The Spinster Bride

The Spinster Bride

by Jane Goodger


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"Fun, delightfully romantic-and sexy." --Sally Mackenzie, USA Today bestselling author

Mr. Charles Norris needs help finding a wife...

For he has the unfortunate habit of falling for each Season's loveliest debutante, only to have his heart broken when she weds another. Surely Lady Marjorie Penwhistle can help him. She's sensible, clever, knows the ton, and must marry a peer, which he is not. Since she's decidedly out of his reach, Charles is free to enjoy her refreshing honesty-and her unexpectedly enticing kisses...

Lady Marjorie Penwhistle doesn't want a husband...

At least not the titled-but-unbearable suitors her mother is determined she wed. She'd rather stay unmarried and look after her eccentric brother. Still, advising Mr. Norris is a most exciting secret diversion. After all, how hard will it be to match-make someone so forthright, honorable, and downright handsome? It's not as if she's in danger of finding Charles all-too-irresistible herself...

The Spinster Bride

Praise for the novels of Jane Goodger

"Gentle humor, witty banter, and attractive characters." -Library Journal on Marry Christmas

"A touching, compassionate, passion-filled romance." -RT Book Reviews on A Christmas Waltz

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ISBN-13: 9781601832283
Publisher: Random House
Publication date: 02/03/2015
Series: Lords and Ladies Series , #4
Pages: 260
Sales rank: 1,066,892
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.59(d)

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The Spinster Bride 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not a book a would read again...this book fell flatt for me...I hate when a book starts out in the present about the leading characters then it goes back 40 years to explain her mother's story (why she is such a (b**tch ). Then the next chapter the present, then the next back to the past to her Mother again, and so on...I just felt the story should have more about them and less off her hate full mother...who really cares that she was ugly , over weight and a spinster and then forced to marry at 38.... then pretty much ends up with a beautiful daughter and a son who is not she doesn't pay attention to him and thinks of him as an idiot.. (couse he is not the perfect heir) so basically couse she had a terrible life she lives through her daughter and wants a title husband..nothing less.. to prove the ones who laughed at her... she is cold and controlling .. I think the auther could have summed up her mother's story different .. I could care less that she was picked on by her mother for not being pretty and someone stepped on her hoo....get over it stop being a controlling b*tch and teach your children that there loved no matter what...this mother just ruined the story for me she is like today's pagent moms..sorry this story fell flatt and was ruined by the mother...Dont get me wrong I love my historical romance with cocky rogues, womanizers, scandal and even mothers who over step....but this one just didn't work for me..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this as an e-book expecting a light romance to read on the plane. The book was a light and entertaining read to begin, but then lapsed into graphic sexual detail throughout parts of the book. It was not what I expected or wanted. I would not have purchased this book if I had known it contained this content.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An entertaining book. Enjoyed the characters very much. An unexpected story twist
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book was funny, romantic and it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun to read,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All the characters were well developed as well as the conflict, interspersed with humor helped by Edgar Allan Poe!
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Mr Charles Norris always falls for the wrong woman and she marries another man. Charles has been away for a long time fighting for England but now he wants his own home and family. Marjorie was the only daughter of a late Earl her mother has demanded she marry a man with a title. Marjorie would rather not get married at all. Charles gets Marjorie to agree to help him find a wife. Marjorie has a younger brother who isn’t normal and there has been a couple times she may have married but overheard her brother George being made fun of or put down so she decided to stay single. Now Marjorie has decided to help Charles find a bride. I like this book for the most part but too many subplots and in other parts of the story seemed rushed to me. I like the characters a lot especially Charles and Marjorie all the ins and outs they end up going through. I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the storyline and characters. It was a great romance. I look forward to reading more by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Ifell in love with the well drawn characters and the interesting storyline and subplots I cannot wait to read another book by this author Jane Goodger is my newest "find"!
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
I really liked this one. Charming, sweet, and delightfully romantic, The Spinster Bride was a wonderful read that I really liked. It had moments of humor, suspense, and sweetness and I loved every bit of it. Marjorie was a lovely heroine. A kind, friendly-to-everyone type of person. But, she was also sick of following her mother's rules, particularly when it came to her future happiness. So, we also saw how determined she could be when she set her mind to something. I thought she was a great character and I really liked her. Charles was adorable. He was a sweet, genuinely kind, charming, and wicked when the time called for it. I loved how sweet he was not only with Marjorie, but with her brother, who I'll get to later. He was just perfect and I really liked him as well. The romance was wonderful. I was a bit worried that I would get frustrated with the character, as I sometimes do in situations where one is trying to match-make the other. But, in this case, it worked very well. Even while they were on a bride search, Marjorie and Charles grew closer and they didn't try to hide their feelings. And, when they decided that being together was worth the obstacles that they would have to overcome, nothing would keep them apart. I thought they were great together. Marjorie's brother and mother played an important role in the book as well. Her brother had something along the lines of Asperger's syndrome, if I'm reading it correctly and Marjorie was very protective over him, particularly because of how harshly her mother treated the odd young man. I really liked his sweet, not-a-mean-bone-in-his-body character and the fact that Marjorie and even Charles were so protective of him made me like them both that much more. Marjorie's mother, though, was a whole other story. She was mean at first and I flat-out didn't like her. When we started getting chapters that flashed back to her earlier life, I wasn't much a fan. But, as the book went on, those chapters allowed me to see why she was the way she was. And, in the end, when she had a moment of realization about what was really important, those looks into her life made me understand her more. So, in the end, I thought she was, if not a character I could really like, at least one I found interesting. The plot moved quickly and kept me hooked all the way through. There were a couple of surprises along the way, but it was really the character development that kept things going. I really liked the story and I thought the ending was perfect. The Spinster Bride was a fantastic, truly excellent historical romance that I loved from start to finish. It was charming, with both fun and serious moments, romantic, and genuinely enjoyable. Romance lovers, this is definitely a book you won't want to miss. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
This is book 4 in the Lords and Ladies series Lady Marjorie Penwhistle will do anything for her brother. When she receives a note from Mr. Charles Norris about settling a debt her brother owes him, she quickly sets out to their meeting. Charles has been unlucky in love, so when an opportunity presents itself he blackmails Marjorie to help him find a bride. If she will help him find a bride, he will forgive the debt that her brother owes him. Marjorie is perfect for this position because Charles is not attracted to her and she (her mother, really) requires a husband with a title. Its a win win for both of them. But what happens when each of them start to have feeling for the other? Will Marjorie go against her mother to marry for love instead of a title? I thoroughly enjoyed this story which was actually a story within a story. You have the story of Marjorie and Charles, but you also have the backstory of Marjorie's mother and how she became the woman she is. I thought this was a very clever idea as it gave more insight into why Marjorie's mother acted the way she did. I loved that Marjorie would do anything for her brother. Her brother is a little strange (this is what other people say about him, I'm guessing he has Aspergers) and people make fun of him. Even though Charles as blackmailing her into helping him, Marjorie saw it as an adventure. She has lived a fairly boring life up until this time and anything out of the ordinary seemed like great fun. As she spent more and more time with Charles, she came to appreciate the things that annoyed her at the beginning. She also saw him treating her brother with the respect that he deserves. I really liked Charles too. Most of all for the way he treated George (Marjorie's brother). He wanted to fall in love and have a family. Unfortunately all the women he had fallen in love with didn't feel the same way. I think he just fell in love with the idea of love until he met Marjorie and realized what it really felt like.  I've loved every one of Goodger's books that I have read. She has me laughing throughout her books and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. She is starting a new series titled, The Lost Heiresses series in which the first book is schedule for publication in August. Thanks go to Kensington Books via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Delightfully unexpected. Won't give plot awsy... but only wish George's mother would of also been playing with her granddaughter at the end too.
SinfoniaDosLivros More than 1 year ago
How can I ever tell you how much I liked this story? I admit I was not expecting anything like this, that's for sure! The characters are funny and very smart. Full of intensity. Marjorie and Mr. Norris in my view are the perfect couple. If at the beginning Charles Norris only used the "special character" of Marjorie's brother to take advantage over her and cause her to help him find a bride, over the days and all furtively exchanged tickets, begins to rise a very strong feeling among the two of them and if it was not for the aversion that her mother felt for Norris, they would have married as soon as they realized that love that rammed altogether.  It's required to keep up appearances, like the two didn't knew eatchother, and they really think about being caught in compromising situations to be forced to marry against the wishes of Marjorie's mother. This story has everything: humor, mystery, passion, tears and scenes very, very hot. I was very glad to be able to read this wonderful story I absolutelly recommend!
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
Goodger’s writing is quick and witty, her characters are entertaining and realistic, and the romance is both sweet and sexy. If you like your romances packed full of lords and ladies, The Spinster Bride is a fantastic choice. A little ill-fated love and some romantic ingenuity blend perfectly to create a decidedly enjoyable love story. Full review available at Romantic Reads and Such on wordpress. Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.
KathyL2059 More than 1 year ago
Charles is the kind of man who is usually on the sidelines in romance. He is a nice man, but he has no title. He is friends with the titled, so he is usually an also-ran. Marjorie is another romance regular – a wonderful person, but her dragon mother scares off the eligible men, and she seems destined to a bland marriage strictly to please her mother. But Charles and Marjorie together – a heartwarming combination. It is fun to watch them come to the same conclusion everyone else (except Marjorie’s mother) comes to long before our heroes – that there is a way to be together – with a little courage and a lot of love. This book also has one of the more charming secondary stories. Seeing George and Lilianne meet and fall so hopelessly in love was one of the sweetest stories ever.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Received this story as a gift for an honest opinion. The Spinister Bride had me smiling through the whole story. I was also rooting for the main characters Charles and Marjorie to admit their feelings . Would definitely read this book again. I have found another favorite. Loved it!!
Mountain_Muse More than 1 year ago
Nothing makes for a more fun historical romance novel than one set in the time period of the late 1800s, centered on the pomp and circumstance the most pompous English peerage of the times.  During this said time, nothing was worse than to be twenty-two or three years old and a single female of title with no prospects in sight.   Enter one very ancient twenty-four year old beautiful single titled Lady with a younger brother “the Lord” of the household and a domineering mother who is on the hunt for “THE” titled husband for her daughter.  Not to mince words, or waste time dancing around the ballroom, Ms. Goodger spins us off on one of the most fun, wild courtships I have read in a long time. Instead of proposing marriage to the beauty at the ball, who accosts him in the darkened garden, the accosted handsome party goer, surprises the heroine with a proposal to a totally different tune.  Her brother owes him an inordinate some of money for a gambling debt and in return for her assistance in helping him to acquire a bride by the end of The Season, he will forgive the brother’s debt, in full.  The only problem is, things went awry along the way, and the best laid plans of this Gentleman and Lady took turns and found endings that neither dreamed would ever happen.     As with any good historical romance, The Spinster Bride is full of balls, beautiful gowns, handsome men, and lots of ton gossip and intrigue.   There is also a second back story of the heroine’s mother and her maligned courtship sprinkled through the main story line.  This adds some depth to the story and some depth to some characters that could otherwise have been considered rather shallow.   As indicated in the book’s title, yes, the spinster does get the groom.  But the trip to the Alter is an entertaining one for the reader.  The story is just enough different from the average historical romance peerage fare as to keep the reader turning the page to see what trouble the characters have fallen into next.  A little mystery, a lot of humor, a good bit of bedroom time (in and out of the bedroom), and a lot of innuendo in between keeps the dialogue hot and steamy.  So, yes, there is explicit between the pages.   A good weekend read, with an explicit warning for those who prefer the tamer fare.  With this codicil, I give this a good 4.5 Stars.  
gaele More than 1 year ago
Turning to the Victorian Era, Jane Goodger brings a lovely story with her new title The Spinster Bride. Full of the banter, social  restrictions and laden with wonderful secondary characters that build the scene and the world beautifully.  Charles Norris is not a prime candidate for the aspiring Mama’s of the new debutantes. As the second son of a Viscount, he has been out of England pursuing his own path, only to return with a wound and a desire to marry.  Capturing the attention of the latest ‘it girl’  debutante of the season, Charles is dismayed and angered when she marries another.  He will be married, in spite of his rather  ‘unusual’ household, and he wants to marry now.  Lady Marjorie has been out for several seasons, her dragon-like mother has decreed that she will only marry a titled man, befitting her status as the only daughter of an Earl.  With no real solid prospects, this is Marjorie’s final season before firmly being put on the shelf.   Adhering to the social conventions of her time, Marjorie is aware of her tenuous position, and while not chafing against her mother’s decree or behavior, she is also determined to protect her younger brother, the Earl from the harsh realities of life.  For George needs her  protection as he is ‘not quite right’, and is truly her only Achilles heel.  When Charles twists Marjorie’s protective nature about her brother to meet his own ends, and enlist her in his plans to find a wife in lieu of demanding repayment of a gambling debt, Marjorie is both intrigued and a willing participant, thinking the journey ‘fun and amusing’.  What none but the reader expect is Marjorie and Charles starting to find qualities to admire in one another, to the detriment of Lady  Penwhistle (her mother). Goodger has created a courtship that is fun and intriguing, while slowly peeling back layers that display Marjorie’s curious nature and George’s propensity for kindness and acceptance to all. Both are rare qualities for the era – titled men are secure and cloistered in their beliefs to be as generations before had done, and the women are not encouraged to seek out more. With insets from Marjorie’s mother about her own failed courtship and the angry and judgmental woman that emerged from that pain, Lady Penwhistle’s story becomes a nice counterpoint to the developing relationship between Marjorie and Charles, and allows readers to understand just why she acts as  she does.   And Marjorie and Charles are wonderful together: their interactions and her honest approach as a ‘facilitator’ removes Marjorie’s hesitation to address Charles honestly and frankly, unlike a flirtation would.  Charles’ ability to encourage and even delight in Marjorie’s company, and his easy acceptance and offer of friendship to George are points in his favor, and ones that have Marjorie learning to look  to her own desires and ignore expectations that are foisted upon her.  With a solid connection and several moments to laugh as Marjorie opens up and boldly asks questions and makes demands, her development and their courtship are wonderful to watch, and feel very organic and possible.  A wonderful story to spend an afternoon with as you travel into Victorian England with this couple!  I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review:  all conclusions are my own responsibility. 
Bookworm2Bookworm More than 1 year ago
May 1874 Marjorie Penwhistle, age 23, is approaching being called a spinster.  Her mother, Dorothea Penwhistle, Lady Summerfield, is a widow.  The woman insists that Marjorie marry a titled man which means that her choice of men is fairly sparse.  Marjorie has just learned that her brother George, the Earl of Summerfield, has lost an enormous amount of money playing cards. Charles Norris, the second son of Viscount Hartley, a diplomat, is the man who won George’s money.  However, when he realizes that perhaps George does not fully understand the ramifications of his loss, he agrees to forgive the debt if Marjorie will meet him at his home. Poor George is an extremely intelligent man involved in his life and strict daily routine.  If his routine is interrupted in anyway, he becomes agitated.  Because he has this peculiarity, his mother does not like him at all thinking he is incompetent and is constantly threatening to remove his title from him. Dorothea is a cold and hateful woman solely bent on seeing Marjorie wed to a titled man.  Her strictness with Marjorie is grating and, at sometimes, cruel.  Marjorie is a sweet girl always trying to appease her mother and be a go-between when her mother is cruel to George. Marjorie agrees to meet Charles at his home and finds that he simply wants her to help him find a woman to marry.  If she is successful, he will forgive her brother’s debt.  Charles has a reputation for being a rogue and since he does not have a title, her mother is even more against him having any type of friendship with Marjorie.  Thus begins a mission where Marjorie does her best to play matchmaker.  However, will their constant contact result is something developing between them? Come learn more about the personalities of these characters.  They are extremely well written and ones the reader will enjoy meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and really look forward to reading more from the author. 
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book by Jane Goodger. It started out like your usual book to read. Then she steps it up with a really good story line. Jane also has developed some really strong people to carry this book along. Marjorie's mother, Dorothea, won't let her marry less than a Big Title. They have some battles together yet stay close to each other. Then she meets Charles, Mr. Norris, who is a nontitled yet very rich man. He was injured in a war in Ghana and has a leg barely functions. Marjorie's brother is different and is an Earl. His mother ignores or criticizes him. He loses money to Charles who then blackmails Marjorie to find him a wife. She introduces him to ladies in their Seasons. Jeffrey is a cousin who is mad he isn't the Earl. There is a major set of spoilers at the end of this story. It caught me by surprise. This was a good read. I hope you decide to read this book. Enjoy!  I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Lady Marjorie Penwhistle is a spinster, there is nothing she can do about it; she is almost on the shelf and her mother wants her to marry a title. Her brother George just lost an inordinate amount of money at a card game to a Mr. Charles Norris, a war hero. There is no way George can pay quickly, and Charles makes a deal with Marjorie: Charles will erase her brother’s debt if Marjorie can find Charles a wife. She thinks Charles is good-looking, but he has no title, so it’s useless to even consider him for even a moment, but Charles is indeed attracted to her, but he doesn’t think she could ever be interested in him… Ms. Goodger was a new author to me, and I will be looking forward to reading her books in the future. What a perfectly charming book! Ms. Goodger’s prose is exquisite, the dialogues are simply brilliant; the banter between Marjorie and Charles is positively delightful! The author’s attention to detail is remarkable; she paints a period picture in vivid colours, it’s just like being there. The characters are extremely well defined, and so engaging: it’s impossible not to fall in love with Marjorie and Charles. Marjorie is enchanting, she is a ray of sunshine in Charles’ life. A fun, lovely, wonderful story with extremely appealing lead characters! Simply splendid!