cold War with the Soviet Union, they moved the minute hand forward to six minutes before midnight because we came very close to World War Three where hundreds of thousands of missiles would have filled the skies with the most deadly cargo ever - hydrogen bombs, each of them 100 times more powerful than the first atomic bombs this country dropped on Japan to end World War Two. This exchange of thermo-nuclear destruction between the two super-powers would have annihiliated just about everything - causing a climate change that this planet has never seen before and would never see again and bringing with it the extinction of all or most life forms on this planet.
IN 2015, the group of concerned scientists have been forced to move the doomsday clock's minute hand forward AGAIN to just THREE - MINUTES BEFORE MIDNIGHT - this because the COLD-WAR with Russia is back on again but this time with a vengeance, and also because of our current global industrialization that has caused the greatest amount of climate change the world has ever seen and if left to continue will cause even more. So, we are - basically on the verge of ending everything. All life on this planet is threatened as never before -- including our own species that has taken over 5 billion years to crawl out of the mud, to grow, to develop, to advance and survive as far as we have.
This book is more than a book. I call it an experiment because it contains what this scientist believes are tasks that YOU and I and all of the rest of us CAN AND MUST DO to find our only way out of our dire straits. This experiment requires the participation of every thinking and caring individual alive today. For the next few moments, you must learn how we can and must avert this total disaster - the extinction of our species. In this experiment, are the keys to our salvation and eventual evolution into something far better than where our leaders are taking us. We have been brought here to this point in our history as a test of our intelligence. Will we go blindly to the slaughter of everything we hold most dear and abort every one of us who wants to be born in the future? Or will we utilize the greatest and most miraculous invention of the INTERNET to reverse our course to destruction and move the hands of the Doomsday Clock back so far that we nay never have to be concerned about it again?

The first test for you is whether or not YOU care enough about the future of Mankind to volunteer in this experiment to begin this process.

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