The Healing Power of Dreams: A Spiritual Process of Opening, Unfolding, and Evolving

The Healing Power of Dreams: A Spiritual Process of Opening, Unfolding, and Evolving

by Barb Smith


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My dreams were instrumental in encouraging me to continue on my quest, guiding me along and giving me validations when I was feeling doubtful. By going deeper into that place within, I was able to find inner peace and discover the diamonds in the treasure chest of my soul. Through dreaming, journaling and analyzing, I was able to fully understand my soul's purpose, and I was able to find forgiveness where I thought none was needed.

Within The Healing Power of Dreams are tips and suggestions to assist you in achieving dream recall so you can receive vital information, solve conflicts, and heal your life. As you continue to recall your dreams, not only will answers be revealed to you but you will learn more about yourself, your aspirations, your dreams, and your desires.

As you open your heart to heal your life, life itself begins to unfold-exposing more aspects of you that you didn't know existed. When you unlock the immense power of love within you, you begin to evolve into more of who you were truly meant to be-a great magnificent being.

Your past can not be ignored, avoided, or pushed aside because it is a part of who you are. All your life experiences and lessons along the way have brought you to this point in your life. As you no longer refuse to face your past, you are releasing the pain of the past and discovering the diamonds in the treasure chest of your soul.

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ISBN-13: 9781452515762
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/04/2014
Pages: 108
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The Healing Power of Dreams

A Spiritual Process of Opening, Unfolding, and Evolving

By Barb Smith

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Barb Smith
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1576-2



Do you want clarity in your life? Are you ready for healthy loving relationships? Do you want your life to flow with ease and grace? You are an infinite being and can live a life of calm and peace. If heaven is a state of mind, not a location, wouldn't you want to create Heaven here on Earth?

Once you understand how dream healing can transform your life, you can live a life of Heaven here on Earth.

"Create a Beautiful Dream. Your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you. Impeccability of the word creates beauty, love, and Heaven on Earth." Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.

Dream Healing is a spiritual process of opening, unfolding and evolving much like the lotus flower. The lotus flower is beautiful and full of life, and it inspires us to strive through difficulties. It springs forth beautiful blooms from the murky darkness at the bottom of the pond. As the lotus flower opens its petals, it reveals more beauty and so too can your beautiful soul through dream healing.

You can transform and heal your life through analyzing and understanding your dream messages. When you are open to receive messages through your dreams, you can heal and transform your life in several ways. As you do your life begins to unfold, exposing more aspects of you that you didn't know existed, and as a result you begin evolving as a spiritual being, your true-self, and your soul's purpose will then be revealed to you.

Dreams are a catalyst in manifesting, and can assist in balancing your mind, body and spirit. You can heal yourself and others spiritually, physically, and mentally through dream healing.

In the dream state you have access to significant information that may not be available to you when awake. Your dream is much like a window, an opening to your subconscious which can reveal to you answers and your secret desires. You may not even realize how you truly feel about something until you experience it in your dream state. By tapping into this window of clarity, you can gain relevant knowledge and wisdom and discover more aspects of yourself that you didn't know existed.

Job 33:15 (Kings James version) "In a dream in a vision of the night when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of men and seals their instructions."

Dreams are full of messages and symbols that give insight and understanding of various situations or conflicts you may be experiencing in your life. A dream can give you courage and confidence to face your fear and to confront your issues or struggles head on. Your dream is your message. It is unique to you and reflects any struggles or challenges that you may be going through at the present time. Your dreams encapsulate your perception, your feelings, and your thoughts. Every aspect of your dream is important and valuable, even if it may seem minute and insignificant at the time. Various symbols or images may trigger a feeling or a memory. There are many resources available out there that will help you analyze and interpret your dreams and their messages. There have been many books written on the subject and many internet resources available as well. Noted at the end of this book are just some of those resources available to you. When analyzing your dream, always consider what your feelings are. How did that dream make you feel? Were you afraid or angry? Did you feel abundantly loved and full of joy? Or did you receive an answer to a question or a situation you are currently going through?

An example of this would be if you have a dream of lots of snakes wiggling and crawling all around you. Snakes may signify hidden fears or worries, or that someone or some people in your life are being callous, ruthless and can't be trusted. The positive symbol of seeing snakes in a dream signifies healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. So then you need to ask yourself, what were your feelings during the dream? Were you afraid of the snakes? Or were you completely calm and unaffected by the snakes surrounding you? If you weren't afraid of the snakes in your dream but you are in real life, the dream would suggest that there is great healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom surrounding you in life.

Strong and insightful messages come through while dreaming, in your dream state. Through dreams you can access higher wisdom; higher aspects of yourself; qualities and aspects of yourself that you didn't know existed. When you do, you understand your soul's purpose and receive answers or solutions to problems or issues you are experiencing in your life.

Remembering and understanding your dreams is the key to begin the process of healing. Analyzing and understanding the messages is when a healing begins. At times it may be difficult to fully understand how the dream message relates to what's happening in your life. When this happens you may be shown the same specific message but in different dream scenarios. You will continue to receive dreams with the same message but presented in a different way, a way that you may understand more easily, until you fully understand its message, or the conflict has been resolved in your life.

An example of same themed dreams would be if you were grocery shopping at your local grocery store. You are pushing your shopping cart along, putting groceries in your cart and then suddenly you realize that you are naked, completely nude, and not a stitch of clothing on you. You feel embarrassed and mortified, and immediately want to leave the store before someone sees you standing there completely and absolutely naked. Another scenario but with the same dream message would be if you were at your workplace standing before a group of your peers presenting a topic of interest and then all of a sudden you realize that you are standing in front of everyone naked, completely nude, and not a stitch of clothing on you. You feel embarrassed and mortified, and you just want to leave before someone notices that you're not wearing any clothes. Both scenarios carry the same message. The dream message here means that you are feeling vulnerable and may be hiding something or are afraid that others can see right through you, since metaphorically clothes are a means of concealment. You are fearful of being exposed, or ridiculed, or disgraced about something. Or it may mean that you feel that all eyes are on you no matter where you go, whether it's to the grocery store or at the workplace. In both dream scenarios no one noticed that you were naked which means that your fears were unfounded, no one noticed except you.



What if you were told that you were and are never broken, never diminished, and never wrong? Wouldn't that be the most liberating statement to resonate within your being? Every situation, every choice you've made, every thought you've had, has made you who you are today. You are perfect the way you are. Your action is a result of your experiences and your action will gift you with healing.

The true test is how you handle life's experiences. Do you handle them with love and grace, or are you bitter and angry? Healing is the way to your true authentic self. Feelings and emotions can imprison you if you allow them to prevent you from learning and growing. The key is to observe and acknowledge your emotions with calm and ease, and then freely let them go. Release them freely. You are not your feelings. You are the one experiencing them. Through this book you'll find ways of releasing those emotions so that you can live a life free and ready for the next adventure. Love continues to flow freely with an open heart, a heart free of anger, bitterness, and fear. Wouldn't you want to live a life full of love and grace? What a beautiful life it can be!

Life is full of bumps, turns, and surprises but as you experience these you are learning, growing, and becoming more of who you are truly meant to be, your true authentic self. You are evolving into the most magnificent person you were meant to be. The better you know and understand yourself, the clearer your purpose becomes and soon you'll be able to see every opportunity or challenge as a gift, or as I like to call it a blessing. These opportunities are a chance for you to expand your greatness, become more of who you are truly meant to be. It is through this growth that you begin to see your true authentic self. As you embrace all aspects of yourself, you begin to find your inner wealth, your great magnificence. Embrace every opportunity to grow, for your soul to grow; see the blessings in every event; and by being your true authentic self you will find your inner wealth, your great magnificence.

"It's not the length of life; but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every experience in life is meant to propel you to seek greater love and to find your inner peace, your inner wealth. Inner peace comes from living your true authentic self. Trying to be someone you are not is living a false life and by doing so can prevent you from finding inner peace and greater love. Life is full of experiences and obstacles but they are a part of your life for a reason. These experiences and obstacles assist you in moving forward to becoming a greater human being, someone with more love, grace, and more compassion. As your inner wealth grows so too does your beautiful soul. Your heart begins to expand, opening wider and wider. Even more love and grace will come your way. It becomes a snowballing effect. Love attracts more love. Just like a snowball rolling down the hillside gathering and collecting more snow with every turn it takes. So too can your love. Love will attract more love, building and growing with every turn you take.

Looking at obstacles as experiences that will bring you greater joy and not seeing them as mountains or hurtles to climb over is the most essential part of bringing more joy and love into your life. Life's experiences are a part of a spiritual process of healing, and receiving blessings and gifts along the way, along your soul's path towards inner peace, towards inner wealth. Once you are able to see these challenges or obstacles as blessings, you begin to live a life full of joy, peace, and love, and begin to see everything as a blessing, a gift.

My goal is to become whole by embracing all aspects of me. All of my experiences, all of my pain, all of my joy have made me who I am today. I embrace all aspects of me. We are perfect the way we are. We are complete and we are whole when we are willing to accept this to be true. Take a look at the moon. It is always full. It's just our perspective, or our view of it, that makes it something that it's not. The moon is never just a sliver or a crescent floating in the sky. It is always full and complete, just as we are.

We have within everything that we would ever need, and once you are able to see the whole you, you will see that everything is beautiful and perfect. There is an abundance of beauty everywhere you look. I implore you. Open your eyes and your mind to see what beauty is before you.

Sometimes we don't pay attention to what's happening around us or like in the case of the moon where we think we know what we are seeing when in actuality we are only seeing part of the whole picture.

Take for instance the grains of sand under a microscope magnified 250 times are in fact beautiful multicolored, multi-shaped gems. Now you could be thinking how did I not know that? Could I have been trampling on beautiful gems without even knowing it? How is it I never thought of the moon as always being full? It's just perception, our view of the way things appear to be to us. Take another look at life around you. Are you trampling on the gems of life? Start your day and look for beauty in everything you see. Look at everything with fresh new eyes. You just may surprise yourself.



To live a life full of grace, full of love, and freedom start each day with a grateful heart; live each day to the fullest and with absolute integrity; follow your joy; see blessings in everything and every event; and finish your day with a grateful heart. By being your true authentic self you will find your inner wealth, feel infinitely lighter and freer, and most of all find greater love.

Let's explore a couple of ways to test what is true to you, and what isn't. If there comes a time when you have a decision to make and you're uncertain which option to choose, try the following techniques. Not only does it demonstrate what is true and what isn't, it also demonstrates the extra strength and energy required to hold a lie, so why would you want to? Why waste your energy? Try these techniques to show what's true to you. Once you recognize with certainty the feeling you experience when something is true to you, you will no longer need to do these tests.

Technique No 1. Stand tall and straight, and vocalize a true statement. Observe how your body feels. Does it feel light or does it feel heavy? Since it is a true statement, your body should feel light and tend to lean forward in your stance.

Now test this modality by stating something that is untrue. You should feel heaviness in your body and it will tend to lean backwards, pulling away. It is similar to when you see or hear something that is displeasing to you, you will automatically pull away be leaning back, or by stepping back. Use your body as a pendulum to help choose what is right and true for you.

Technique No 2. Another way to test this is to stand tall with your arms spread out to your side shoulder high. Make a statement that is true and have someone try to press down on your arms with all their might. You will notice that you are very strong and able to resist against the pressure pushing down on your arms.

Now test this modality by making a statement that is untrue. You'll notice immediately that you are not able to resist the pressure on your arms, you become weak instantly. Again this demonstrates the extra energy that it takes to hold a lie, to hold onto something that is untrue to you. It can be harmful if you are living a life that is not of your truth.

Once you are able to determine what is true to you, what your true authentic self is, the meaning behind the dream messages will become much clearer and more significant to you. Your dreams are designed for you. They are personalized messages just for you and will help guide you along your path to inner peace, and enable you to see your blessings.



The writings in this book are not based on scientific proof but rather meaningful experiences and events in my life. I am not a doctor or a scientist and I don't profess to be a doctor or a scientist of any kind. I have gained this knowledge by living and experiencing life which has given me profound insight as to why things happened the way they did, and why they happened. "Everything Happens for A Reason" is one of my favorite mantras. Quite often while being caught up in the drama of the experience we can't see the forest for the trees. It is in hind sight that it all falls into place and makes more sense to us. Life's experiences and lessons are what help us to learn and grow. It is this process of opening, unfolding, and evolving that leads us to who we are truly meant to be. Through my experiences I have discovered who I truly am. I am what I am because of my experiences. I AM what I AM.

I am a Dreamer. I have always been a dreamer. Even as a young child I recall many dreams I experienced. Soon I discovered my dreams were communicating to me. Messages, wisdom, and insight were within each and every one of them. Much to my dismay I also realized that not everyone dreams the way I do. In fact I soon discovered many don't recall their dreams at all and that's when my adventure began. I started paying more attention to my dreams, journaling and analyzing them. Dreaming has always been a part of my life and I decided that I wouldn't take them for granted. Dreams and their messages are a gift and are something that should be cherished.

Dreaming has been around for a long time. Even the scripture Job 33:15 says "In a dream in a vision of the night when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of men and seals their instructions." Messages and wisdom have been coming through our dreamscape all along. Why hadn't we known this? Perhaps we've known this but didn't believe it. I am here to tell you that there are messages in your dreams, personalized messages just for you. Once you pay attention to them and analyze them you'll be able to understand their messages and see how they can assist you in healing and transforming your life.

Many famous people were inspired by their dreams. Paul McCartney said he had the idea of "Let It Be" after a dream he had about his mother Mary during an intense period surrounding the Beatles during the "White Album". McCartney's mother passed away from cancer when he was fourteen years old. The dream inspired Paul and he said "It was great to visit with her again. I felt very blessed to have that dream. So that got me writing Let it Be". He also said in a later interview about the dream that his mother had told him "It will be all right, just let it be".


Excerpted from The Healing Power of Dreams by Barb Smith. Copyright © 2014 Barb Smith. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, vii,
Preface by Barb Smith, ix,
Note from the Author, xi,
Introduction, xiii,
Part I. Remembering and Understanding,
Chapter 1 Dream Healing, 3,
Chapter 2 You are Perfect!, 7,
Chapter 3 What is true to you?, 13,
Chapter 4 The Dreamer, 15,
Chapter 5 Treasures of Your Soul, 21,
Part II. My Journey,
Chapter 6 Childhood Fear, 27,
Chapter 7 My Quest, 31,
Chapter 8 First Love, 33,
Chapter 9 Everything Happens for a Reason, 35,
Chapter 10 Fear, 37,
Part III. Forgiveness,
Chapter 11 Reconciliation, 45,
Part IV. Dream Techniques and Common Dreams,
Chapter 12 Dream recall, 57,
Chapter 13 Common Dreams, 61,
Conclusion, 75,
Bibliography, 77,
Dream Journal, 78,

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