The July Guy

The July Guy

by Natasha Moore

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Art professor Anita Delgado spends eleven months of the year working. July is her month to cut loose, paint, and pick a guy to make the summer memorable. But this year she isn’t in a tropical location with an exotic man like she'd planned. She’s stuck in small-town USA dealing with a lake house she doesn’t want, inherited from a grandmother she never knew. A summer fling might be the only thing to get her through the next few weeks.

Salvage specialist Noah Colburn is running for mayor. If he doesn’t, an absolute idiot is going to ruin his beloved town. So he’s stepping up. It’s what he does—with his teenage daughters, with the family business, and now with Lakeside. But when the newest resident of the town asks him to renovate her grandmother’s house—and have a four-week fling —he’s tempted. Tempted to step out of the mold and take just one thing for himself. But the gossip mill in the town is notorious.

Anita’s learning it’s hard to have a fling when the town follows your every move, and it’s even harder when the July guy makes it clear one month is never going to be enough…

Each book in the Men of Lakeside series is STANDALONE:
* The July Guy
* The Standby Guy

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640636897
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/12/2018
Series: The Men of Lakeside , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 255
Sales rank: 147,164
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Natasha Moore fell in love with the written word as soon as she could read. She’s the author of more than twenty romances and believes that stories of love and hope are important. Love can happen at any age, and she often writes about vibrant and passionate characters finding love later in life. She’s a snowbird, spending the winters in sunny Florida and the rest of the year in beautiful western New York with her real-life hero who is happy to tell everyone that he’s her inspiration.

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The July Guy 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
the july guy takes place in a small town in upstate new york, and ironically enough i happened to read it while in buffalo and literally on the banks of lake erie. i think this fictional town was on the fingerlakes though. i happen to live not far from these environs so it's always nice to see an author build a story in a setting i recognize. when noah colburn and anita delgado nearly crash their vehicles you wouldn't think they'd be focusing on how they find each other attractive. but from first sight, that attraction is all they see. both characters are in their 40s and neither is interessted in beating around the bush. anita has never been married and life lessons from her parents have taught her that there's no point in trying to find commitment. noah, on the other hand, is the divorced father of twin teenaged girls. they're on vacation visitng their mom, so when anita propositions noah with a month of sex and fun, there's no way he can say no. but he very nearly does, because he's not the kind of guy who does casual. and he's also running for mayor and getting a salacious sex life in the midst of a small town campaign is not the smartest. but their attraction burns hot and as the summer progresses anita and noah find themselves wrapped up in each other in ways they didn't expect. all noah has to do is convince anita that he can be more than just a july guy. he is the kind of man who's happy to be her forever guy. **the july guy will publish on november 12, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of entangled publishing (august) in exchange for my honest review.
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Anita comes into a small town to see the house left to her by a grandmother she never met. The backstory there is interesting and clearly her grandmother was well known and much loved by the town folks. All Anita ever heard about her was that the woman was dead. She never knew she existed. She's there only to fix it up and sell it so she has money to continue financing her annual July fling and keep her mother in the facility she is currently in, she has dementia and needs the care. Anita is a college professor and takes the month of July to venture anywhere she chooses and has a fling with a man. End of story. She doesn't want any more than that. Her father left when she was 2 and her mother is a bitter nasty woman that bad mouthed not only her mother, bad Anita's father as well and most other men. Noah is the oldest son of the family in town that owns the salvage/reclamation business and also does demo remodel work. By default Noah gets sucked into running for town Mayor because the opposition is not a nice guy and buying up properties around the lake and demolishing them, destroying the towns heritage and beauty. And the guy is rotten. Noah has a close family, along with two brothers that don't pitch in much. Along with that and running the family business, he's a full time dad to twin teenage daughters. They're visiting their mother in Florida for a few weeks. Anita works with Noah on the house project, she's attracted to him and since she's there for the month decides to proposition him, a fling for the month. Noah wasn't crazy about the idea to begin with, he was a little offended. He's attracted to her as well, but a fling. He's not fling material. But with Anita, he decides to go ahead. Things happen. The story weaves around, gets a little busy with all the family characters and people from town, the neighbors, the workers, it's like a little soap opera. Noah oversteps his bounds when he contacts her father after a post on the towns facebook page from him asking Anita to contact him. She refuses and unknown to her, Noah contacts him and has been talking to him regularly. Meanwhile the girls come home early with his ex wife in tow. Clearly the ex thinks it's ok for her to stay at his house. Anita is still angry over the issue with her face, but won't come between Noah and his family. She leaves and goes back home with her father in tow! Surprise! And that's not the end of the surprises. The book drags in places, I guess that was part of my issue, that and neither Anita nor Noah were likable characters. The big plus for me was seeing the town where my Granny lived mentioned. I'd like to give this book more, I just can't. It was a struggle to push through these two. I would encourage you to read it, that's just my opinion for what it's worth. arc from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review (less)
TerryL56 More than 1 year ago
Anita is a Art Professor and she spends July at a new location around the world each year to recharge her batteries ... with a fling! But this July she has to spend it at the home she inherited from her grandmother. When she meets the sexy handyman working on the house next door ... she knows he's going to be her fling this July. Noah has been his parent's responsible son his whole life. At the age of 45 he runs the family salvage business, has twin 17-year old daughters, has been divorced for 3 years and is now running for town mayor - he has no time for himself. But when he meets Anita, he has an instant attraction toward her and agrees to be her July fling. This book was different by the woman being the playgirl and the man only have slept with one woman his whole life. I couldn't help but fall for Noah and I enjoyed Anita's outlook on life. There weren't really any twists in this story ... but it made me laugh and the romance was sweet and steamy! A great story that shouldn't be missed. I received an ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
An interesting premise in this one. A woman, Anita Delgado, works hard eleven months out of the year but every July she finds time to play just as hard. Different locale, different guy, lots of fun sexy times with absolutely no strings. This July she finds herself in small town America dealing with family issues she doesn't want. Thank goodness she still found her July guy! Noah Colburn is there for everyone. His family, his daughters, his town. Anita is just for him and he plans on enjoying her for as long as she is around. Not so easy to do in a small town and can he really handle just being her July guy? This was very well done and the story was fresh and fun. I really enjoyed and recommend to everyone.