The War on Islam

The War on Islam

by Enver Masud


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In this fifth edition of The War on Islam, Enver Masud -- recipient of the Human Rights Foundation, 2002 Gold Award -- provides valuable insights on the conflict between Islam and the West, beginning with the Gulf War of 1991 to America’s recent financial debacle stemming (in part) from America’s unnecessary wars. Impact International (England), in its review of The War on Islam, wrote, "Enver Masud gives example after example of disinformation and lies, cover-ups and double standards.” The All India Conference of Intellectuals wrote, "the contents of the book are an eye opener.” The U.S. based Muslim Observer wrote, "he brings balanced analysis of world affairs amidst the chaos of doctored evidence and complacent media.” Mumia Abu Jamal, “perhaps the best known Death-Row prisoner in the world", wrote, "his thoughts may prove valuable to thinking people in America”. For those who seldom venture beyond mainstream news media, The War on Islam serves as a concise introduction to the wars for resources and markets which are likely to escalate in the future. Since its first release in 2000, 10,000 copies of The War on Islam have been sold, and 190,000 downloaded. More on the book at The Wisdom Fund ( -- a nonprofit corporation founded by the author in 1995.

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ISBN-13: 9780970001139
Publisher: The Wisdom Fund
Publication date: 02/01/2010
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Enver Masud is the founder and CEO of the Wisdom Fund. He worked as an engineering and management consultant for the World Bank and USAID around the world.

Customer Reviews

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Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a collection of brief essays, no longer than op-ed pieces, by a Moslem who writes in a modest voice. You can learn some things from him, and there is no question we in the West have and have had some pretty bad policies. But he exemplifies the kind of person who has an unshakable belief in the Islamist version of reality. Western imperialism and colonialism and the CIA are to blame for a lot of bad things, and Israel is incorrigible about defending itself no doubt, but we are also asked to believe that Islamist terror, if it exists, is way overblown. If it does exist, condemnation should be 'balanced' with mention of Israel because Israelis are deliberately murdering Palestinian babies every day (presumably to suck their blood at Passover). Sure, maybe Saddam wanted nuclear bombs, but nobody mentions Israel's nuclear bombs, even though, as everybody knows, the real threat is crazed Israelis nuking us all. Don't get him wrong ~ some of his best friends are Jews ~ like Chomsky. The sad thing is that this author will probably have the sympathy of a lot of readers who have not been able to distinguish between cops and robbers in this game. But sooner or later 'moderate' Islamic people will have to stop sympathizing with terror, stop blaming the U.S. for everything wrong about their societies, stop twisting reality, stop keeping their women at home or under shrouds, stop supporting terrorist 'charities,' start contributing to good secular coeducational schools in Islamic countries instead, stop teaching babies the culture of murder and bombings, stop their shameful incitement against Jews and Americans, and learn some good messages: Peace on earth, good will to all, and love (rather than blame or kill) thy neighbor.