The Wisdom of Generations: Using the Lessons of History to Create a Values-Based Future

The Wisdom of Generations: Using the Lessons of History to Create a Values-Based Future

by Tieman H. Dippel Jr.

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ISBN-13: 9780982935491
Publisher: Texas Peacemaker Publications
Publication date: 09/01/2012
Series: Language of Conscience Evolution , #6
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 504
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Recognized globally as the premier thought-leader on Enlightened Conservatism, and The Language of Conscience, Tieman H. (Skipper) Dippel, Jr. is one of the most sought after consultant minds by world leaders and policy makers. He is also one the most recognized voices, leading the forefront of family values and ethics throughout government agencies and corporations. His message of the power of morality and the impact of personal dignity can transform individuals, communities, companies, and nations. For more information go to:

Table of Contents

Dedication iii

Contents ix

Foreword xiii

Preface xix

Introduction xxxi

Part 1 The Family Must Set the Moral Compass 1

I Setting the Stage 3

One Father's Last Words 3

Remarks of Ambassador Lyndon Olson 14

II Key Issues Driving Decisions 21

Temperament and Intelligence 21

Temperament, Risk, and Trust 24

The Importance of Experience 25

The Value of Perspective 26

The Concept of Harmony and Context 28

Understanding Change 44

III The Impact of Change on the Family Transmission of Values 51

How We Got Here 54

External Impacts 59

Educational Effects 61

Contextual Information Assembling 62

IV Creating a Contextual Method of Thought 65

Basic Components of Contextual Thought: The Combination of Temperament and Intelligence 65

The Language of Conscience 74

Personal Dignity: Individualism Must Be in Balance with Fraternity 76

V To the Children 79

A Father's Thoughts for Your Future 79

A Well-Envisioned Life 82

Issues to Recognize 85

Law Versus Culture 103

VI A Grandfather's Hopes 121

Part 2 Creating a Map to Navigate the Modern World 131

VII The Three Big Issues of the Future in Contextual Thought 133

The First Big Issue: A Functioning Sustainable Political System 136

High Dollar Policy Failures 141

Why Has Fiscal Policy Failed? 141

The Debt Bomb 143

Finding the Tipping Point of Debt 144

Deficits, Debt, and Taxes 144

Defining Ultimate Problems and Possible Solutions 145

Understanding the key Problems in More Detail 155

The Importance of a Long-Term Perspective 156

The Second Issue: A Growth-Based Economic Policy with Innovation 196

The Significance of Growth 206

The Importance of Investment: Why It Is Needed and the Sources of Money 212

The Third Issue: A Unified Culture with Common Values of Responsibility 220

The Challenge of Intersecting Cultures 231

The Critical Importance of China to America 233

My View of China's Future 282

The Critical Importance of Hispanics in America's Future 313

Colombia: A Case Study in National Will 331

Summary 342

VIII A Cheat Sheet for Contextual Thinking 345

The Organization of Thought 345

Integrating the Individual with Broad Society 347

IX A Letter to Fellow Believers of the Impossible Dream 375

Creating, Strengthening, and Sustaining Driven Organizations 375

A Catalyst Must Study Economics, Politics, and Culture in Context 378

The Pros and Cons of Tolerance and Acceptance 382

The Creation of a Library of Conscience and an Institute for Cultural Ethics 385

An Interesting Possible Catalyst 393

The Importance of the Concept of Markets 404

A Global Conscience Forum 406

Thoughts on National Destiny 407

Thinking from the East 409

Thinking from the West 410

X Conclusion: Live and Enlightened Life as a Person with Honor 411

Acknowledgments 415

About the Author 417

About the Author's Way of Thinking 421

Appendix 423

Prior Works 433

What People are Saying About This

Bill Fields

Finally! The Wisdom of Generations presents a message that should be consumed and read by every corporate leader who understands the impact and potential impact we can and should have in the community, in business, and throughout the world.
—Bill Fields (Chairman of Four Corners Sourcing and Board Chair of Lexmark International, Inc., Former President and CEO: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, Blockbuster Entertainment Group - a division of Viacom, Factory 2-U Stores, Inc. and Hudson's Bay Company)

Bill Ide

The Wisdom of Generations spotlights the moral hazards we all face in life as individuals and addresses the greatest global problems of the world. Skipper shows how both require great resistance to the lures of greed, irresponsibility, corruption, and the need to always stand on the rock of ethical responsibility for the greatest good.
—Bill Ide (Former President of the American Bar Association, Chairman of the Conference Board Governance Center)

John Guerra

The Wisdom of Generations is bigger than a book. It's obvious to all that the world is in a state of transition. This book creates a foundation of thought that transcends boundaries, cultures, and politics. Tieman H. Dippel is the voice our world, our communities, and our perceptions need to initiate legitimate progress. He provides a framework of how to think, instead of what to think
—a refreshing approach when so many powerful voices are intended on swaying thought or creating buy-in. This book is for the serious minded individual, and the person who can truly understand that we are one world and one people.
—John Guerra (CEO, Aztec Worldwide Group, LTD. and the United Consumer Coalition, Former Managing Director, AT&T Caribbean & Latin America)

Ronald L. Loveless

Alfred Chandler, Jr. taught us the wisdom of studying business history as a management tool for progress and improvements. Thus, we must also understand that one day we will be standing on the decisions that we are making today. The Wisdom of Generations reveals how family values form the core of our culture. This book explains how those values guide our decisions
—or should guide our decisions. We also learn what happens when those values are excluded from the decision-making process. Any serious-minded business, political, military or community leader should read this book. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to become a leader with a legacy
—rather than just a boss.
—Ronald L. Loveless (Retired Wal-mart Executive/Founding CEO, Sam's Clubs, Business Consultant)

Carlos Slim Helu

The Wisdom of Generations is the defense of family values, integrity, and the necessity of institutions and corporations to adapt higher levels of governance, standards of competence, and responsible compassion if they are to protect market systems and what they can produce.
—Carlos Slim Helu (Honorary Chairman, Carso Group, Mexico City, Mexico)

Dolores Huerta

America is better today because of Cesar Chavez; America will also be a better country because of the effects of Skipper's writings. We will always be friends because we know the depth of each other's motivation for our children's future, and motivation comes from the depths of the heart and mind.
—Dolores Huerta (Co-Founder, United Farm Workers Union)

Michael McCaul

The bridges built through Skipper's writings on conscience and common cultural values serve as a powerful advocacy of Western values to many of the critical nations of the future such as in China and Latin America.
—Representative Michael McCaul (House Homeland Security Committee, Chairman Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight)

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The Wisdom of Generations: Using the Lessons of History to Create a Values-Based Future 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Flyingauthor More than 1 year ago
This book easily competes for one of the best books ever written about polictics, society, and economics. I started out highlighting extraorinary passages and soon realized I was coloring the entire book. Since reading it, I've gifted more the 60 to friends, family, and politicians. Read it now!