The Wellness Lifestyle: A Chef's Recipe for Real Life

The Wellness Lifestyle: A Chef's Recipe for Real Life

by Daniel Orr, Kelly Baute


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Have you meticulously counted calories and obsessed over what you eat and how you move, only to feel exhausted, unfulfilled, and overweight? The Wellness Lifestyle: A Chef's Recipe for Real Life is the easy-to-follow and life-changing book for those who love food and want a healthier and more fulfilling life. Renowned chef Daniel Orr (Chef D) teams up with wellness coach Kelly Baute (Dr. K) to identify and navigate the eight dimensions of wellness: nutritional, physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, occupational, and environmental. The result is a fulfilling recipe for everyone interested in improving their overall health and shedding pounds while still enjoying life.

The path to total wellness is a lifelong journey of self-exploration and adaptation. Chef D and Dr. K explain how to implement and maintain effective behavior changes, including better ways to move, like yoga; better ways to think, like through meditation; and better ways to eat, with easy recipes for whole, healthful foods. From Muscle Mud Breakfast Bars to Cauliflower "Popcorn," Happy Mouth Quinoa Salad to Tuscan Flatiron Steak with Garlic, Rosemary, and Lemon, The Wellness Lifestyle is packed with delicious and fun recipes that combine the healthy nutrients your body needs with the great flavors you crave. Featuring the secrets to good food and an even better life, The Wellness Lifestyle is essential for every kitchen.

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ISBN-13: 9781684350599
Publisher: Red Lightning Books
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Chef Daniel Orr has worked in France's most elite restaurants and was executive chef at New York's famed La Grenouille (earning a 3-star review from the New York Times) and Guastavino's (named Esquire Magazine 's Best New Restaurant in America), as well as the CuisinArt Resort & Spa in Anguilla, British West Indies. He is currently chef and owner of FARMbloomington restaurant and author of FARMfood and Paradise Kitchen.

Kelly Jo Baute, PhD, is owner of A Splendid Earth Wellness and provides wellness and ergonomics programming for individuals and small businesses. She has over 20 years' experience in the wellness, health, and fitness industry and holds a doctorate in kinesiology and biological anthropology. She has conducted laboratory experiments of motor behavior as well as international field studies of farm-laborers' working postures and agro-chemical exposures and eco-tourists' recreational behaviors.

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The MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Eat it up!

The classic image of a chef is a round, jolly man with one hand's finger in the pot and the other hand holding a wine glass. That guy usually dies around the age of 45 owing $500K to the bank! But that is the way chefs have been for hundreds of years until those food nazis and health authorities came up with the "fake news" that eating properly gives you a longer and more productive life. The problem is that the facts have been scientifically demonstrated and now most of us can no longer have our "alternative facts." A healthy eating and movement regime has truly become food for thought for us all. Death and taxes I can deal with. The two words any bon vivant shudders over are diet and exercise!

In the past, restaurants built a wall, a huge and beautiful wall, between the dining room and the kitchen, which was a great way to keep those crazy chefs from immigrating into the dining room. Homes were also built with a separate room for the kitchen where the "woman's work" was done, disallowing others to see (or hear) the throwing of pots and pans, the dropping of the turkey on the floor, or the quick recovery of said turkey within the "30-second rule." In restaurants, waiters and busboys bowed and looked the other way. Now the home kitchen has become the heart of the home, the true living room of the house. And the chef, who often works in an open kitchen, has become a media darling who must keep temper and waistline in check. There was once a saying that you should never trust a skinny chef because he must not taste his own cooking. Nowadays a chef needs to have a personal trainer as well as a spiritual adviser to keep in shape both physically and mentally. The competition for restaurant space, TV airtime, brand naming, and publishing is so intense that the poor artist in the kitchen, stirring his or her sauces and cooking clients' food, is all too often forgotten. Becoming a celebrity chef, much like a sports star or supermodel, is now something kids aspire to achieve. When I was a kid, the chef was the help.

The celebrity chef phenomenon began in France in the late 1970s and early 1980s with talents such as Paul Bocuse, Roger Vergé, and Michel Guérard. Americans were drawn to France after devouring Julia Child's and James Beard's cookbooks and TV appearances. As meat-and-potato Americans traveled throughout Europe, they discovered a new appreciation for cooking and eating. The French/European passion for food and drink taught Yankees eating to live is not as fun as living to eat. This lifestyle stressed quality over quantity and included seasonal appreciation for the best ingredients available. But, being Americans, we took this to the extreme, consuming vast amounts of calories during our 24/7 way of life, and now 40 percent of us are obese.

Inspired by my personal and constant battles of the bulge, I have always looked for healthy things to eat, both on duty at the restaurant and at home entertaining myself and/or friends. I've taken notes on these dishes because friends always ask for recipes, especially if the dish is easy and healthful. One of my own rules for healthy eating is that it has gotta be good. I don't want to miss the fat I love so dearly — so healthy food has gotta be kickass. I know good food, and I am not one to punish myself by staring into a bowl of plain steamed cabbage. But if you jazz that bowl up with the inspiration of a chef, that cabbage can be glorious. Add some citrus, a drop of sesame oil, Chinese chili paste, and some diced tofu and you've got something better than any white box delivery! Plus you have the added bonus of knowing what is really in it. And let's not make FAT the criminal; fat is an important part of any meal. It just has to be the right kind of fat and in the correct proportion. Essential fats allow for the proper absorption of fat-soluble vitamins into the body, provide the building blocks for cell structures and hormones, and are instrumental in other bodily tasks such as immune and visual functioning. So, let's stop bullying our friend: FAT, we love you!

I had been preaching healthy eating, but the time came to eat my own words. After working on the Guastavino project in Manhattan for four years and being in Manhattan when the twin towers fell, I slipped into a funk: I stopped working out, I split with the love of my life (I thought at the time ...), and I gained 40 lb. I knew it was time for a change, and I knew I had the skill and knowledge to make it happen. The problem was the lack of self-love and motivation. Sadness and loneliness had me feeling as if I were drifting away from my dream and my focus; but, as things will do, a new door opened for me.

It was then that I moved to the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla, British West Indies, for a change of pace and stress level. I decided to get things under control and to have a good time doing it. That was years ago, and the result is this book, designed to help others who love food eat smartly and with gusto and flavor. By introducing a new vocabulary of ingredients, easy techniques, and satisfying comforts for people who have eaten "too well" and now want to eat better, it is my hope that foodies who read this book will become more interested in what food does in the body and not just what it does on the palate. Chefs have spread the word on food quality and artistry; now the next logical step is the consideration of nutrition and the offering of healthy alternatives to their guests. At CuisinArt Resort and Spa in Anguilla I had the opportunity to offer these findings at our Spa Grill, 24/7 RAW juice bar, as well as in the Santorini fine Caribbean and Greek inspired dining. I have always offered healthy foods in the restaurants I've run, but this was a chance to take it to the next level. Regime cuisine is what I called it in my first book, Real Food. Simply put, it is lighter dishes for a healthier lifestyle. I had even based a wildly popular seven-course degustation menu (a fancy French name for a chef's tasting menu) at the fine-dining room at The Resort using the hydroponically and organically grown produce from the property in nutritionally balanced recipes. That setting is truly a chef's paradise. Now, back home again in Indiana, I have continued this at my own restaurant, FARMbloomington.

Everyone faces temptations, but imagine a restaurateur who loves food and is surrounded by it 24/7. Picture the poor chef at the market all morning and at the stove all afternoon and night. How can he not succumb to luscious bites? It is nigh impossible to adore something and to hold it close without having a taste of it. One of my favorite things is my Parmesan-dusted French fries with citrus zest, chili flakes, and turmeric aioli. I was tasting them way too often and the pounds just started adding up. The home cook is also bombarded and haunted by food, from junk food on the airwaves to more nutritional offerings. One must learn to balance desire and indulgence. It was for this reason I decided to create this regime of healthy eating. Although I usually get concerned about my weight because of vanity, it is certainly more important to eat smartly for less visual, more vital reasons.

So, the eating part is a challenge in itself; fitting in a workout — WTF ... I couldn't make the time. Opening a new restaurant, and struggling back from a ski injury, was overwhelming. And to top that off, I was dragging around IV antibiotics to fight the MRSA infection I contracted during surgery to repair my ACL. Exercise was just not possible, and, by the time it was, I was out of habit and failed to get it into my daily routine. Starting FARM restaurant was a lot of work, and it still is, but its success was my priority — my health wasn't. By the time I realized I had gained all of this weight, I could not get motivated to lose it. Dr. K helped with building a schedule, a routine that I could handle, that I could fit into my day.


Just as Chef D struggled keeping weight off, I've had struggles with keeping weight, or rather muscle, on. Just over five years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My first mammogram! It was a devastating journey. I experienced numerous difficulties along the way. A botched reconstruction, nearly every side effect chemotherapy has to offer, one surgery or procedure after another — 10 in under 5 years. Wellness? What wellness? It seemed gone and sometimes lost forever. I could no longer move my body as I once could and knew how to move it. Movement had been my foundation. Movement was my stress reliever, my recreation, my study, and my way of life and living. Instead, I hurt. I couldn't lift my arms or move my neck and shoulders. And when I repeatedly asked when it would get better, my doctor said, "Look, in my world, at the end of the day, I am a plastic surgeon and I'm concerned with looks, not pain, and we have good visual results." That is verbatim. It was like a dagger. And his solution — pain management! "Yes, let's send you to yet another doctor to give you medications and nerve blocks." Well, I've witnessed that approach from the sidelines, watching clients being taken down one path after another — rarely if ever finding relief.

Fortunately, there are good doctors out there — straight shooters only another would love. "You need different implants. Those don't fit your body. They look awful," says a kind face through half-grinning teeth — not a grin of joy but disappointment at the whole situation, as if she were asking herself, "Why could she not have been told this earlier?" And this doctor knew what she was talking about. She gave me two names; I called the first, and onward to better physical and emotional wellness was I. So needed was a revision that the moment I woke in the recovery room, the first words out of my mouth, as I placed my hands on my chest, were, "I can already feel the difference." The relief was immediate! Gone was that discomfort, that pain I could not shed with physical therapy or with muscle relaxers. It was wonderful. I began moving again — moving and getting my body back, rebuilding my wellness, moving along the continuum toward optimal functioning, and trying to get back the muscle — and the strength — that was GONE.

It was at this time Chef D and Dr. K met and began working together and developing the concept of MyTendWell. Ironically, as Chef D was trying to learn how best to understand his eating patterns and exercise behaviors, essentially dealing with food, Dr. K was trying to move again, while building a company that teaches movement and wellness. Both were dealing with their own passions, food and movement. Chef D had begun constructing the majority of these recipes in Anguilla. He saw Dr. K's work, her knowledge of movement, health, and wellness, as a basis for a perfect collaboration. And collaborate they have. The MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan is a comprehensive wellness program that teaches you along the way, allowing you to make a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Wellness is holistic. Wellness is the integration and balance of multiple dimensions. The MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan is focused on the following eight dimensions: social, occupational, intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and nutritional.

Wellness doesn't have a finish line — it is a continuum. It is a lifelong pursuit in which you work toward higher levels of wellness or optimal functioning. Importantly, it is work that moves you into higher levels of functioning. Thus, in order to achieve optimal levels of functioning, follow the plan's Five Steps to Wellness.

By following the MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan, you are taking ownership of your wellness plan. You have thought and worked through your plan in order to be successful in achieving optimal wellness. Chef D and Dr. K have learned how to fill their MyTendWell flowers to build total wellness. They have battled through their health challenges and have come through just fine. They have also developed from a combination of expertise in their respective fields a lifestyle program that is fun and rewarding. MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan is easy to follow and sets you up for success. You will be tending to your wellness, tending to your life.

An interesting paradox revealed itself between their individual wellness plans. Just as Chef D has struggled with fitting in exercise (and balanced meals), Dr. K was really struggling to fit in good meals. Having clients early in the morning and classes or clients at lunch and in the evenings was really disrupting her diet. Dr. K was not eating enough, eating on the fly, and typically eating quick foods, such as smoothies, fruit, and sandwiches/wraps. But not enough. Dr. K had lost a lot of weight during cancer treatments/therapies, and as she was getting busier and more active with her wellness and ergonomics company, she was not getting enough nutrition and lost even more muscle. So, she put the MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan into action. And guess what? It worked — she added muscle, which left her stronger and feeling much more energetic. Her job, as do all other jobs, requires energy, with some left over. Getting and staying fit helps provide that abundance of energy to get you through your day and still have some energy to spare. See, it's like she had been telling her clients for years, "It takes energy to make energy." In other words, you've got to put a little in to get a little out — kinda primin' the pump, so to speak.

Adopting a total wellness approach for a healthy lifestyle includes building an environment that supports and sustains this philosophy. When Dr. K began working with Chef D, they first discussed the environments in which he lives, works, and plays. Investigations into physical activity behaviors have demonstrated that the environment has an effect on physical activity and dietary factors. Her experiences working with individuals in wellness programming for the past 20-plus years indicated that home and work settings either encourage or discourage movement. If you work in an environment that promotes sitting, you will sit. Conversely, standing workstations promote standing. However, neither of those behaviors is movement. Movement is the substrate of physical activity (Malina 2008), and persistent physical activity is the behavior that promotes health. So just as Dr. K was having a hard time fitting in good meals, Chef D was having a hard time fitting in movement. The MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan worked for him as well. He adjusted his work schedule so he had consistent days off, and we created a workout that fit his schedule. And guess what? It worked.

Dr. K has worked within the wellness industry for nearly 25 years. She has seen the trends in exercise classes, weight loss programs, drinks, and supplements. The bottom line is this: quick fixes and programs of restricting foods or training at high intensities are not sustainable. Just as the world is searching for sustainable practices in agricultural, energy production, and building structures, you, too, are searching for a health program that is sustainable for you and your life. This is the crux of the MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan. Chef D and Dr. K know the importance of reflecting on your life and developing a mindfulness about it. That is an ability to step back and reflect, view with an open mind, and figure out what went wrong and what could be more successful. We are all going to have ups and downs. We have the ability to survive the ride and level ourselves off and to get our bearings so we can get back on track. Dr. K had a lot of track to cover to get back to a healthy body. Chemotherapy is a nice name for poison. That's right, poison. Just the right concoction of chemicals to kill stuff off — good and bad. Some chemotherapy drugs kill off all respirating cells. Some chemotherapy drugs kill specific cells — these are targeted chemotherapy drugs. These are wonderful in that they do not kill off other cells, like hair cells, and thus, targeted therapy is a little kinder to your body. Dr. K had two old-fashioned chemotherapy drugs and one targeted chemotherapy drug. And just like other chemicals, chemo drugs stay in your body for a while. Thus, you deal with the effects for a time after you've stopped taking them. Take care of people you may know in chemotherapy and radiation treatment; they need some TLC. She did get stronger and her energy back — it took time and persistence. Until then, the lack of energy was like lumbering around in another's cumbersome body. But, "it takes energy to make energy." So she put in the energy and got back her body. And so did Chef D. They have the pep back in their step. Persistent application toward one steadfast goal.


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Table of Contents



1. An Introduction to the MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan

2. Who Am I and Why Am I Reading the MyTendWell Lifestyle Book?

3. Cultivating a New You: The MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan Mind and Body

4. Enlightening Yourself With the MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan

5. Dipping into the MyTendWell Well of Knowledge

6. Dipping into the MyTendWell Well of Recipes

Healthy Foods Glossary


What People are Saying About This

John Shea


The MyTendWell Lifestyle Plan offered by Chef D and Dr. K can contribute to an individual's quality of life by leading to improved cognition, higher self-esteem, and lower depression and anxiety.


Annie Corrigan


I felt like the recipes and wellness tips were written just for me. I read Chef D's and Dr. K stories and they felt like my own stories. They're personal, difficult and hopeful and reveal that they understand because they've been through it, too. The bravery that it must have taken to write their personal stories in this book is exactly what makes the wellness advice so powerful.


Barbara Fairchild


What sets this book apart from other self-help guides are the modern, appealing recipes of Chef D. They're fresh and colorful, sure to appeal to curious cooks everywhere.


Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp


Daniel Orr and Kelly Jo Baute present the whole package in The Wellness Lifestyle. They cover growing your own food; recipes for various diets, including gluten free; exercises to build strength and flexibility; and a lengthy food glossary that covers allium to Za'atar. The beautiful photography presents mouth-watering dishes that make a reader want to dive right in.


Russell Pate


Chef D and Dr. K provide a very practical approach to adopting and balancing healthy eating and active living. Their strategies are both theory-based and down to earth.


Christine Barbour


Daniel Orr and Kelly Jo Baute prescribe a holistic approach to wellness that covers just about everything you can think ofnutritious food, physical movement, spiritual mindfulness, emotional health, intellectual growth, environmental sustainability, and satisfaction in your job and your social life. Lots of tips, delicious recipes, and gorgeous photos help make their medicine easy to swallow!


Nathalie Dupree


The authors walk readers through their path for a lifelong journey of self-exploration, adaptation, and total wellness. Featuring step-by-step instructions for movement, meditation, and healthy eating, The Wellness Lifestyle is the one-stop guide for a full and complete life, integrating the literal and spiritual inside as well as the exterior.


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