The Polish Climate in the European Context: An Historical Overview

The Polish Climate in the European Context: An Historical Overview


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ISBN-13: 9789400791398
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 11/01/2014
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 535
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Table of Contents

Part I The European Background

1 Climate Change in Poland in the Past Centuries and its Relationship to European Climate: Evidence from Reconstructions and Coupled Climate Models J?rg Luterbacher Elena Xoplaki Marcel K?ttel Eduardo Zorita Jesus Fidel Gonz?lez-Rouco Phil D. Jones Marco St?ssel This Rutishauser Heinz Wanner Joanna Wibig Rajmund Przybylak 3

2 Historical Climate in Central Europe During the Last 500 Years Rudolf Br?zdil Petr Dobrovoln? 41

3 Climatic Variations in the East European Plain During the Last Millennium: State of the Art Vladimir Klimenko Olga Solomina 71

4 The Climate of Europe in Recent Centuries in the Context of the Climate of Mid to High Latitude Northern Hemisphere from Borehole Temperature Logs Jacek Majorowicz 103

Part II The Climate of Poland in Recent Centuries: A Synthesis of Current Knowledge

5 Instrumental Observations Rajmund Przybylak 129

6 Documentary Evidence Rajmund Przybylak Piotr Oliński Waldemar Chor&acedil;życzewski Wies&lstoke;aw Nowosad Krzysztof Syta 167

7 Dendrochronological Data Andrzej Zielski Marek Kr&acedil;piec Marcin Koprowski 191

8 Geophysical Data Jan ?afanda Jacek Majorowicz 219

9 Concluding Remarks to Part II Rajmund Przybylak 277

Part III The Climate of Poland and Europe in Recent Centuries: New Findings Results

10 Long-Term Changes of Bioclimatic Conditions in Cracow (Poland) Krzysztof B&lstoke;ażejczyk Robert Twardosz 235

11 Climate Warming in the Czech Republic: Evidence Stored in Shallow Subsurface Vladimir Čerm?k Petr DědeČek Jan ?afanda Milan Kre?l 247

12 History of the Gdańsk Pre-Instrumental and Instrumental Record of Meteorological Observations and Analysis of Selected Air Pressure Observations Janusz Filipiak Miros&lstoke;aw Mi&ecedil;tus 267

13 A Composite Reconstruction of the Russian Arctic Climate Back to A.D. 1435 Vladimir V. Klimenko 295

14 Growth/Climate Relationships in Tree-Ring Widths of Picea Abies in Lithuania and Poland Marcin Koprowski Adomas Vitas 327

15 Multi-Annual Variability of Cloudiness and Sunshine Duration in Cracow Between 1826 and 2005 Piotr Lewik Dorota Matuszko Maria Morawska-Horawska 341

16 Changes in Sea Surface Temperature of the South Baltic Sea (1854-2005) Andrzej A. Marsz Anna Styszyńska 355

17 Ground Surface Temperature Histories Reconstructed from Boreholes in Poland: Implications for Spatial Variability Darius Mottaghy Jacek Majorowicz Volker Rath 375

18 Precipitation Extremes and Disastrous Floods in Central Europe in July 1897 Jan Munzar Stanislav Ondr?ek 389

19 Summer Temperatures in the Tatra Mountains During the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) Tadeusz Niedźwiedź 397

20 Seasonal Differentiation of Maximum and. Minimum Air Temperature in Cracow and Prague in the Period 1836-2007 Katarzyna Piotrowicz 407

21 Climate Changes in the Central and North-Eastern Parts of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1656 to 1685 Rajmund Przybylak Kazimierz Marciniak 423

22 The Climate of Polish Lands as Viewed by Chroniclers, Writers and Scientists Janina Bożena Trepińska 445

23 Observations and Measurements of Precipitation in the Polish Province of Galicia in the Nineteenth Century Robert Twardosz Marta Cebulska 457

24 Variability of the European Climate on the Basis of Differentiation of Indicators of Continentalism Agnieszka Wypych 473

25 The First One Hundred Years (1791-1890) of the Wroclaw Air Temperature Series Krystyna Bryś Tadeusz Bryś 485

Index 525

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