The Multinational Enterprise and the Globalization of Knowledge

The Multinational Enterprise and the Globalization of Knowledge

by Peter J. Buckley (Editor)


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This book examines the role of knowledge within multinational enterprises and their global networks. It introduces the concept of 'Global Factory', a framework for the understanding of spatially distributed activities under the control of a focal firm, and it focuses on the role of foreign direct investment in the transformation of China.

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ISBN-13: 9781403991690
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Publication date: 11/22/2006
Edition description: 2006
Pages: 359
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.04(d)

About the Author

MARTIN J. CARTER Lecturer in Economics at Leeds University Business School, UK
NIRON HASHAI Lecturer in International Business and Strategic Management, Jerusalem School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University, Israel
PETER N. GHAURI Lecturer at the Manchester School of Management, UMIST, UK
JEREMY CLEGG Jean Monnet Senior Lecturer in European Integration and International Buisness Management, Leeds University Business School, UK
HUI TAN Lecturer in Chinese Business and Management, Centre for International Buisness, University of Leeds, UK
CHENGQI WANG Lecturer at the Centre for International Buisness, University of Leeds, UK
CHEN MENG Lecturer at the Centre for Chinese Business and Development, University of Leeds, UK
NICOLAS FORSANS Lecturer in International Business and Strategic Management at the Centre for International Business, University of Leeds, UK

Table of Contents

List of Figures List of Tables Foreword by Edward M. Graham Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors Introduction and Overview PART ONE: THE MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE, KNOWLEDGE AND NETWORKS A Global System View of Firm Boundaries; P.J.Buckley & N.Hashai A Formal Analysis of Knowledge Combination in Multinational Enterprises; P.J.Buckley & M.J.Carter Asian Network Firms: An Analytical Framework; P.J.Buckley PART TWO: GLOBALISATION AND ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Globalisation, Economic Geography and the Strategy of International Enterprises; P.J.Buckley & P.N.Ghauri Cartography and International Business; P.J.Buckley United States Foreign Direct Investment into Canada: An Empirical Analysis with Emphasis on the Free Trade Hypothesis; P.J.Buckley , J.Clegg, N.Forsans & K.T.Reilly PART THREE: KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER IN MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISES Knowledge Transfer to China: Policy Lessons from Foreign Affiliates; P.J.Buckley , J.Clegg & H.Tan The Art of Knowledge Transfer: Secondary and Reverse Transfer in China's Telecommunications Manufacturing Industry; P.J.Buckley , J.Clegg & H.Tan Language and Social Knowledge in Foreign Knowledge Transfer to China; P.J.Buckley , M.J.Carter , J.Clegg & H.Tan PART FOUR: FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND TRANSFORMATION IN CHINA The Relationship between Inward Foreign Direct Investment and the Performance of Domestically Owned Chinese Manufacturing Industry; P.J.Buckley, J.Clegg & C.Wang Reform and Restructuring in a Chinese State-Owned Enterprise: Sinotrans in the 1990s; P.J.Buckley , J.Clegg & H.Tan The Strategy of Foreign-Invested Manufacturing Enterprises in China: Export-Oriented and Market-Oriented FDI Revisited; P.J.Buckley & C.Meng PART FIVE: RESEARCH AGENDA The Research Agenda in International Business: Past, Present and the Future; P.J.Buckley & F.De Beule Notes Index

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