The Golden Fleece Found!

The Golden Fleece Found!

by Basil Hill


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The Golden Fleece Found! by Basil Hill

Most people are pursuing an assumed correct philosophy, right marriage, right religious persuasion, right relationship etc. How many, like Jason, have found their Golden Fleece? The question begs: is there a yardstick to measure all philosophies?

The pursuit of the identity of Jason revealed these gems: ancient secret libraries, the locations of Lost Tribes of Israel, a meta-code in the Temple of Solomon, and a spirit-level to test major doctrines. Also from the blueprint of Solomon's Temple, wisdom above 33¡ is released for the first time. From that wisdom, the following contentious issues can be resolved:

1) is the Universe a clock?

2) was it made or did it evolve?

3) debating evolution vs. creation.

4) is there a Great Architect of the Universe, called God Almighty?

5) the real causes of the Middle East conflict.

6) Christianity/Islam/Judaism, religious persuasions or pretexts for conflicts?

Naturally, these timely revelations will stir up hornets nests of controversy, in that many perceived truths WILL BE upturned. The Golden Fleece Found allows doctrines held sacrosanct to be vetted against a true "spirit level." The most often asked, yet unanswered questions from over 100 countries are addressed in meticulous details. Veeeeerrrry interesting!!!!! Definitely a must read!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781412043199
Publisher: Trafford Publishing POD
Publication date: 10/21/2005
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 0.85(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Tired of the nightly terror attacks called �Nightmares and Night Terrors,� the writer decided to open his eyes during one such encounter. To understand what he had seen, he visited all manner of strange places and read every type of mystical and religious book available, searching for answers. His theory then was that there were either two spiritual worlds, or one spiritual world inhabited by at least two opposing groups.

Frustrated with the lack of understanding of spiritual matters after twenty years of digging, the writer visited a Benny Hinn crusade as a cynical reporter and skeptic. An unusual supernatural experience, a trip to Israel, and an encounter similar to what Saul experienced on the road to Damascus brought the sought-after answers and much more.

At one of Israel�s ancient holy sites, a bright light knocked him down and began a conversation. The writer asked: �Why me? I am tired of games, half-truths and esoteric riddles. If you are who I perceive that you are, please tell me why there is so much confusion among your children? Are we all in endless cycles of lies and delusions?�

This response came from within a bright light: �Here Son, receive these keys to my ancient schematic that had been published a long time ago. In it you will see that I had foreseen all of the shortcomings of my flocks. That is why I have decreed that all have erred and come short. Those who postulate that they do not err, I want you to highlight all of their errors. Do not compromise my word: I chasten those that I love.�

The writer retorted: �How will men know that you have sent me?�
The reply: �In the outer pillarsof the Temple of Solomon I have published two names. To those two human pillars I have given letters of restoration. Translate the names: Jachin and Boaz.�

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The Golden Fleece Found 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In times of moral crises, this book is what families need right now: a no-nonsense book that tackes all the moral and spiritual contentious issues. What is wonderful about the book is that the answers have been coded in the Torah. What the author did was to break the seals from Solomon's Temple, unveil new codes from the Torah and show us that just about everything that causes friction was foretold. Conclusion: the world is following a foretold path of disobedience:'definitely a life changer.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
When deciphered codes reveal that history vets so many prophecies for the entire seed of Abraham, it is mind-blowing. For anyone who ever wondered if there is an ultra-wise supreme being or beings somewhere out there who knows much more than us, this book elevates the debate to a much higher plain. Throwing in DNA analyses to strengthen his revelation certainly does not hurt the author's thesis. Marjorie
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read other Bible Codes. This Book doesn't just publish the latest and most comprehensive Torah Code, Mr. Hill uses it to reconstruct the original river to which 'all races' belong. He uses it to retrace all branches of Abraham's family. He uses it to show major ancient spiritual hotspots, to show ancient battles that were fought at those sites and most importantly, he uses it to trace the history of spiritual energies (good and bad) on earth. One is left wondering if history is not repeating itself. This book belongs in the home of every English speaking person: Irish, American, Canadian, Indian, Hebrew, European, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Caribbean peoples, Australian--in short, every family should own one. 'This book shows without a shadow of a doubt 'WE ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS' KEEPERS.'' Mabel Ali.