The Sword of Goliath: The Bloodline Chronicles Book I

The Sword of Goliath: The Bloodline Chronicles Book I

by Anthony Jones


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The Sword of Goliath focuses itself primarily on a man named Jacob (or Jake) Stanton, who is spending his days in San Quentin Penitentiary for a crime he did not commit. Jake was wrongly accused, unfairly tried, and unreasonably sentenced for the murder of his wife, and he's just lost his final appeal. As Jake begins to mentally prepare for life inside the walls of San Quentin, he's assigned a new cell-mate, Stephen Stross. Stross befriends Jake and, in earning Jake's trust, convinces him that he is a member of the Shaddai. The Shaddai, descendants of the Biblical Nephilim through the bloodline of Seth, are on the hunt for twelve artifacts that will help them to win the final battle over the demonic Grigori; they believe the key to finding one of these powerful artifacts, the sword of Goliath, rests inside the mind of Jake Stanton. After engineering a successful escape from San Quentin, Jake and Stephen begin the quest for the legendary lost sword, but it will not be an easy effort. As escaped convicts, they are on the run from the law; as Shaddai, they are the targets of the Grigori and its evilunderlord Zoltar. Jake is going to need every resource imaginable, from skeptical law enforcement agent Sam Jericho; to prophets of the Old Testament; to the hand of God Himself. The Final Battle has begun, not only in this world, but in other unseen dimensions; and Jake Stanton may be the catalyst for victory or the harbinger of doom.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781513631677
Publisher: Raven Branch Press
Publication date: 01/12/2018
Series: The Bloodline Chronicles , #1
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

Anthony Jones is the author of The Sword of Goliath and The Wizard of Nod, the first two books in a longer tale of the Bloodline Chronicles. In addition, Jones co-authored The Gesture Grin, A Tale for Children of all ages with D. B. Lewis. Born September 8, 1963, Jones was raised in northern California and attended Healdsburg High and Tahoe Truckee High. Jones was inspired by such books as The Hobbit, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Hines feet on high places. Jones greatest influence remains Stephen King and his work on the Dark Tower Series. The Bloodline Chronicles was very much inspired by Stephen Kings Book Wizard and Glass. Other authors of inspiration for Jones include Thomas Harris, Jon Krakauer, and John Grisham. As a high school journalist in Truckee California, Jones wrote editorials for the school paper mostly about his love for the outdoors and fishing. Jones never abandoned his love of writing and continued authoring short stories, poems, and songs as he paid the bills in a more traditional fashion. Jones studied Community Relations, and Criminology at Lassen College in Susanville and went on to study Leadership and Labor Relations at Sacramento State University. Jones retired as an Associate Warden for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in 2013 after 23 years of service, 15 at San Quentin.

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