Zero-Day Rising

Zero-Day Rising

by T.C. Weber


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In Zero-Day Rising, the third book of the BetterWorld trilogy, Kiyoko is tired of hiding and grieving, and has decided to strike back. In the first volume of the critically acclaimed BetterWorld cyberpunk trilogy, Kiyoko's older sister Waylee and their hacktivist friends exposed a conspiracy between MediaCorp and U.S. President Rand to control the flow of information and run the world on behalf of a cabal of billionaires. In volume two, Waylee faced life imprisonment, while Kiyoko and her friends were hunted by a team of ruthless mercenaries. In Zero-Day Rising, Kiyoko resolves to free her sister and bring down President Rand and MediaCorp. However, MediaCorp unleashes its ultimate plan: direct mind control with cerebral implants. Can Kiyoko and Waylee's team stop them? Can they penetrate MediaCorp's networks and end the company's grip over humanity? All while eluding the biggest manhunt in history, in a country where everyone and everything is under surveillance?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781947071391
Publisher: See Sharp Press
Publication date: 10/01/2020
Series: BetterWorld Trilogy Series
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Ted Weber has pursued writing and other arts since childhood. His first published novel was a near-future cyberpunk thriller titled Sleep State Interrupt (See Sharp Press). It was a finalist for the 2017 Compton Crook award for best first science fiction, fantasy, or horror novel. The first sequel, The Wrath of Leviathan, came out in 2018, and the final book, Zero-Day Rising, is coming out in fall 2020. He has other books on the way as well. By day, Mr. Weber works as an ecologist, and has had a number of peer-reviewed papers and book chapters published. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland with his wife Karen, runs a monthly writing workshop, and is a member of the Maryland Writers Association.

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