The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently

The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently

by Diane Wing


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Are you longing for greater happiness, but you feel like it's just not possible? Have you heard that happiness is just a state of mind, but you don't know how to attain that state? Diane Wing, a teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant, has unlocked the secrets that make happiness possible. This book is packed with methods to help you transform your thought processes, patterns, habits, and behaviors so you can experience greater happiness, peace of mind, and abundance. Discover in these pages the art of seeing life differently through such processes as:

  • Turning regular household chores into meditation activities
  • Reducing the noise in your environment so you can focus better
  • Knowing who you truly are rather than trying to be everything to everyone else
  • Saying no in effective ways that don't make you feel guilty
  • Learning to do less and appreciate more
  • Cleansing your thoughts to remove negativity and ground yourself

Your personal evolution into greater happiness awaits you! Don't wait any longer.

"The Happiness Perspective is a superb account of positive choices, exercises, and plenty of questions to ponder. I will be using it soon with my women's groups."

--Barbara Sinor, PhD, author, Finding Destiny

"Profoundly transformative, The Happiness Perspective is a brilliant, comprehensive blueprint for self-awareness, inner peace, and the attainment of ultimate happiness."

--Dyan Garris, author, visionary mystic, and New Age recording artist

"The Happiness Perspective is filled with tips and techniques that work to change your worldview and bring calmness into your life. I know because I've tried many of these techniques myself, learning how to do less and enjoy life more."

-- Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD. and award-winning author of The Children of Arthur series

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ISBN-13: 9781615993208
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant Diane Wing, M.A. enjoys exploring the mysteries of life and the way that people experience themselves and the world around them. A phenomenologist at the core, Diane uses a variety of techniques combined with discovering unique patterns experienced by her clients to reveal a deeper understanding of the self and to shift their perspective enabling them to move past obstacles that keep them stuck.

Diane Wing is dedicated to helping people get grounded and trust themselves, so they can live a peaceful and fulfilling life of joyful self-expression. She inspires others and teaches them to safely tap into the energies around them to turn anxiety into tranquility. Her clients are those who are ready to stop struggling in their personal life so they can feel their best.

Wing sees connections between things that seem disparate to others and can help you see their significance in your life. She's an idea person who helps you shift your perspective to see yourself and your life in a whole new way and is a master at bringing magick into the everyday. She wants to live in a world where people feel inspired and motivated to evolve beyond their current way of being. As a Perspective Changer and Blockage Buster, she's a wiz at helping people find their Inner Magick to help them be happy in the present while creating their ideal future.

To that end, Diane Wing created a body of work focused on knowing the self at a deep level in order to build self-trust and self-confidence. Her books, both dark fantasy fiction and enlightening non-fiction, hold lessons based in Universal and Magickal Law and energetic consciousness. Her games, Pathways and Insight Stones®, are systems of metaphysics designed to facilitate self-discovery, develop intuitive ability, and to enhance self-awareness. The emphasis of her school, Wing Academy of Unfoldment, and of her radio show, Wing Academy Radio, helps students and listeners learn ways to take metaphysical and personal development concepts and apply them to everyday life in their own distinct way. It's about going deeper and seeing the patterns of your life.
Wing's books create a transformational experience for the reader while incorporating a bit of the unexpected. Many say that her fiction has a sense of Karmic justice rendered within the realm of the unknown and that her non-fiction brings about a heightened awareness of the self and the world to enhance understanding of our own internal transformations.

According to Diane Wing, "Ever since I was little, the world felt magickal. [Magick with a "k" is used to differentiate the magic of an illusionist or stage magician from the magick that includes your intuitive abilities and tapping into the flow of the Universe). The world was beautiful and mysterious, filled with things to learn and experience. The path led me to become a lifetime student of metaphysics, mysticism, magick, and spirituality and to achieve a Master's degree in psychology... and it all shows up in my writing. You never know what's waiting around the bend.

"The world still feels magickal to me; every act of nature, every ener-getic exchange, every new discovery is perceived through the eyes of wonder. I now understand that self-knowledge is the key to all magickal operations; the discovery of our own Inner Magick is essential to living in concert with the Universe. We are the Magician, as in tarot, orchestrating and creating life in accordance with our true self."

Diane is an avid reader, bibliophile, lover of trees, and a lifelong learner. She and her husband are pet parents to a sweet little Shih Tzu.

Find out more and listen to Wing Academy Radio at

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Regarding the Internal

Shift Your Perspective: On Adjusting

Whether at social or business events, I find that more and more people are taking stock of where they are now and the changes that need to be made for them to move forward in the most fulfilling way. Those who have awareness of the path they need to take often find it difficult to take the steps necessary to embrace fully the lives they envision for themselves. Those who are on the path of their true callings find it necessary to make constant changes and modify their approach to manifesting the lives they want.

The key to making changes of any kind is the willingness to adjust your thinking and your actions in accordance with what you want. Simply asking for it, praying for it, or envisioning it are not enough. You must take definitive action toward the vision. Remove any time-wasting activities that do not take you toward your ultimate destination. Reject relationships or circumstances that are unhealthy for you and that create energy drains.

No matter where you are on the path, maintain a dynamic mindset, for as you step from one level to another, pass through one cycle to another, adjustments need to be made. With each new experience, you gain understanding. This leads to an adjustment in the way you think about yourself and your future and creates new opportunities to fulfill your dreams. It may spark an idea you never could have had before or may allow you to see a path that was previously unavailable to you.

With each shift, with each new experience, your view of the world may change only slightly or may change in a profound way. In all cases, you are never the same as you were before, and so adjusting to the new way of thinking and being requires reconsidering your goals and modifying the actions you take. In this way, you align yourself with yourself and redirect your efforts to bring forth the new potential.

Stay cognizant of how experiences, relationships, and knowledge assist you in growing and allow the changes necessary to accommodate your new form. Use journaling, divination tools, and meditation to tap into the deeper meanings of your life. Seek out your reflection in those around you and gaze objectively at the results your energy creates in your life. See how your outer world begins to take the shape of your transition — you may change your home's decor, wear different clothing than you usually do, or purge items that no longer feel part of your heightened sense of self.

It is a marvelous thing when you see yourself growing and changing and taking the necessary steps to support that development, embracing that which is your true self, your true calling, and going forth in a centered, grounded manner that fosters additional awareness and understanding.

Shift Your Perspective: On Anger

Think back to all the times you have been angry. Anger can result from a variety of reasons and takes on many forms. The energy of anger is directed at the perceived source — whether it is anger with the self, with someone else, or at a situation. It may be mixed with hate, disappointment, hurt, or aggravation. It may be justified ... or not.

Some people feel that anger is a negative emotion to be avoided at all costs. Anger creates discordant energy that takes you off center. Loss of control in a fit of anger can prompt actions you may deeply regret later; whether it is something said or something done, the effects can be long lasting.

Anger as a primary view of the world, as in anger at others' behavior or at one's own circumstances, wears the person down and repels people from wanting to be around him or her. This type of person feels justified in his or her anger and holds on to it.

Blowing up out of anger can be exhausting and even dangerous, when it takes a violent form. Also, staying angry at a situation and talking about it over and over fuels the fire, intensifies the propensity to take regretful action, and keeps the negativity in place.

Sometimes, anger comes forward toward things that are out of a personal scope of control, such as death, war, the government, or the economy. The anger is attached to feeling helpless or powerless to change the situation. When that occurs, allow acceptance to replace anger and focus on uplifting aspects of life and ways to bring that higher vibration into the world.

Anger is more likely to appear when a person is fatigued, stressed, or upset. These lower the tolerance threshold and increase the likelihood that the response to certain triggers, like teasing, criticism, failure, etc., will result in lashing out in anger. To increase your tolerance, make sure you dump negativity and ground yourself on a regular basis. [See Appendix or The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility by Diane Wing, M.A., on page 24.]

While these are valid reasons to look upon anger with disdain and to strive for self-control, there is a powerful use for anger. Anger, used to its best purpose, can be a catalyst for change. Any strong reaction is an indicator of a deep-seated belief or problem, and the forceful nature of anger is potent when channeled to make important changes.

Anger can come as the result of a social or personal injustice. This is a higher vibrational form of anger that can lead to the creation of social movements and personal actions that create positive change.

Anger that stems from feeling disrespected, undervalued, criticized, or unappreciated points to the need for personal change, including in the way the self is viewed or in the types of relationships engaged in.

Each person has a unique set of circumstances and triggers regarding anger. Anger can hold within it the seeds of change for the highest good. Be aware of how anger shows up, and tap into this powerful source of transformation.

Shift Your Perspective: On Anxiety

We all have bouts of anxiety. It can stem from internal or external sources. The potential for anxiety to arise is ever present. Some experience anxiety more frequently than others, self-perpetuating this state of being with negative self-talk and "what if" scenarios mentally played over and over. Some use it as a motivator to prepare for an important meeting or presentation.

Depending on the intensity of the anxiety, it can be debilitating or motivating. Anxiety can be self-managed in most cases, without the assistance of medication. With mindfulness toward your personal anxiety patterns, it is possible to become an anxiety expert able to control the level and intensity of the anxiety, as well as the duration.

Start by reviewing the list of causes below, and see which ones you find are most frequent in your anxiety repertoire.

Causes and cures of anxiety include:

1. Cause: Staying in limbo keeps the tension high.

Cure: Make a decision! Even if you take another direction later, the act of making a choice relieves 80 percent of the stress.

2. Cause: Taking on the problems of others/trying to control others.

Cure: Focus on what you need to do to take care of your own life and let others live their lives and make choices for themselves ... even if you do not agree with them.

3. Cause: Trying to control circumstances that are out of your scope of influence.

Cure: Recognize the aspects of the situation that you have direct control over and where you can make an impact. In every case, you have control over yourself, what you believe, the actions you take, and your emotional response to the situation.

4. Cause: Negative self-talk, such as "I'm not good enough," "Nothing ever works out for me," or "I have a dark cloud following me around."

Cure: Be aware when the negative self-talk starts and stop it as soon as you can. Then challenge the thought with an alternative statement. Rather than "I'm not good enough," think of something you have done recently where you have succeeded — even a small accomplishment such as reorganizing your closet (which is no small task in some cases), and give yourself kudos for that.

5. Cause: Using global generalizations. Words like "all," "everything," "everyone," "nothing," "never," and "always" create a perspective that lumps together experiences rather than looking at them for their individual attributes.

Cure: Take each situation separately and identify the strengths and challenges it presents.

6. Cause: Looking at the huge goal before you to the point of feeling overwhelmed and incapacitated.

Cure: Cut the goal into manageable pieces and accomplish the ultimate goal one step at a time.

7. Cause: Having a doom and gloom perspective; believing the world is against you and that no amount of effort can change that. If you hear yourself complaining and being a naysayer to others, it not only prompts but exacerbates anxiety.

Cure: Find the silver lining; look for the glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark situation, seek to discover the lesson held within the difficult circumstance, and encourage others to achieve their goals.

8. Cause: Resistance to change.

Cure: Be resilient in the face of change. Transitions and transformations are inevitable. Rather than fighting against the shift, see what benefit is held within it. Change can be a good thing.

9. Cause: Stagnation. This occurs when a shift or change is desired, but no action toward creating that change is taken.

Cure: Do something you have never done before. Go to a new restaurant, visit an art museum, or attend a craft fair; get inspired to move beyond your comfort zone.

10. Cause: Clutter and disorganization. Too much stuff stifles the flow of energy through a space and causes mental confusion and agitation. Disorganization creates procrastination, which leads to anxiety.

Cure: Purge your possessions. Clear the clutter. Physically clean your home/office/sacred space. You will feel lighter, as will the energy in the space, and you will be more focused and motivated.

11. Cause: Jealousy. This can include fear of abandonment or being left behind, a sense of not being good enough, and coveting others' experiences, accomplishments, and possessions.

Cure: Appreciate what you have, identify your unique gifts, or identify what is lacking and take steps to attain it.

12. Cause: Fear, doubt, and worry stemming from personal performance, meeting the expectations of others, health concerns for yourself or others, and uncertainty.

Cure: Go outside and dump the fear, doubt, and worry into the ground. Let the earth take it and transform it. Now go ten feet from that spot and pull in fresh earth energy. Let it fill your body with brightness where you released the darkness. The issues may still be present, but being afraid of, doubtful toward, or worried about them will not help them go away or create a productive mindset. Dumping the heavy vibrations will give you increased energy with which to cope with whatever is going on.

The bottom line is that anxiety is inevitable. Your approach to managing it is critical to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. In most cases, you have the power to handle it and move on rather than maintaining the stress. For extreme cases such as phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, or obsessive compulsive disorder, skilled professionals can help.

Becoming an expert in handling anxiety gives you more energy, greater resilience, and more happiness in your life.

Shift Your Perspective: On Change

Change can be stressful, especially big changes. When you feel like it is time to start getting on track and making changes in your life, it can feel daunting. Questions arise from your deepest fears. Will things feel too different? Am I doing the right thing? Do I have the strength and the ability to move forward with the necessary changes?

Cut yourself a break and realize that sweeping changes are not necessary in order to have a transformational experience. Even a minor change can create beneficial shifts that lead to even more positive results. For example, every time you catch yourself complaining about something, know that you are lowering your vibration and inhibiting your potential.

Replace the complaints with a resolution that addresses the problem. In this way, you will solve or eliminate the issue and your vibrational level will increase along with your self-confidence. You have control over the decisions you make, and making the decision to focus on the positive aspects of your life and adopting an attitude of gratitude will change your experience both internally and externally. The world looks much different when approached with optimism and positivity.

Exercise 1-4: Choose one small thing that you want to change each month. As you succeed at each change, future changes will be easier to make. The size of the changes may increase, and you will be on the path to creating your destiny rather than being a victim.

Change must be initiated in order to see a difference in your life. I speak to countless folks who say they want their lives to be different, pause, and then say "but" and follow it with all the reasons why things will never change. And they are correct. They never will change as long as they believe it is not possible or that the obstacles before them are insurmountable.

The truth is that they have already decided to give up. That one decision is what needs to change. Deciding that the way things are right now is unacceptable is the first step in the process. Then it is time to envision your life the way you would like it to be. Forget the limitation and self-imposed restrictions. What do you want your life to look like? Do you want freedom? Do you want to work with a certain type of person or alone? Do you want to travel or stay home in your ideal environment?

Whatever it is, sit down and really take a look at your life, what you like and what you do not like about it, and then prioritize the changes you would like to make one at a time. Taking that first step is the most important, and the rest becomes easier after that.

So many folks struggle with change. They feel off-center, agitated, confused, and doubtful. The path they thought they were steadfastly traveling is shifting beneath their feet. Nothing feels the same, and there is uncertainty as to what to do.

You are in a time of major change; not only in the world, but also within yourself. You are being called to come fully into yourself, to do the work you were meant to do, and to get rid of the patterns that have kept you stuck. Those who choose to resist this time of shifting will experience the most anxiety. The harder one fights to maintain the current state of being, the denser the energies become, the rougher the road, and the deeper the stagnation.

Those who decide to be open to where their inner guidance and divine will takes them will experience discomfort, yet they will reach an unexpected new height. Life will take unanticipated turns, and this means changes in relationships, circumstances, and most of all, changes within the self. Allow these shifts to occur and revel in the release and joy to follow, while embracing the idea that everything has a natural cycle.

Natural cycles dictate the experiences you have. The ebb and flow of life brings change, some intense and some mild, all holding within it lessons and the opportunity for an internal shift. The more earth-shattering the change, the greater the moral it holds and the more significant the opportunity for growth.

I did this exercise for myself and discovered that endings are the events that trigger an internal shift, a reassessment of life, and a significant learning experience. Graduations, the endings of relationships, and the deaths of loved ones bring about a contemplative time that contributes to my personal evolution. Each ending requires taking a different approach or way of thinking or behaving based on the lessons and life-altering changes that result from the experience. Nothing could ever be the same again.

The natural order of things creates cycles — seasons, moon phases, highs and lows in life experience and relationships — and calls you to flow with these rhythms in order to deepen your experience and your level of understanding. The energies of life, death, and rebirth are held within each day, month, and year. Each new day is the birth, noon brings the peak of the day's energy, and the sunset transitions us into night, holding the promise of another dawn.

The Wheel of Fortune card in tarot is symbolic of this inevitable rise and fall of energies and speaks to the need for adjusting both internally and externally to the new situation. It represents the expansion made possible through change and right action. Taking action is a necessary step in the process of change to avoid potential resistance. Pining for the way things used to be creates a standstill that could turn into stagnation.


Excerpted from "The Happiness Perspective"
by .
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Table of Contents

Part I: The Happiness Perspective 1

How Do You Want to Live? 2

Seeds Take Time to Grow 2

Are You Really Ready for a Change? 3 The Pursuit of Happiness 4 You Are Your Best Authority 5 Is Happiness a Matter of Luck? 6 Back to Basics: The Need to Build a Strong Foundation 6 Everything Is Relative 7 Part II: Shift Your Perspective 11 Chapter 1: Regarding the Internal 13 Shift Your Perspective: On Adjusting 13 Shift Your Perspective: On Anger 14 Shift Your Perspective: On Anxiety 15 Shift Your Perspective: On Change 18 Shift Your Perspective: On Choices 20 Shift Your Perspective: On Desire 21 Shift Your Perspective: On Discomfort 22 Shift Your Perspective: On Doubt 24 Shift Your Perspective: On Fear 26 Shift Your Perspective: On Finding Yourself 28 Shift Your Perspective: On Mindfulness 30 Shift Your Perspective: On Motivation 31 Shift Your Perspective: On Negativity 32 Shift Your Perspective: On Self-Trust 33 Shift Your Perspective: On Regret 36 Shift Your Perspective: On Toxic Emotions 38 Shift Your Perspective: On Yourself 39 Chapter 2: Regarding the External 43 Shift Your Perspective: On Acceptance 43 Shift Your Perspective: On Aging 43 Shift Your Perspective: On Clarity 44 Shift Your Perspective: On Competition 45 Shift Your Perspective: On Complaining 46 Shift Your Perspective: On Detachment 46 Shift Your Perspective: On Disruption 48 Shift Your Perspective: On Drama 49 Shift Your Perspective: On Eating 51 Shift Your Perspective: On Encouragement 52 Shift Your Perspective: On Forgiveness 53 Shift Your Perspective: On Getting Help 54 Shift Your Perspective: On Gratification 54 Shift Your Perspective: On Judgment 55 Shift Your Perspective: On Learning 57 Shift Your Perspective: On Meeting New People 57 Shift Your Perspective: On Obligation 58 Shift Your Perspective: On Rejection 59 Shift Your Perspective: On Relationships 60 Shift Your Perspective: On Saying No 61 Shift Your Perspective: On Shopping Online 63 Shift Your Perspective: On Spring Cleaning 63 Shift Your Perspective: On Starting Over 64 Shift Your Perspective: On Success 65 Shift Your Perspective: On Trees 67 Chapter 3: Regarding the Eternal 69 Shift Your Perspective: On Control 69 Shift Your Perspective: On Healing 70 Shift Your Perspective: On Imagination 71 Shift Your Perspective: On Intention 72 Shift Your Perspective: On Letting Go 73 Shift Your Perspective: On Love 74 Shift Your Perspective: On Patience 76 Shift Your Perspective: On Peace 76 Shift Your Perspective: On Power 78 Shift Your Perspective: On Relaxation 81 Shift Your Perspective: On Sacrifice 82 Shift Your Perspective: On Silence 83 Shift Your Perspective: On Spirituality 85 Shift Your Perspective: On Strength 86 Shift Your Perspective: On Transformation 87 Part III: Staying Happy in the Present While Creating Your Ideal Future 91 Introduction to Part III 93 I Want My Life to Be Different... 93 Stuck? 94 Chapter 4: Your Personal Evolution: What Does It Mean to You? 99 The Meaning of Personal Evolution 99 The Process of Personal Evolution 99 Shifting on the Path of Personal Evolution 100 Finding Yourself in Order to Find Happiness 101 Can Your Future Be Predicted? 104 The Keys to Staying Happy in the Present While Creating Your Ideal Future 107 Is Your Current Lifestyle Sustainable? 110 Live a Balanced Life 112 Chapter 5: The Lessons That Lead to Happiness 115 Lesson 1: Go With the Flow! 115 Lesson 2: Listen to Those With Experience! 115 Lesson 3: Adapt, Acclimate, and Learn to Live Without Your Stuff! 116 Lesson 4: Understand a Different Culture and Way of Being! 116 Lesson 5: Be Respectful! 117 Lesson 6: Let Go-Make Room for the New 118 Lesson 7: Be Grateful-Harness the Power of Gratitude 121 Lesson 8: Stay Open: The Perfect Place at the Perfect Time 123 Lesson 9: See the Magick: Beliefs Drive Vision 125

Customer Reviews

The Happiness Perspective: Seeing Your Life Differently 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
BambiZQ More than 1 year ago
Creating your own reality is the strongest message I got from this book, The Happiness Perspective by Diane Wing. The journey begins with the basics: clear your mind; arrange your living space so it reflects who you want to be, take a moment to feel your feelings and really examine where they are coming from. Then begin to build the world you desire and if that world does not turn out to be the one you imagined or it simply does not fit, muster up the courage to leave and rebuild. I mean, so simple, but yet it does take a lot of perseverance and determination to make it happen. Living in a state of negativity and depression takes a huge toll on you physically and mentally. Wing does an excellent job pointing out that you cannot just sit back and meditate and try to mentally manifest your desired level of happiness but you must make deliberate choices, clear your self of negative behaviors, end negative relationships and then you can see results. I particularly found the integrated exercises to be useful to help try to work through the basics of the message Wing was conveying. I think some folks might find those activities very useful and applicable in order to really try to put the thoughts into action. Overall, the message was clearly laid out and very easy to read. The "homework" portion of the book was relatable and not too daunting. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wondered why you’re not completely and totally happy? Do you feel like you’re missing something in your life? Then this book is for you. The author has broken down every aspect of why your life isn’t perfect. She then goes on to explaining what is needed to change your life into one of perfect harmony. After you start with a strong foundation, you will learn to shift your perspective inside and out. Listen to doubt because it’s telling you more than you realize. I resonated with the discussion on mindfulness and how doing things on autopilot is not always a good thing. The task of dumping and grounding was interesting and something I’ll definitely try. You will be inspired and motivated after just reading a few chapters.
beckvalleybooks More than 1 year ago
Such an inspirational, life transforming, magical book that I connected with it instantly. The authors words are written in such a clear, informative, encouraging and helpful way that you feel at ease reading it, confident in the knowledge that you can have the power to change what is wrong in your life if you allow yourself to do so. After my very first day of reading the just the first part of this amazing book I was incentivized to change a major problem that I had been facing, which involved me side stepping my pride (which I find hard to do) letting go and sorting the problem head on, rather than thinking about it, putting it to the back of my mind and continuing on and on and on. Author Diane Wing, helps you focus on what it is you really want in your life, helping you to begin to be able to find your true happiness, the true you and dispel the negative thinking you have been carrying around, perhaps for a number of years. Through her guidance, wisdom, stories and thought provoking questions and interactive activities she helps you pull up what you know is currently wrong in your life, understanding why you feel or act like you do and helps you to re-work it to be fully happy. I found the exercises and questions extremely useful and very easy to follow and were not there just to fill up the pages of the book, they were actually a great tool to work with. I do believe that just by reading through this book it will impact on your subconscious mind, but if you allow yourself to open your mind up to new possibilities and accept the spiritual thinking behind it you will feel empowered. There were a few times that the author re-iterated things that I have come to realize myself regarding the flow of positive energy and thinking which made me connect even more. I really liked that the book was split into separate categories of life and thinking which makes it so much easier to be able to refer back to whenever needed. I for one will definitely be re-reading the whole book again, it was that transforming for me and by doing so it can only reaffirm what I have already learned. This is the first book I have read by the author and I'm hoping it certainly won't be the last, her writing has captured my attention and prompted me to start to make real changes. I would absolutely love to listen to this as an audiobook also. Five stars is no where near enough!
Humber More than 1 year ago
This was quite a different novel for me; I am not one to read self-help type books as a norm. However, upon the presentation of the opportunity to read & review this book, I was truly taken by surprise as to how the Author was able to connect with me as a reader. I was very pleased with the content and perspective. There is a lot of valuable information in this book that people will relate to on their own level, depending on where they are in their life’s journey. The Author helps you understand how you can approach any roadblocks in your life in order to drive and achieve your happiness. This book really gives you a sense of self-reflection. The powerful messages that it delivers will stay with you as you make choices in life and handle any difficult situations. I would recommend this book. I feel that it could change your perspective in a such positive way. Don’t miss out…you may be surprised at how it could change your life!
LadyStephM More than 1 year ago
Outlined are some tasks you can complete, which though seem simple in theory, they do require practice to ensure that you are able to transform your mindset and perspective to embrace your own happiness. This is a book that will speak to people differently depending on your place in your life's journey. Sometimes in life we are waiting for this great event that will finally make us happy, for me it's understanding and embracing the small things that equate to overall happiness.  Because we are all a work in progress, this is a great tool of reference when you're down or when you're up as a refresher to maintaining the happiness perspective.  *A copy of this book was provided to me for review purposes only, all opinions expressed are my own*
Aiesa More than 1 year ago
I really did enjoy this book. Happiness is not people, money or things in your life… It really is your attitude that makes the difference in your happiness. Wanting things to be different is just not the way to head down the road to happiness. Now don’t get me wrong, life is not perfect, but if we change the way we look at the roadblock on the road to happiness… it is possible we will get where we want to go. The Author really lays out how you need to understand what happiness is and how you can change your perspective. The truth is that everyone wants to be happier, and it is up to you (not somebody else) to make that happen. I have made some hard decisions to do just that. Again, I say I like this book. Very clear and understandable for the reader.
wifetoalineman02 More than 1 year ago
I loved reading this book so much. It is not only very inspirational but life changing as well. Every chapter is so detailed with amazing help that is very easy to follow to help you moved on and enjoy life to the fullest better either by yourself, friends or families.     I admit I am a happy person. When I am stress, I find something that I loved and relieved any stress that I felt. Life is too short to deal with negativity. I rather smile than frown. My husband even told me that he loves my perspective in life. Grew up being poor, you need to enjoy life to the fullest.     This book is so amazing. It is perfect for everybody to read, relax and reflect on their lives. You will learned a lot while reading this book. It is an eye opening book that helps you with situation especially if you are unhappy or want a change in your life. This book is beyond inspirational. You will take a deep breath, pause and you will feel different after you read this book.
Liliyana More than 1 year ago
Although I often deny it, I've read my fair share of self-help books in my time. Partly from curiosity, partly because I felt like something was fundamentally wrong that I couldn't stay happy for an extended period of time. As I've grown older my perspectives have changed, a lot. I've wanted to make changes in my life, but I've always looked at it as a HUGE obstacle, instead of a bunch of smaller ones, starting with perspective and attitude. I'll definitely be following the advice in this book to try and make my life happier, no matter what hurdles come my way.
Stacey06 More than 1 year ago
My Review:❤❤❤❤ A well written book that everyone should read. A great book that can be used as tool and guide to happiness. This book came along at a good time in my life. I am glad it did. I want my life to be more happy and this book is helping me out with this. I really like the fact it has exercise to help us out they are nice to have and love them. They are very helpful. While reading this you may just find out some more things about yourself that you may have not known. There were some laughs and tears but her writing was easy to follow along and made this book awesome. Definitely recommend this book to everyone. I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
JessicaCali More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It helpe me bust through some of those “if only” barriers that I’ve got going on. It helped me recognize that everything doesn’t have to as perfect as I thought it did in order to be happy. I thought that the book was easy to read and get through, I wasn’t having to go back and re-read things in order to understand them, I was going back to re-read them so I could remember the sentence or paragraph because it stuck out to me. Well done, on this book, Diane Wing!
LynchburgMama More than 1 year ago
A negative mindset is dangerous yet so easy to fall into throughout life. I made poor choices that lead me to feel angry, bitter, resentful, and sad for a good part of my 20's. I'm a firm believer that the mind, when used properly, can be such a strong tool in finding a Happiness Perspective! Inner peace is truly the way we all need to guide ourselves toward rather than looking outward for people, places, or things that make us "happy". Life isn't easy so we will face difficulties; however, we can bounce back from them by finding our place in life. A layer of good groundwork is crucial. I wish I had found this book sooner! I am now in my early 30's and taking every word as a guiding arrow to staying on track with being truly happy. I am learning more about myself, my desires, my hopes, and dreams -- and it's mind-blowing! Over the years, I've wanted to blame others for my place in life rather than accepting that I have the ability to change every bit of it! I would recommend this book for EVERYONE! I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
CryssieAddis More than 1 year ago
Are you in a season of wondering how to be happier? Are you waiting for life to be "perfect" so that you can finally feel happiness and joy? If that sounds like you, then you must read this book. If you are a spiritual person in any way, then you will find that this book helps you to see life from a perspective that changes it all! I started reading this book during a time of lots of change. My husband and I just moved cross country from Texas to Washington, I hated the new job I was working and I was missing my family and friends back home terribly. I was also going through some time of healing from multiple miscarriages and some other disappointments along the way. Needless to say, I found myself battling lots of depression and grasping at moments of joy. Thank goodness I am blessed with an amazing and rather humorous husband who does a GREAT job of keeping me laughing.....but something was missing within myself. When he wasn't around, I felt major sadness. I know my happiness shouldn't be dependent on somebody else being around me, so I knew something was wrong. Over the past week, I have experienced amazing transformation and breakthrough in my life. This book has been a part of that transformation. I experienced my own spiritual moment with God along with reading this book and I couldn't be more thankful for Diane's willingness to write a book that could help so many people. Diane starts this book off with encouraging her readers to check in with themselves and with their own thoughts before taking anybody's advice, including hers. Immediately, I trusted her. I knew when I read that sentence that she cares about her readers and that her writings are a mission! I'll share with you just a few of the "life changer" quotes that resonated with me. "Perception is reality, and so the way you see and define something determines your feelings, behaviors, and interpretations of it." "Reject relationships or circumstances that are unhealthy for you and that create energy drains." "Maintaining a false self is hard work and a recipe for unhappiness." "By understanding your belief system and how it aligns with your core self, you understand your true nature and stand in it in every circumstance." Those are just a few of some of the golden nuggets in this book. Diane's writing is articulate and brilliant. Some might call it a little "new agey" but I call it wise! She does talk about the Universe as a being. If you do not believe in the Universe as a guiding figure (as I do not) then read it from your own spiritual perspective. Even though my spiritual guidance comes from a Heavenly Father, I was still able to get from this book, the happiness perspective. I understood my own belief system and how it aligns with my core self. :) This book is a must read!
ebookaddictsuk More than 1 year ago
The Happiness Perspective This book is well laid out and split into three parts - Part 1 The Happiness Perspective,covers what happiness is and talks about the mental change needed to change your perspective to be happy, part 2 is all about shifting your perspective and is divided into 3 sections - Internal, external and eternal perspectives so for example if you know you need to change your perspective on anger you can jump straight to that part, and lastly part 3 talks about staying happy in the present whilst creating you ideal future. It is not the type of book that you can read and forget about it, it is like most books in the genre, that you will you come back to it time and time again to reflect and do the exercises throughout the book to bring you the point of happiness. This book couldn't have come along a better time for me as for all I may be happy, I know that I am not truly happy and this book is enabling me to focus on the end game by working through the exercises and techniques. I have reached a point in my life where I am chasing happiness but never seem to catch it, so by doing the exercises in this book I hope to find my inner and outer happiness over the coming months, if not years. It’s all about changing my perspective and allowing my mind to accept the change. I received this book through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, I have volunteered to share my review and all the opinions are 100% my own.
Maxcraft More than 1 year ago
When I discovered The Happiness Perspective I was experiencing a profound change in my life.  I was actively acknowledging and releasing negative thoughts and patterns tied to the end of a 30-year professional career. As I read this unique book, I was surprised to find a comprehensive self-improvement program that succinctly addressed each of my present concerns... it was as if it was a gift written just for me. It provided a perfect roadmap for navigating the realignment of my priorities from corporate to personal abundance and success.   I highly recommend it to everyone wanting to release the "Self that no longer serves you" and embrace the changes that will bring new energy and abundance into their lives."
CynthiaYoder More than 1 year ago
I knew to expect great things from this book after reading Diane Wing’s "The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility.” Like that book, "The Happiness Perspective" is chock full of ideas, tools and exercises for living a well-examined life. “The Happiness Perspective” begs time to sit and reflect, so you can gain the perspective-shift that it promises. I would suggest reading it in parts, as I did, taking time to contemplate a section before moving onto the next. With its short chapters, a reader could also use it as a tool for daily reflection. Diane Wing is a thoughtful and wise guide. If you are tired of chasing happiness, I urge you to sit down with this book and open your heart to the happiness that is waiting inside of you!
GwendolynReece More than 1 year ago
Diane Wing’s pragmatic book dedicated to helping readers create a realistic path to happiness is a true gift, especially during times like these. Ms. Wing’s book is first and foremost realistic, which is an essential qualification for it to be useful. It is neither airy-fairy nor so demanding that the hurdle is too high for real people living real lives. Ms. Wing focuses on harnessing the power of perspective, which is something that truly is within our control and is the source of a tremendous portion of our real power. This is something that is a foundational insight in Buddhism, but is rarely so clearly articulated in a Western spiritual context. Each chapter is filled with useful exercises and many real-life practical examples that make the theory come alive. It is well worth the time to go through this text slowly and make it a real study. I’m going to spend the next six months going back through it much more slowly so that I can really fully integrate the practices of shifting perspective. I know it will be worth it and I am grateful for the text to give me some structure for this practice. The reason I am deciding to devote myself to this process is that this book and the practices in it are useful for building personal resilience. Right now, the world is truly in extraordinary turmoil and I feel deeply called, as a spiritual person, to be involved in ways that are challenging and frequently upsetting. When I decided that this deep engagement was truly a part of my spiritual vocation, I recognized a few things. First, that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Secondly, since this is a marathon, I need to be consciously building my resilience through practices, engaging in sources of inspiration, and in strengthening my social support. And finally, I need to focus on finding the intersection between need, my personal skills and situational context where I operate, and my passion, and to start getting ruthless about not picking up other people’s expectations that are outside of that. The exercises and insights about shifting perspective in Ms. Wing’s book are both helping me do the things I need to do to be as strong as I need to be and are helping me set better boundaries so that I can be more effective. I am really grateful.
MagCat More than 1 year ago
In The Happiness Perspective, Diane Wing provides powerful, life changing techniques that are easily incorporated into your daily life. Diane’s writing style makes you feel she is speaking directly to you, addressing your specific questions and supporting you during the process. So much has been written about “happiness”, but Diane makes clear that if you are willing to do the work, it can be attained!