The Pool Safety Bible

The Pool Safety Bible

by Ken Walker

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Written by a Swimming Pools Engineer with many years of hands-on experience, The Pool Safety Bible is packed with essential information and practical advice on safety around pools.

Although it focuses on swimming pools, much of the Safety advice is applicable around any open water. such as ponds, rivers, canals and the ocean.

Pools can be great fun but they are also dangerous places. Pool-owners should be aware that their swimming pool is a potentially life-threatening hazard. Planning ahead to make your pool as safe as it can be for family, friends and pets is a no-brainer.

Mixing sun, water, hazardous chemicals, slippery surfaces, electricity and excited kids together raises all kinds of dangerous situations. Throw a few alcoholic drinks and some boisterous young adults into the equation and the risk increases steeply.

Owning a pool comes with responsibilities but most of them can be discharged for free, or almost free, just so long as you know how!

The Pool Safety Bible is very affordable - less than the price of a coffee - but the information within is priceless. Download a copy and learn how to discharge those responsibilities and protect your family, friends and pets. Don't become a statistic.

In the USA alone, hundreds of people, many of them kids under 4 years old, drown in backyard pools every year. Thousands more are admitted to Hospital Emergency Rooms for emergency treatment following an 'immersion accident'.

Hundreds of thousands of others become infected or suffer falls, cuts, poisoning, electrocution, skin complaints and eye damage. Some become permanently disabled and some die from their injuries.

World-wide, the number of drowning deaths is even more shocking. The World Health Organization estimates that 388,000 people accidentally drown every year around the globe. That's more than 1000 deaths every day!

The Pool Safety Bible covers dozens of different aspects of Pool Safety and teaches you how to
make your own pool the safest place it an be.

30 subjects are covered in jargon-free plain English: -

General Pool Safety

Safety Statistics - Safety Liability - Pool Chemical Safety -
Chemical Accidents - Diving & Slides - Ladders & Steps -
Lifeguards - Pool Rules for Adults - Safety Tips - Suction Outlets -
Pool Safety Equipment - Broken Glass - Wasps and other insect nuisances -

Kids Section

Safety for Kids - Pool Rules for Kids - Babysitters and Pools
Shallow Water Blackout The #1 ROOT CAUSE OF 50& OF BACKYARD POOL DEATHS
Dry Drowning - Swimming Lessons - Pool Games for Kids -

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - Free Online CPR Courses -
Holidays and New Homes - Safety Checklist -
Pool Alarms - Pool Safety Barriers - Pond and Garden - Water Safety
Paying for Safety Equipment - Safety for Pets.

All too often we read a newspaper story about the tragic death of a toddler in a backyard pool, or a river, lake or bathtub. Or a story about a teenager who is paralyzed from the neck down from a diving injury. Or someone who has damaged or lost their sight from a pool chemical burn.

Most pool accidents are predictable and therefore, to an extent, preventable. All that's needed is that those at risk, i.e. those that live around open water such as a pool, river, lake etc., educate themselves about Pool Safety and learn what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones. And, of course, learn what to do in an emergency.

If you decide not to buy this eBook, please take this advice for free: - The root-cause of up to 50% of backyard pool deaths is Shallow Water Blackout - something most people have never even heard of.
Search for 'Shallow Water Blackout' in Google, read and learn. Tell your friends, tell your kids. Maybe save one of their lives?

Thanks for reading; SWIM SAFE! Ken Walker

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About the Author

Ken Walker, Member of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers, owns and operates Swimming Pool Safety Spain on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, Spain.

He has lived and worked in Britain, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Switzerland, Portugal and, since 2000, Alhaurín el Grande, Spain.

He is the author of The Pool Bible - a Plain English Guide to DIY and Economic backyard pool ownership, management and maintenance, plus over 200 magazine articles and multiple blogs.

Ken is happily married to Louise and they live in Alhaurín el Grande, Spain with their Boxer dog, Lola.

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