Tied By Fate: The Dynasty Realms IV: Tied By Fate

Tied By Fate: The Dynasty Realms IV: Tied By Fate

by Adrian Jevon Murphy


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"In the 4th Chapter of "the Dynasty Realms Epic Sagas" and that of "the Twilight Rose of Infinite Worlds Series" comes the enchanted tale from the Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi and RPG author, Adrian Jevon Murphy, who tells the tale of "Tied By Fate" involving the Silver Knight Gothic Tales in this powerful, enriched epic adventure..."

"One hundred years ago, a powerful warrior unlike any other in the Ancient World of Graymore Sphere, where magic and the sword rules supreme throughout the lands. Comes the tale of brave men and women, in ebony silver called "the Silver Knight Gothic Warriors of Jucar."

"In the time of darkness, these brave, powerful warriors, storm the World of Graymore Sphere, after the ones' who were sworn to destroy it, according to the Oracle Scrolls called "Iambi."

"It was after their last battle, darkness was finally, subdued..."

"Yet, when darkness is said to be passed, after the death of a powerful villain, the greed of man, takes over, where he slowly begins to prey on the weak minded souls of the lands, especially that of the strong and indecisive, controlling the worlds' deadliest of forces."

"Thus, these are the ones, which the people often times forget, after facing death in the face for countless years, while being the dazzle in distress and finally, freed from hell and damnation. These are the warriors, which we called "The Forgotten, Unsung Heroes Of The Past, Present, And Future."

"It is these ex-former heroes, which brings forth, a brand new darkness, as they rekindle the old into something new, by undermining a supposed to be foolish, powerless knight, named Silver Knight Gothic Guile Oro Ryu Truth into doing their own dirty work, where it forces him to relive the past while May Glena Mouse discovers several powerful, shocking secrets surrounding herself, her family's secrets, and that of the man she claims as her Silver Knight..."

This Work of Fiction is Created By the Author, Adrian Jevon Murphy © 2018
All Rights, Reserved by the United States Copyrights Laws of America.


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ISBN-13: 9781546326939
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2018
Pages: 428
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.95(d)

About the Author

Adrian Jevon Murphy, is a former college student, with a History degree and a Minor in Political Science from Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

He was born in Georgetown, South Carolina and lived in Andrews, South Carolina for a few numbers of years, before moving to Tampa, Florida in 2012. He used to work in the school district for two years, as a substitute teacher in the Georgetown County School District in South Carolina.

Right now, he is working for the 13th Judicial Circuit of the State Attorney's Office in Tampa, Florida.

In his spare time, he keeps track of history, politics, and other genes in and out his field of studies, while also writing more stories, just to be added to his the Dark Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short Stories, RPG, & Urban collections.

First book: Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega's Secret Roses Vol. 1

For in the near future, if you ever want or wish to contact him, concerning other books, in his storyline, series, and new releases.

Please feel free to email him at MurphyAdrianJ@yahoo.com

Website: www.ajmurphysdynastynovel.vistaprintdigital.com

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