The Key

The Key

by Frank Scott, Nisa Montie


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The experience of the realized Soul-possessing Spirit Being of Light is that Paradise exists, superposed upon worlds of time. Every world of matter, its elements bonded together and filled with the Love of God, shines with Beauty. The mind of such an entity is clear and inclined to harbor thought-forms that precipitate insights filled with the joy of exploration and discovery, and the Spirit of the Universe, brimming with those imperceptible fields of activity, brings rapture and luminosity as the precursors of things to come—the certainty of a future adorned with the Beauty of Virtues, embodied with the garment of Divine Love.

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ISBN-13: 9781504376846
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/23/2017
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

Nisa M. Montie obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Oberlin College, and her Master in Education from George Washington University. Her pilot film, Nisa Nature’s Adventures, was produced in 2003 for an educational Television series to teach children about self-respect and respect for nature and the environment through an entertaining musical format.

Frank K. Scott, after his tour of duty for the United States, graduated from Southeastern University, Washington D.C., succeeding as a business entrepreneur, while carrying on his career of writing and speaking upon the nature of the universe, and its dimensional realities. Having dozens of out-of-body experiences, near-death personally over six times, his insights have fascinated, and continue to open the minds and hearts, of his varied audiences.

Frank Scott and Nisa Montie have collaborated in the writing and publishing (through Balboa Press) of twenty books—nine books for adults and eleven books for children. All books may be purchased from, (Kindle format), and (Nook format).

Mr. Scott and Ms. Montie now travel the planet promoting the Unity and Universality of the human experience, in relation to its Divine Source, with particular emphasis upon the necessity of equality between men and women to produce a lasting and positive civilization.

Go to: to view and order the children’s books, and to view and order the adult books.

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The Key

By Frank Scott, Nisa Montie

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2017 Frank Scott and Nisa Montie
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-7684-6


Traveling Through Time

The seductive glamor found in the worlds of matter, of mind, and of Spirit, never ceases to interfere with the Word of God when Dispensed by His Manifestation.

It is of interest to witness the many roads that promise the rewards of a better life residing always a little yonder. These roads result in the lives of their adherents being turned up, down, and sideways; drawn by the faked smiles and seductive mirages offered by their promoters, these paths moving away from the Source lead the many into misunderstanding, misconception, and the imagined adornments.

Yet, every time, the Key is found in the Word of God. By reading this Word with sincere hearts and clear minds, entities can find the power to break free from the seductive allure holding them prisoners, and be liberated from the false impressions given by their egoic modulations, the trappings previously accepted as real. The Word of God resurrects the Faith of all travelers, dealing the death blow to their disbeliefs.

How many a traveler, who formerly succumbed to his or her desires for that which is delivered by worlds of time, finds him- or her- Self when drinking the Elixir of Truth, and freed from the bondage of the egoic self (the actor in a play of life), Reunites with the Beloved?

How many entities, upon hearing the Divine Message, found their Soul-based state of awareness, after being confused and confounded, their gazes hindered by the phantoms of delusion? Transformed by the Illumining Power of God unfolding His Majesty and Stateliness, how many of His creatures felt His soft glow of Mercy and Wisdom restoring their inner sights and essences with the True Life of the Spirit and the Love of God.

Throughout every age, the same patterns of behavior occur with each New Announcement, each new Revelation of the Word of God: the Key in such an experience is missed or ignored, and entities attached to former Revelations deny God's newly-revealed Voice as they insolently stand against the Luminary of Knowledge, Whose sole purpose is His desire to free His creatures from the burden of self and passion.

The material (third dimension), the mental (fourth dimension of mind, time, and energy), and the spiritual (fifth dimension of the imperceptible fields of activity of the spirit), are the traveler's, fields of exploration and discovery within the Simulator.

These three aspects of the worlds of God, although in need of exploration and discovery, must, sooner or later, yield their fruits in a balanced and harmonious way to bring about the perfect integration among the different domains represented. Neither the material, nor the mental, nor the spiritual realm should play the predominant role in an entity's life. All should be in perfect balance, as the Soul-based state of awareness permeates in a state of unity and oneness from within, all of them.

This balance and integration within the entity's mind-world construct of the modulations by the third- fourth-, and fifth-dimensions, all bathed in the higher modulation coming from the tenth-dimensional Soul-based point of view, results from the crucial Key discovery: that of the Primal Gate. This viewpoint of the Manifestation of God leads the traveler to the Camphor Cup, the Source that satisfies all His creatures. Following upon the path Forged by the First Mind becomes the True Journey all travelers are engaged in, whether knowingly or not.

Each of these three states or conditions through which we get to know about the Simulator and Trainer, without the full participation of the Higher Self, are doomed to exaggeration and imbalance, further delaying coherence and functionality in the traveler. Such a delayed process of integration brings about the discomforts derived from said imbalanced predominance of one or two aspects of the reality within the Simulator over the other(s).

Although it is the most subtle dimension, the world of the Spirit, the fifth-dimensional causal system of Life and Intelligence, can be the most enrapturing of the three states — being a world that allows for experiences the like of which few mortals have encountered.

It is therefore the most entrapping dimension, most often accessed through mental or breathing techniques practiced by yogis and shamans. Enthralled and delighted, fascinated and transported, such a traveler's physiologically- and consciousness- based state finds thus a point of entry within the Simulator and Trainer disclosing the special effects beguiling and charming him or her with attractions that know no end. Only through discovering the True Gate that opens Paradise — the Manifestation of God for the Day and Age of the entity's emergence on the shores of consciousness — may that entity be released from this so-called spiritual loop keeping him or her within the Simulator.

It is through that Manifestation's Words and Guidance that even those entities, fascinated and wooed by the (fifth-dimensional) intoxicating interaction with the Spirit of Life and Intelligence may be guided to True Freedom and True Understanding: a state of Knowingness that gives the traveler his or her Soul-based state of awareness, a divine identity, and a mission within the Divine Plan of God.

The same phenomenon takes place with those travelers whose physiologically-based conscious state is immersed in the world of the (fourth-dimensional) mind, now encasing and holding the egoic-self as its prisoner.

Subdued by the immensity now witnessed and understood, a panorama that knows no end, seducing and luring the weary traveler in a world of wonders and effects, with discoveries and details that can be made manifest in the lower world of matter, the traveler remains captivated and involved until guided out of that fourth-dimensional, mind-world construct, by the Word of the Latest Manifestation of God. That Educator provides the Divine Information that, when applied, results in a coherent and functional entity, now living in a balanced and harmonious state within the Simulator and Trainer, addressing all three domains (Spirit, mind, and body).

And for those traveling entities seduced and lured into a predominantly third-dimensional role satisfying passion and ignorance, and living in a world of want and desires, they too, when receiving the Latest Word of God, are transformed and recreated into a coherent and functional Whole within their stations and missions during their fractional and temporal, existential experiences.

Thus, all travelers are reintroduced to all the aspects present in all the worlds of God, in a balanced and harmonious way, guiding them to fulfill their individual missions as part of an ever-advancing, divine civilization. They now are consciously aware of a balance and harmony permeating throughout the Simulator and Trainer, as they gate in, and later gate out, into additional sojourns, if needed, until their unique missions are established and then completed.

It is then, and only then, that a fully coherent and functional entity, in a state of unity and oneness from within and from without, enjoys the Return Home. The Key to such a complement of myriad experiences is found in the reward of integrating one's Soul-based state of pure awareness with the Spirit of Life and Intelligence, as a servant of the Creator whose Divine Plan we all serve — each Light Being Knowing one's Self.

All travelers have the potential for exploring and discovering their True Selves within the Simulator and Trainer, whose intelligent design offers these three aspects of its reality within. Not until the traveling entity is guided to the shores of Guidance and Illumination will he or she experience the undistracted and peaceful straight path towards the ultimate goal: fulfilling the desire of the Creator.

Following pre-ordained steps, all travelers undergo the many experiences that slowly remove the veils interposed between them and the Reality they seek, knowingly or not. The journey through the annals of time gives the impression of moving through an ever-expansive system of Life and Intelligence; yet, once the entity's point of view leaves the Simulator and Trainer, not a nanosecond has passed. Here, too, at its simplest, a new Reality embellishes the Being of Light with wonder and ebullient joy.

There is only one way to enter this Reality; all others are fabrications of the entities' minds. There is no way of knowing that the mind-world construct you possess is the Reality meant to be experienced, for it is most likely a fabrication of your own (vain) imaginings — your small self's desires.

This fabricated realism, a product of egoic passion and ignorance, is what has been, and always is, surrounding the traveler through each of the fractional and temporal, existential experiences. This superposed veneer, the sense-perceived result of what becomes manifested from the traveler's desires, creates a cacophonic resonance among those travelers sharing a similar state — a clouded world of emotions that live within each of them.

Yet, despite the lack of clarity of mind and lack of purity of heart of so many misguided creatures, they can faintly discern, repeatedly, the Voice of God. Most choose to ignore the Clarion Call to fulfill the Divine Plan. Some persecute those responding to the reviving effects of the embryonic Faith of God, emerging from the darkness of separation.

The Key is found in the attitude and intention of the traveler. Is or she being guided to discover the Source of that Faint Whispering, that Hint of the Heart drawing the attention towards the Heavenly Melody of the Word of God.

Many are called. Few are chosen.

Hundreds of years may have passed, and still, humankind keeps missing the timely delivery (every thousand years or so) of the Divine Blueprint — which holds the required information necessary to continue building an ever-advancing Divine Civilization. Each Dispensation of the Information, as a component of a System of Life and Intelligence, involves and influences, every traveling entity over a long period, a cycle of development, until the next Delivery or Dispensation. Each time a new Manifestation of the Divine Being arrives with a new Message of Hope, He delineates the required actions which must be taken to energize humanity with eternal life. We simply must pay attention.

This Blueprint reveals itself in a gradual process in a continuum of events, the like of which have no comparison, with distinguishing characteristics, declaring the Might and Dominion of its Source. The Key, here, is the recognition of these events for their unique Power to influence and transform the recipients, creating the organization, coherence, and forward flow linking the past and the future with all of humanity's present activities, and the surrendering of one's personal desires to the Desire of the Manifested One, in order for each creature to act in support of the Divine Plan of the Creator. ... Not my will, but Thy Will be done.

This transformation initiates a change of perception, in turn re-tuning the entity with the higher ideals that set in motion justice and peace. Humanity's affairs are then aligned with the parameters of harmony and moderation throughout the land, and their institutions reflect the Principles enumerated and enunciated through each progressive Revelation. These Advisories, when followed and executed, become the safe haven maintaining the well-being of all.

Another, quite repetitive behavior, and a Key to understanding the continuing problem affecting and arresting humanity's spiritual development, is found as the effect of our disobedience of the Lesser Covenant, the Commandments of God, revealed to retain the necessary and basic unity in a social structure. As a crucial component of the ongoing Revelation of an Intelligent Design, these revealed Laws safeguard against misguided attempts brought up by His creatures to express their wills and pleasures, reflecting their inner, fragmented natures and their distorted structuring of a reality, far from the Point of View offered by God through His Manifestations.

As the creature operates from these misguided and misconceived realizations brought about from an imbalanced use of the components of the reality shared within the Simulator and Trainer, that is, the third-dimension's material appearance, with the fourth-dimensional mind-world construct, and our immersion, fifth-dimensionally, in the spiritual aspect of that reality, allowing the predominance of one over the other, one dimensional view point over the others, disorder, imbalance, and disharmony result, rendering the entity unable to put together the correct interpretation of the purpose and meaning of his or her experiences.

Excessive attachment to any of these aspects (the physical, the mental, or the spiritual) of the reality presented within the Simulator and Trainer gives rise to anomalies that, from day-to-day, carry results that obfuscate the traveler's notion of why he or she is here. This effect is further compounded by moral violations, and the prevalence of lives lived without appropriate boundaries, as each being explores ways to enjoy personal pleasure and comfort.

Compound the consequences resulting from one entity acting from self-centered intentions with those effects, derived over time, from the hundreds of millions inhabitants whose intentions have not been uplifted by the Wisdom of the First Mind as they participate and interact reciprocally, and it becomes quite clear why the experiences supporting the Reality of Unity and Oneness, within this planetary system of Life and Intelligence, simply vanish.

Not a single entity remains able to adequately bring together these three aspects, as the components of the reality experienced, from within and from without, each aspect encased in its own properties and characteristics.

For most, the third-dimensional material construct, offering individuality and separation, bonded by inner assumptions, emotions, and appearances, becomes the sole-ruler of all of our relationships, as well as the main arbiter of our judgments and decisions to follow.

Inwardly, our fourth-dimensional mind-world constructs, though supporting a stronger case for unity and oneness from the point of view of the universe's workings, fail to deliver the strong support and further bonding necessary to sustain justice and peace, balance and harmony, coherence and functionality, to a world commonwealth running in disparate directions.

Furthermore, fifth-dimensionally speaking, the third aspect of our reality as experienced, the Spirit of Life and Intelligence from a universal point of view, meant to bring the unifying elixir that blends and crystalizes all of the imperceptible fields of activities that serve as precursors of all that becomes manifested, is visited by few of the travelers during their fractional and temporal sojourns. When this aspect is visited, it is often because of an entity's intention that is reactionary in nature: the realm of the spirit is often used as a place of temporary escape from physical or psychological stresses related to the duties of a world of time and matter. Or, misguided by an erroneous intent, the seeker of the Love of God finds otherworldly treasures so seducing and alluring that his or her Soul-based state of awareness never returns to, or seldom partakes of, the world of matter, with its necessary lessons for purification and spiritual growth.

In all situations, when these three aspects of the human experience are not utilized in harmony and balance, they are not able to be integrated within the entity, in order for that creature to obtain a coherent, clear, and functional approach to living the life prescribed by God. The reason is simple — the Key is absent. Although it is necessary for the obtaining of a complementary vision of Reality, the Key has being excluded from the mix of experiences. The Divine Information delivered by God, at various points in time, is either misinterpreted, incomplete, or simply absent. The Information so relevant to our development has not been allowed to flow through the hearts of all the inhabitants, time and again, resulting in mutations and incomplete transformations. The gradual Dispensing, as intended by the Creator, of an ever-present Divine Plan, remains both out of Its predetermined schedule, and during each stage, incomplete.

Thus, when we speak of unity and oneness, we are describing the necessity for including, in our assembling of our notion of reality, an equal representation of all the three aspects of reality, as experienced during our fractional and temporal sojourns, inclusive of the fact that we are tenth-dimensional Beings of Light, whose essential nature is Divine, and allowing the divine modulation nascent at the Soul level to influence and deliver, in whole, the complementing information that will assist in a comprehensive and clear understanding of the nature and purpose of our journeys. In this way, we will be assisted in Remembering and Returning to our Higher Selves, with vibrant and pure hearts, having explored and discovered God's Divine Plan for each and for all.


Excerpted from The Key by Frank Scott, Nisa Montie. Copyright © 2017 Frank Scott and Nisa Montie. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, vii,
Traveling Through Time, 1,
The Constant, 16,
Immersions, 27,
Honoring Country, 42,
Unity: A Key, 56,
The Supreme Key Point, 63,
Communication, 81,
Love and Beauty, 98,
The Nature of Appearances, 115,
The Governing Laws, 128,
Questions, 134,
Empowering the Individual, 143,
A Grave Misunderstanding, 151,
Alas, Where are the Lovers?, 156,
In Closing, 164,

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