The Typhoon Sanction

The Typhoon Sanction

by Wes DeMott


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The Typhoon Sanction, now Finalist in Best Thriller Fiction at the Global E-Book Awards!
This novel reflects the culmination of DeMott's life in and around the world of intelligence, coupled with his decades of writing thrillers.

This deftly crafted novel of intrigue, revenge, and survival is nothing less than a covert operation in which diversionary tactics are expertly employed by DeMott through his protagonist, Jay Stewart - a CIA Field Officer who operates alone, determined not to add any more deaths to his tally while undertaking the most dangerous mission of the Agency. Robert Ludlum graciously hosted the launch party for DeMott's International Bestseller The Fund (Vapors in hard cover), and DeMott wrote The Typhoon Sanction as his homage to that great novelist, with the expectation and belief that Mr. Ludlum would thoroughly enjoy it

Mixing spies and counterespionage with old vendettas and small town murders, this novel pits the protagonist, ex-CIA agent Jay Stewart, against his Chinese enemy Phun , who hunts him halfway around the world to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Stewart, a master of misdirection who manipulates key people to do his dirty work, provides a whodunit element to this international story as the reader tries to make sense of four mysterious small-town murders. The more obvious the truth appears, the further the reader gets from it, ultimately being captured by the same manipulative skills that made Stewart such a successful Field Officer.

Be careful or CIA Field Officer Cruiser will manipulate YOU in this story of vengeance, murder, and global terrorism.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780985174118
Publisher: Admiral House Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2011
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Wes DeMott was born in Oregon in 1952, but moved soon afterward to Guam. His father, a Navy man who later became a defense contractor, moved the family frequently, instilling in Wes a love of travel and new places. He calls both Virginia and Florida home, although Panama is only a notch away from being added to that list.

An accomplished surfer, diver, and deep-sea fisherman, Wes shows his love of the ocean in many of his books, with boats and adventures-at-sea popping up frequently. A long-distance cruiser with thousands of nautical miles on his own vessels, it was not surprising that Wes related the experience of being rescued off Cuba in 2011 to a short scene he'd written in a book.

Over the past dozen years Wes has garnered international acclaim for his novels about prisoners of war, the FBI, military assassins, and spies. In Loving Zelda he wrote about hope and loss and the chance to change our lives if we're fearless enough to try.

Tortuga Gold reflects a fun new chapter in Wes's own life as he's joined in his adventures by his beautiful Belgian wife, Sabine, a human rights/refugee lawyer who spent seven of her fifteen years with the United Nations living in Africa, including full-time residency in the war zones of Rwanda, Burundi, and the Congo during their bloody genocides.

The Typhoon Sanction (pub. 2012), DeMott's 4th thriller, is his most accomplished yet and will have the reader wonder how she/he could be so manipulated.

Other books by Wes DeMott: The Fund, Walking K, Heat Sync, Loving Zelda, and Tortuga Gold. All books available in e-book format and in print.

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