Thought Revolution - Updated with New Stories: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius

Thought Revolution - Updated with New Stories: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius

by William A. Donius


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ISBN-13: 9781501126451
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 09/17/2016
Edition description: Updated
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 432,789
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

William A. Donius, former banker and CEO, teaches his creative method of problem solving to a wide range of corporations and employees and also blogs at Huffington Post. With thirty years of experience in the corporate world, Donius was chairman and CEO of Pulaski Bank in St. Louis, where he oversaw the bank’s eightfold growth over twelve years. For more information, please visit

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Thought Revolution

  • WITH THE INITIAL publication of Thought Revolution, I felt as if I’d lit a match. Just as this methodology illuminated a new path for my life, it has revealed a new way of thinking for others. Since that time, I’ve used this revolutionary approach to help companies improve their business decisions, business systems, functioning, and morale.

    Thought Revolution describes a simple way to learn to think differently, by activating the right brain. It relates how I developed the techniques and applied them to bring about the successes my colleagues and I enjoyed at the business I ran from 1997 to 2008. I have come to call these techniques “Ideation” and I believe them to be a reinvention of traditional brainstorming. Ideation is a reflective brainstorming technique that uses the right and left sides of the brain to allow you to break through entrenched habits of thought and difficult problems. It also helps you to avoid the circular thinking or channeling of ideas along a constrained path that can frequently occur when a group of people brainstorm together.

    This new edition of Thought Revolution also explores surprising insights uncovered by seven people who generously allowed me to guide them through the Ideation process of working with the right brain and now to share their personal stories. I hope when you learn the techniques in this book, you’ll discover your own truths that will improve your personal and work life.

    Without the breakthroughs that Thought Revolution enabled me to make, it might have taken me decades more to gain self-understanding and happiness, so I hope that this book will help you shorten that process. Along the way, I discovered that the path to happiness is not necessarily lined with gold in the financial sense. Life is not just about getting to your destination or achieving your goals. It’s also about the quality of your journey. Using the techniques in Thought Revolution to make you more aware and intentional about your life will make you happier. This book is your map to buried treasure inside your own mind.

    The Ideation process can be equally effective in personal life or at work. I recommend that you begin by focusing on personal questions or challenges. Once you’ve seen how well the exercises work, you’ll have the confidence to use them to make contributions at work.

    In public and private interviews since the publication of Thought Revolution, I’ve taken this work to a wide variety of people, from top executives and entrepreneurs to the chronically unemployed, from professional athletes to artists and musicians, from creative advertising types to actuaries. I’ve witnessed astonishing results from applying this technique to organizations from diverse American industries—Big Oil, financial firms, shipping companies, retailers, educational institutions, the world’s largest trade group, and nonprofit organizations. Even when I’ve wondered whether in a new business situation the technique will work, it has carried us through. This makes me very committed to helping others unlock and discover their “inner genius.”

    This edition of Thought Revolution includes my experiences in conducting Ideation sessions with employees of corporations. In a new section, I tell stories of a self-employed artist and six companies that dared to explore uncharted territories with me. They had different reasons for taking the journey, but I think it’s safe to say that none of them foresaw fully how much they would learn along the way. These respected businesspeople and organizations allowed me to explore with them the rich creativity and problem solving skills inherent in the right brain. We uncovered extraordinary gifts.

  • Table of Contents

    Preface to the New Edition xi

    Foreword Lucia Capacchione, PHD, ATR xiii

    Part 1 Stop Lying, Start Living

    Chapter 1 Taking Better Advantage of the Whole Mind 3

    Chapter 2 Of Two Minds: A Relatively Recent Discovery 12

    Chapter 3 A Conversation with Your Right Brain 22

    Chapter 4 Mapping the Labyrinth 27

    Chapter 5 Injecting Truth Serum 32

    Chapter 6 Let's Draw a Picture 41

    Part 2 Lifting the Eight Lies

    Chapter 7 Liberation from Lies 47

    Chapter 8 Lie Number 1: "Everything will work out eventually" aka "Whatever will he will be." 50

    Chapter 9 Lie Number 2 "I'll get to it later." 57

    Chapter 10 Lie Number 3: "Sooner or later my ship will come in," or "Good things come to those who wait." 63

    Chapter 11 Lie Number 4: "I'm not the one who needs to apologize." 70

    Chapter 12 Lie Number 5: "My life is as good as it gets." 78

    Chapter 13 Lie Number 6 "Everything will be okay." 86

    Chapter 14 Lie Number 7: "I won't make the same mistakes as my parents." 93

    Chapter 15 Lie Number 8: "There's no such thing as true love." 98

    Part 3 Right-Brain Thinking in the Workplace

    Chapter 16 Ready to Go to Work? 109

    Chapter 17 Creative Breakthrough: Artist Finds a New Path 116

    Chapter 18 Management Insight: High-Powered Exec Discovers Different Approach 120

    Chapter 19 A New Company Vision: Guinea Pig Gets the Gold 124

    Chapter 20 A Creative Company Breakthrough 131

    Chapter 21 Fortune 50: Finding Needles and Pitchforks in the Haystack 139

    Chapter 22 Gathering a Global Team to Go After a Problem 147

    Chapter 23 A Breakthrough for a Million Members 153

    Chapter 24 Onward: What's Next? 158

    Thought Revolution Journal 165

    Acknowledgments 191

    Index 195

    About the Author 205

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