The Portland Sketch Book

The Portland Sketch Book

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The Portland Sketch Book by Various

Includes: Diamond Cove
Our Own Country-James Brooks
The Cruise of the Dart-S.B. Beckett
To M***, on Her Birth-Day-William Cutter
Religious Obligation in Rulers-John W. Chickering
A New-England Winter-Scene-William Cutter
Loch Katrine-N.H. Carter
Worship-Asa Cummings
The Valley of Silence-William Cutter
Descriptions of the Divine Being-Gershom F. Cox
The French Revolution-Charles S. Daveis
Mrs. Sykes-Nathaniel Deering
Old and Young-James Furbish
Autumnal Days-P. H. Greenleaf
The Plague-Charles P. Ilsley
“Oh, This Is Not My Home!”-Charles P. Ilsley
The Village Prize-Joseph Ingraham
Indifference to Study-George W. Light
The Village of Auteuil-Henry W. Longfellow
The Past & the New Year-Prentiss Mellen
The Ruin of a Night. -Grenville Mellen
Courtship-Wm. L. Mcclintock
Venetian Moonlight-Frederick Mellen
Ballooning-I. Mclellan, Jr
Ode, on Occasion of Judge Story’s-Grenville Mellen
He Boy’s Mountain Song-I. McClellan, Jr
The Unchangeable Jew-John Neal
A War-Song of the Revolution-John Neal
Musings on Music-James F. Otis
Sin Estimated by the Light of Heaven-Edward Payson
The Way of the Soul-L. S. P
Fragments of an Address on Music-Edward Payson
The Blush-Mrs. Elizabeth Smith
The Widowed Bride-Mrs. Ann S. Stephens
Jack Downing’s Visit to Portland-Seba Smith
Portland as it Was-William Willis
The Cherokee’s Threat-N. P. Willis
Grecian and Roman Eloquence-Ashur Ware
Religion-Jason Whitman
The Deserted Wife-Mrs. Ann S. Stephens

The object of the Portland Sketch-Book, is to collect in a small compass, literary specimens from such authors as have a just claim to be styled Portland writers. The list might have been extended to a much greater length, had all been included who have made our city a place of transient residence; but no writer has a place in this volume who is not, or has not been, a citizen of Portland, either by birth or a long residence. Therefore, all the names contained in these pages are emphatically those of Portland authors.

Considering the population of our city--hardly fifteen thousand at this time--the list itself we apprehend will be considered as not the least remarkable part of the book.

It was the design of the Publishers to furnish a book composed of original articles from all our living authors, and to select only from those who have been lost to us; but though great exertions were made, the editor found much difficulty in collecting original materials, even after they had been promised by almost every individual to whom she applied. According to the original design, each living author was to have contributed a limited number of pages; but after frequent disappointments, all restrictions were taken off; each writer furnished as many original pages as suited his pleasure, and the deficiency was supplied by selected articles. In her selections, the editor has endeavored to do impartial justice to our authors, and, in almost every instance, she has been guided by them in her choice. If in any case she has been obliged to exercise her own judgment, in contradiction to theirs, it was because the publishers had restricted her to a certain number of pages, and the articles proposed would have swelled the volume beyond the prescribed limits. Original papers are inserted exactly as they were supplied by their separate authors. A general invitation was extended; therefore it should give no offence, if those who have contributed largely fill the greater portion of the Book, to the exclusion of much excellent matter, which might have been selected. Several writers who did not forward their contributions as expected, have been omitted altogether, as the editor could find nothing of theirs extant which was adapted to a work strictly literary.

In order to avoid all appearance of partiality, it has been thought advisable to make an alphabetical arrangement of names, and to let chance decide the position of each author in the Book.

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