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ISBN-13: 9781414398556
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 11/01/2014
Edition description: Teal LeatherLike
Pages: 1520
Sales rank: 1,273,199
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.70(d)

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The Wayfinding Bible NLT 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
The Wayfinding Bible- Helping You Navigate God's Word in the New Living Translation is a newly published theme bible from Tyndale. This aviation- travel themed bible features the easy to understand, modern NLT. This makes sense as this bible is targeted mainly for new bible readers or those who are largely unfamiliar with the bible. I have seen far too many beginner bibles published in hard to read KJV or with the NKJV. It is about time that a starter bible is appropriately presented in the faithful yet clear NLT. As far as the graphics- the minimalist cover depicts a modern graphic image to appeal today's on the go modern generation. Integrating the ever popular travel or tourist theme- this bible designates or prioritizes books and passages in order of importance by using three travel themed classifications: flyover, direct and scenic routes. This helps the reader to get an optimized view of the bible- ranging from a simpler broad flyover perspective or a more in-depth scenic perspective. For those who find a traditional bible overwhelming this niche idea is one solution to navigating the bible. Additionally, full color, bold graphics, easy to read font and color photographs add greater visual appeal to draw the reader to the bible text. Nevertheless I additional photographs and color graphics would make this bible even better. On the down side, there are many pages with just white space and text only and no graphics whatsoever; many readers are likely to just skip over chunks of scripture. This might encourage new readers especially to skip over large parts of the bible as seemingly unimportant. For those new to the bible entirely, the "flyover" reading plan will give a quick and greater overall perspective without overwhelming the reader. For those who want a more complete study, the direct approach is best. For those who want even greater depth, and are willing to devote more time, the scenic route gives a better experience. I think all three options are good as they serve different purposes. Just like a map or GPS, the bible always points you to your next reading depending on your navigation choice- flyover, direct or scenic. It gives the reader a glimpse ahead. For new bible readers, the text directs you to a specific page number primarily in addition to the bible passage reference. And as with any travel experience there are stopovers such as sidetrips and other points of interest to capture your attention for an even greater experience. Helpful unique bible features include the "itinerary", "points of interest" and "side trips", which are additional resources that bible students and readers can return to as a reference for important topics about Christian life, bible concepts and even theology. The "thru-hike" is similar to a yearly bible reading plan and may prove to be useful for regimented individuals who prefer a rigid reading plan. Overall this bible can be adapted to a number of reading styles and preferences- depending on your time and dedication-giving it a broad appeal without leaving anyone out. In other bibles, these additional features would either be omitted or would simply be relegated to an appendix, but in keeping with the travel theme these extra helps are prioritized and depicted in a simple to understand analogy. And for those readers experienced with reading the bible- this new themed bible offers a refreshing new perspective to reinvigorate your bible reading. As a bible reader, the only thing I did not prefer was the fact that the routes were labeled by a page number. I believe a specific bible reference would have been more appropriate. The three varied colored navigation arrows with page numbers don't make as much sense intuitively for anyone who is familiar with the bible. Having the verse or passage in the label instead of a page number would make more sense. This proprietary colored arrow system identified by page numbers rather than by verse, makes this study strategy difficulty to adapt to other bibles. It would be interesting to see this bible published with an actual "itinerary" styled foldable map with just the three reading plans alone so that the reader could refer to the separate map while reading the bible along side. I have been a bible reader for over twenty years- even before my college days. This new bible is now among one of my favorites that I will use for my own devotional readings and study. As a blogger for Tyndale I received this bible for the purpose of writing this review.
J4Life5 More than 1 year ago
The Wayfinding Bible offers readers different options for their reading, the flyover route, the direct route, or the scenic route. The route vary in length and purpose: The flyover route consists of 54 different readings covering the "big picture" of the Bible; the direct route consists of 215 readings to get a firm understanding of the bible story; the scenic route consists of 386 readings that explore the depth of God's word. Additionally, there are side trips that can be taken as well as a guide for a thru-hike, reading through the entire Bible. Examples of side trips are The Afterlife, Angels, Prayers, and God's Hand of Healing. Beyond the "trips" readers can take, this Bible offers ancient maps and contemporary photographs so readers can visualize where they are reading about. There are also observation points, exploration points, as well as side notes and points to get your bearings, to help readers understand what they are reading. Finally, there is a running time line throughout the book at the bottom of the page to help readers keep track of where they are at chronologically. I love, love, love this Bible for study purposes. I chose to take the flyover route for my first reading through this Bible because I wanted to get the big picture idea, as well as learn how to use it. There is a bit of a learning curve to understand how all the arrows and page numbers and side trips and points of interest work together that could be a little overwhelming. My next trip will be the direct route. I love the caption on the back of the sleeve of the woman saying, "I've tried to read through the Bible, but honestly, I get stuck in Leviticus every time" because that is totally me! What I think is so great about this Bible is that it is perfect for any kind of Bible scholar. A new believer could take the flyover route to get a taste of studying the Bible, then progress to one of the other options to gather more information. After reading through the flyover route, I found that I am more hungry to go back and get more information, There are so many wonderful things about this Bible, I don't really want to give any criticism, but I must say I wish the font was either a little larger or the pages were a little thicker. Sometimes it was a little blurry with the font size being smaller than what I am used to reading and the letters from the facing pages showing through. Younger readers might not have a problem though! I also wish the Bible was made with a different type of cover that was a little thicker. However, these small suggestions should not deter anyone from this Bible! Overall, this would be a great addition to anyone's library. It is a fun, innovative way to approach Bible study. If you are stuck in a rut with your Bible reading, take a vacation through this Bible and recharge your batteries! I received a complimentary copy of this Bible through Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and comments are my own.
mojo_turbo More than 1 year ago
The Wayfinding Bible is one of the new releases from Tyndale in the efforts to make the bible more approachable and accessible. Whether you’re new to the bible or just looking for a way to connect with the “big picture” of the scriptures, the Wayfinding bible tries to make Bible navigation fun and simple. I was lucky enough to get a copy of this bible from Tyndale and the best way I can describe it to you is – it’s sort of like a map. All of the graphics and thought that was put into this bible was done with the idea that the Bible needs to be “navigated” like a map and not just “read” like a book. Because let’s be honest, when you treat the bible like a book – you get bored somewhere around Deuteronomy and unless you have good study habits, it’s hard to make the connections that we need to. The most significant thing about the Wayfinding Bible is its “Mapping system.” Remember the “choose your own journey” books you could read as a kid? Well, this bible offers three clear paths to help navigate the scriptures depending on your taste. The three routes that you can choose are: Flyover Route – This path offer a quick and clear snapshot of the “big picture” of the Bible. Like it’s name suggests, this is the shortest journey and it guides you through the bible in 50 readings to give you an overview of the entire biblical story. You can also choose the Direct route – Each path becomes more and more involved and should probebly be read inorder. This route has about 200 readings and takes the reader through more of the stories and detail. Last there is the Scenic route – (my favorite) with just under 400 readings this path is the most involved; and almost becomes a “read your bible in a year” plan. Like a typical study bible, the Wayfinding Bible has many familiar helps, but gives them much more fun names. Book introductions are called “observation points” and the commentary is called “exploration points.” The full color maps and color graphics also offer a lot of relatable history that I found very refreshing. The Wayfinding bible comes in an NLT translation which is Tyndale’s modern language thought-for-thought translation. The great thing about this bible is that it’s not being marketed as a “teen bible” or a “beginner’s bible” or as a “new believer’s bible” or even a “study bible” and yet- it’s all of those things! You can buy this and feel confident giving it to someone who needs it, or even buying it yourself! As someone who reads the bible a lot and who is always looking for a new bible to recommend, this will certainly be one that I suggest from now on. Thank you to Tyndale for this review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
gahome2mom More than 1 year ago
The Wayfinding Bible is an excellent study guide for believers who want to get into the thick of the Bible quickly. The unique feature to this study guide is its “Wayfinding” system. You start off with three options, Flyover, Direct and Scenic. Each route offers three different study types depending on what the reader is looking for. The Flyover Route compasses 54 readings and allows the reader to get a chronological view of the events of the Bible. I checked this one out myself. It starts from Adam and Eve, moves on to Noah, then Abraham, Jesus, and beyond to his resurrection and his return mentioned in Revelations. It jumps from reading one or two chapters to skipping over into another book entirely following a timeline of events. The Direct Route has 215 readings which can be finished in less than a year. This route gives you a deeper perspective of how the Bible stories mesh together. Lastly is the Scenic Route. In 386 readings the reader is guided deeper and deeper into the richness of the Bible. It touches on popular stories to the unheard of ones. Each route is given a color and a runway strip that sits on the top of the page. The runway has dot points that show the reader which chapters and verses must be read. At the end of the line is an arrow with a page number attached to it telling the reader which page to flip to after finishing their “travel.” There are also little icons for the routes that sit next to the verses signaling to the reader where their route starts and ends. Along the journey, the reader will be directed to read a passage and two paragraphs called the Observation Point and the Exploration Point. These three feature some interesting ideas and paraphrases the stories on the route. Other features to the Wayfinding Bible include: Book Introductions, a Bearings Map, Historical Markers, Scenic Overlooks, Side Trips, and Thru-Hiking, a fun feature that sets up an entire reading of the whole Bible with daily directions of what should be read starting from Genesis all the way to Revelations. The Wayfinding system is an interesting one. It is effective and informative leaving one feeling satisfied after each read. There are a lot of things that were mentioned that I hadn’t thought of before until it was pointed out by the prompts. While I was reading, I felt like I was carefully dissecting the Bible into tiny little details that all added up to a bigger picture. The feel of the study guide gives a sense of traveling thanks to the route system and with the goals set before me it made me want to continue till I reached the end of it. Wonderful and completely comprehensive, the Wayfinding Bible is a great addition to any believers’ library. I enjoyed this study guide’s exploratory aspect and recommend it for those who want a nice Bible with a “get it fast” approach to reaching those stories that you need to read up on. A free copy of this book was provided by Tyndale House Publishers. Thank you.