The Impostors: The Strange Odyssey of a Modern American Marriage

The Impostors: The Strange Odyssey of a Modern American Marriage

by Thomas William Simpson


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The Impostors: The Strange Odyssey of a Modern American Marriage by Thomas William Simpson

Marriage. Quite an institution. A life sentence of hard labor for some. A joyous, fulfilling walk in St. James Park for others. Say I do and you're in wedlock. Wed-lock. Like a headlock on your emotions. Marriage--God’s greatest practical joke on big-brained mammals. The Impostors takes an unusual look at white, middle class, American marriage. Like an ultra-skinny swimsuit model, it is a look both complex and sensual. Complex because Park and Vera are so much like us that we have no choice but to think they are nothing like us at all. And sensual because on the surface Park and Vera are so appealing and erotic, but just below the surface lurks frailty, anxiety, and fear. Park is a big game hunter in Botswana. But when not hunting he lives in a center hall colonial in a posh Boston suburb with Vera and their three children. When it’s time to go to work he flies off to The Dark Continent and helps well-heeled fat-cats slaughter large starry-eyed mammals. While back home Vera is slowly falling apart. Already amped up with a whole host of bi-polar issues, Vera has begun to see her life as a miserable failure and longs to do something vital, something magical, something to make people—especially Park—sit up and take notice. So what does Vera do? She invites her southern belle mama up for a visit, and then, in the middle of the night, she skedaddles. Off to another part of darkest Africa she goes, intent on making her way to an orphanage run by an American lady recently portrayed as a saint on the cover of Time. Park gets word of his beautiful, entirely crazy wife’s disappearance and sets off on a journey across the Heart of Darkness to find her. Love. Lust. Marriage. Money. Murder. Guns. Violence. Child rearing. Public Education. Fathers. Mothers. Ebola. Boko Harem. Sleazy real estate developers. Race relations. Grass. Booze. Rock n roll. The Meaning of Life. The Impostors has depth, humor, pathos, love won, love lost, maybe hopefully love for all of eternity.

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ISBN-13: 9781538070697
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 08/02/2018
Pages: 348
Sales rank: 901,751
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

The Impostors--my 20th competed novel. And who knows? Maybe my last. These things take such focus, such immersion, so much time and energy. Still, I love it. I crave it like a drug, this use of written language to create emotions and images in the reader's head. it's magical stuff.

The Impostors began as a lark. A buddy came to a party wearing an African safari hat. He looked ridiculous. We all started making fun of him, asking him for details on how to kill lions and elephants. I created a whole identity for the dude. As the drinks flowed Pete Englemann transformed into Park Johannsen, big game hunter.

I liked the idea and wrote the first scene of the book you are hopefully about to buy. Little by little the story grew, matured, took on depth. In the end, in my not so humble opinion, The Impostors became my finest novel to date. It is gritty, scary, humorous, and dead honest; as honest as anything I have ever written.

I love the relationships in this story. The one between Park and his third wife Vera lies at the center of the narrative. They both misunderstand one another so completely it is both amusing and disturbing. The relationship between Park and his father, Sam, is one for the ages. An entire novel could easily be written with just those two characters. Also the relationship between Park and Big Al Brown, who becomes Park's surrogate father after Vera is abducted by religious kooks in Liberia and taken to Ethiopia.

Characters. Plot. Subplots. Settings, especially the African settings. Themes: marriage, love, compassion, greed, revenge. Excellent word-to-word writing. It's all here in The Impostors. It's a kick-ass novel, one that'll both entertain and inspire. Read it! If you don't like I'll give you your $$$ back.


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