The Nature of Nature: The Discovery of SuperWaves and How It Changes Everything

The Nature of Nature: The Discovery of SuperWaves and How It Changes Everything


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ISBN-13: 9781623369354
Publisher: Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
Publication date: 05/16/2017
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 1,269,777
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Irving Dardik is a former vascular surgeon at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, founding chairman of the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Council, scientific iconoclast and pioneer, and the creator of the SuperWave Principle. He was featured in Making Waves, published in 2005 by Rodale.

Estee Dardik Lichter, Irv Dardik's daughter, graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania and attended New York University's Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program. She devotes her time to writing with her father and lives in New York with her family.

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Living with Nature

In the following two chapters, I tell the story of how the assumption that nature takes the design of a whole made of parts* entered our worldview with force and permanence. It is the story of how this hypothesis first arose and was then "proven" by experience-how it was a natural guess based on the design of our sensory perceptions, sank into unconscious acceptance because it was so practical, became a worldview, and eventually seemed so fully confirmed by the success of civilization that it became our theory of the universe.

As we go through this story, however, we will never lose sight of the fact that "nature is a whole made of parts" is still an assumption. Unacknowledged assumptions and preconditions to understanding are the bane of rational thinking. Nobel laureate physicist Louis de Broglie, the man who discovered that all matter has wave characteristics, has said that "history shows clearly that the advances of science have always been frustrated by the tyrannical influences of certain preconceived notions which were turned into unassailable dogmas. For that reason alone, every serious scientist should periodically make a profound reexamination of his basic principles."1

I am suggesting that the notion of nature as a whole made of parts is and has been a powerful preconception that has shaped scientific thinking for millennia. Although some have been aware of it (Albert Einstein said that "it is an outcome of faith that nature—as she is perceptible to our five senses-takes the character of such a well formulated puzzle"2), rarely do we recognize, to use de Broglie's words, the "tyrannical influence" it has.

The precondition that nature is a whole made of parts dictates that we process information about the world through one specific perspective to the exclusion of any other possibility. *In this case and for the duration of the book, I use the word design to refer to the pattern of organization of nature. I am only talking about nature itself, as we perceive it to be. The word design in this case should not be mistaken for design in a supernatural sense, as is used in arguments over "intelligent design."

Table of Contents

Note from the Publisher ix

Introduction: The Discovery of SuperWaves and How it Changes Everything xi

Part 1 Living with Nature

Chapter 1 The Universality of Rhythms 3

Chapter 2 The Beginnings of Scientific Civilization 9

Part 2 How Science Developed from the Puzzle Hypothesis

Prelude The Origin of the Scientific Method 28

Chapter 3 Matter-What Is It? 35

Chapter 4 Motion-How Does It Work? 49

Chapter 5 Laws-What Holds Everything Together, and Why Do Things Fall Apart? 75

Part 3 Where Do We Stand Today?

Prelude Do We Have a Theory of Everything? 90

Chapter 6 Where Do We Stand Today with Regard to Matter? 92

Chapter 7 Where Do We Stand Today with Regard to Motion? 100

Chapter 8 Are the Laws Bringing Us Closer to a Theory of Everything? 117

Part 4 The Discovery of the Nature of Nature

Prelude A Final Commonality-Waves 138

Chapter 9 My Story 142

Chapter 10 Tragedy Yields Discovery 148

Chapter 11 The Three Principles of Waves Waving 169

Chapter 12 Cell Cycles 186

Chapter 13 The Quantum Explained: The Resolution of Wave-Particle Duality 197

Chapter 14 Laws: The Quantum and Thermodynamics 224

Chapter 15 The Origin of Health and Disease 241

Chapter 16 SuperWaves, the Environment, and the Origin and Survival of Life 269

Chapter 17 The Solar System, the Galaxies, and the Nature of Gravity 278

Part 5 The Future

Chapter 18 A New Beginning 293

Acknowledgments 301

Source Notes 303

Index 319

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