The Politics of Shopping: What Consumers Learn about Identity, Globalization, and Social Change

The Politics of Shopping: What Consumers Learn about Identity, Globalization, and Social Change

by Kaela Jubas

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ISBN-13: 9781315417479
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/16/2016
Series: International Institute for Qualitative Methodology Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Kaela Jubas is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary, specializing in adult learning. She earned her has a Ph.D. in educational studies from the University of British Columbia in 2009. Her research and teaching interests relate to consumption, popular culture, work and other aspects of everyday life as sources of informal adult learning about the complications of identity and social change.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations 9

Acknowledgments 11

Interlude I Images of Promise and Desire 15

Chapter 1 In the Beginning? 17

Breaking into the Ivory Tower 22

Research Purpose and Questions 37

Metaphorically Speaking 41

Choreography, Improvisation, and Stars of the Show: Research Steps and Participants 42

Writing Up/Writing as the Inquiry 50

Interlude II Images of Trouble and Critique 53

Chapter 2 Under the Microscope: Conceptual Map 55

Coarse Focus: Gramscian Theory and Concepts 57

Fine Focus: Holistic Incidental Adult Learning 62

The Object on the Stage: Shopping as Learning in and about Contemporary Globalization 69

Consumer-Citizenship 69

Gender, Race, and Class: Consumer-Citizenship as a Social Construct 78

Globalization 89

From Shopping and Consumption to Learning and Resistance 100

Interlude III Shopping for a Dissertation 109

Chapter 3 Snapping the Picture: Envisioning the Research Project 111

Ontological Lens 112

Epistemological Prism 113

Releasing the Shutter: Research Methodology 119

Aperture, Speed, and Focus: The Final Adjustments 127

What is a Case, and Where is the Evidence? 127

Where am I in this Picture? Researcher Reflexivity 129

Chapter 4 Novel Consumption: Going Shopping and Learning with Fictional Characters 133

Narrative 1: Hegemonic Consumerism 138

Narrative 2: Reasonable Balance 142

Narrative 3: Cynicism 146

Narrative 4: Committed Resistance 150

Summary 154

Interlude IV A PhD Student, her Books, and her Search for a Bookcase 157

Chapter 5 The Disciplines of Shopping: What Participants Learn to do 159

Learning to Learn 161

Conducting Research 171

Weighing Value(s) 173

Developing Literacy 186

Constructing a Shopper's Geography 192

Summary 203

Interlude V My Dinner at Moyo's 205

Chapter 6 Growing Up with, Growing Into, Growing Out of: Who Participants Learn to be 207

A Community of "Good" Shoppers 210

From Good Shopper to Good Canadian Shopper: The Consumer as Citizen 215

The Shopper as a Social Character 223

Summary 241

Interlude VI Radical Accidents 243

Chapter 7 At the Root of it all: How Participants Learn to Make Change 245

Forms of Reflexivity 246

Radical: What's in a Name? 249

Radical Aspirations 253

Radical Risks and Alternatives 257

What's Radical is Relative 264

Learning to Change Shopping, Shopping to Make Change 265

It all Adds Up, but? 267

Each One Teach One 271

Getting the Political Message to the Politicians 275

Answering Questions, Questioning Answers 277

If You Can't Join 'Em, Beat 'Em 281

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Patterns of Learning 285

Buying in or Selling Out: Concluding Thoughts 286

Interlude VII Rumours and Queues 289

Chapter 8 Somewhere around the Middle 291

Conceptualizing Learning: Holistic Learning in Everyday Life 294

Educating Critical Consumer-Citizens 296

Understanding and Enacting Change 301

Protecting Consumer-Citizens 302

Exploring Globalization 304

Closing Thoughts 305

References 307

About the Author 320

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