The Introvert Power Advantage: A book about introverts'survival tactics, emotional introversion recharge characteristics, jobs & career leadership for quiet introvert personality and relationships

The Introvert Power Advantage: A book about introverts'survival tactics, emotional introversion recharge characteristics, jobs & career leadership for quiet introvert personality and relationships

by Samantha Claire


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The stereotypes on intro/extroversion have been going on for many years, yet we do not take the effort to correct any of them. Introversion, in particular, is one of the most frequently misinterpreted personality traits. Many issues originate from the lack of distinction between introversion and being shy-- the former is much more detailed as the introvert himself is just more concentrated in his own world, yet it does not mean he can not interact with others if he needs to. This book was created with high hopes of shedding light on the misconceptions that often discourage the introverts.

Some of these individuals are fed up in being forced to alter their ways. People have no idea that introverts can be the most independent types of people you will ever meet. Because they choose the serenity of being on their own, they have the tendency to be more self-dependent and devoted. They are visionaries-- they take their time evaluating things and go through the details with an excellent focus and accuracy. In this book, we aim to reveal to you why we should accept and thrive as introverts!

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Publication date: 04/21/2018
Pages: 80
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