To Wed a Wild Scot

To Wed a Wild Scot

by Anna Bradley


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A single lady of birth, beauty, and large fortune should not have this much trouble making a match. Yet after two failed betrothals, Lady Juliana Bernard is in a bind. She must find a husband at once or lose guardianship of her beloved niece. The Duke of Blackmore is her last, best hope, but once she tracks him down to Scotland she receives two pieces of starting news. First, the duke is already engaged. Second, his brother, Logan, wishes to marry her instead.

Wooing does not go well at first. But just as Juliana begins to welcome the boisterous but tenderhearted Scot into her life (and her bed), secrets come between them once more. And it will take a determined husband indeed to ensure that a marriage begun in haste leads not to heartache...but to love...

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ISBN-13: 9781516109494
Publisher: Random House
Publication date: 09/17/2019
Series: Besotted Scots Series , #2
Pages: 258
Sales rank: 403,570
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.58(d)

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Gretna Green, Scotland Late June, 1818

By the time Lady Juliana Bernard realized something was amiss, her boots and the hem of her riding habit were already splattered with vomit.

Miss Findlay, who'd been looking a trifle green over the past few miles, slapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh, my lady! I'm so dreadfully —"


The word was lost in a faint gurgle, and poor Findlay once again cast up her accounts all over the floor of the carriage. Juliana jerked her feet back to save her boots from another dousing, but it was already too late.

"Oh, dear. I'm excessively mortified." Miss Findlay sagged back against the squabs, her forehead sheened with sweat. "Oh, and I've ruined your boots, and your favorite blue habit!" she wailed, looking as if she were about to burst into tears.

"Now, Findlay, you mustn't think on it. I have other riding habits. There's no real harm done." Juliana reached for her companion's hand and patted it soothingly. "Indeed, I blame myself. I thought you looked a bit off color. I should have realized you were ill."

"No, no. I'll be perfectly well in a moment," Miss Findlay protested weakly, but her face had gone from green to white, and she was obliged to swallow several times before she dared open her mouth again. "A brief rest, and I'll be as fit as ever."

Juliana didn't argue, but as soon as Miss Findlay's eyes drifted closed, she leaned out the window and told her manservant, Stokes to stop at the next inn. Miss Findlay had borne up well over the six days of travel between London and Gretna Green, but it was clear the poor thing was exhausted. As anxious as Juliana was to settle her business, she wasn't quite so wicked as to drag her poor companion another twenty-five miles to Dumfries.

Wicked enough, though.

Miss Crampton, her old governess — a woman of stern propriety and rigid ethical principles — had warned Juliana time and again that every lie was like another bar in a sinner's prison. Once a lie was told, one never escaped it. It might take years, even decades, but your lies would haunt you in the end.

Juliana shuddered. Miss Crampton had been a terrifying woman to be sure, but she hadn't been wrong. Juliana had told dozens of lies over the past few weeks — to her father, to her friends, and even to her six-year-old niece, Grace — and now she was being punished for it.

None of this was Findlay's fault. It was hers. Her toes were now resting in a puddle of vomit because she deserved it.

She dredged up a handkerchief, pressed it to her nose, and fell back against the squabs with a sigh. She must be mad to be chasing Fitzwilliam all the way to Scotland. When he'd left five months earlier he'd promised to write, and so he had — for the first month or so.

Since then he hadn't replied to any of the dozens of letters she'd sent him.

Not even the most urgent ones.

But Fitzwilliam was her dearest friend, and they'd been promised to each since birth. If a lady in desperate straits couldn't rely on her betrothed, whom could she rely on?

If she could only find him, all would be well.

But if I can't ... if I can't ...

The trouble was, she wasn't quite sure where he was. That is, she knew he was somewhere in the vicinity of the Sassy Lassie Inn in Inverness, because he'd told her to send his letters there. He'd answered the first few, so she knew he'd received them. Surely Castle Kinross wasn't so very far away from the inn? Surely, someone in Inverness would be able to direct her to the castle?

But if they couldn't, or wouldn't ...

An image of Grace's face the day Juliana had left her in Buckinghamshire rose in her mind. Grace's dark eyes — so like Juliana's brother Jonathan's — had filled with tears. Since her niece was born, they'd never spent a single day apart. Juliana had done her best to explain to Grace why she had to go, but at six years old Grace understood only that her beloved Aunt Juliana was leaving her behind. She'd clung to Juliana's skirts, wailing, until her nurse had been obliged to drag her away.

Juliana squeezed her eyes closed and tried to hold off the familiar wave of grief and panic, but it was no use. Her chest tightened, her stomach heaved, and she might well have cast up her own accounts right then and there if Stokes hadn't signaled the post boys to stop the coach.

She stuck her head out the window to survey the inn, and her stomach gave another threatening lurch. The King's Head Inn was an indifferent looking place. Not dirty, precisely, but not clean, either, and cramped looking, with only a tiny inn yard and small stables. Juliana opened her mouth to instruct Stokes to go on, but Miss Findlay roused herself, and opened her eyes.

"Are we stopping, my lady?"

Juliana took one look at Findlay's pallid, clammy face and decided the King's Head Inn would have to do. "Yes, for a night. It's another half day to Dumfries. We're better off staying here and continuing our journey tomorrow."

Miss Findlay looked so relieved, Juliana's stomach knotted with guilt. She never should have involved poor Findlay in her mad scheme. "Stokes," she called. "Secure rooms for tonight, if you would, and order a light supper and bath for Miss Findlay. There." She gave Findlay a reassuring smile. "You'll feel much better after you've rested a night."

Stokes grumbled as he dismounted. He was a surly one, but he'd known Juliana since her birth, and was more like one of the family than a servant. Stokes wasn't at all pleased about their highland adventure, but of all the servants at Graystone Court, he was the least likely to reveal the truth about it to her father. Lord Graystone hadn't the faintest idea she was in Scotland. He thought she was in Buckinghamshire with Grace, and Juliana was determined to keep it that way. Stokes might grumble and scold a bit, but he'd keep her secret.

The proprietor of the inn was pleased to accommodate her ladyship's party. Within half an hour Miss Findlay was safely ensconced in an upper bedchamber, awaiting her bath and supper. Juliana saw her settled and bid her to go to sleep, then hurried back down the stairs in search of the inn's proprietor.

Surly servants, dusty roads, vomit, and ruined boots were unpleasant enough, but finding Fitzwilliam was a much stickier problem, and it became stickier the closer they got to Inverness. They were still several hundred miles away, but surely someone at the King's Head had heard of Castle Kinross? The innkeeper was the most likely person to help her, but when she stepped into the dining room she found only a handful of dusty travelers taking refreshment there. She hesitated for a few moments, hoping a servant might appear to direct her to her host, but she waited in vain.

"Where in the world is everybody?" she muttered crossly as she made her way down the hallway toward the entryway. Several carriages had arrived while she was upstairs with Findlay, and the ostlers were dodging about, trying to accommodate them all. She ventured out, hoping to find Stokes, but he wasn't in the yard.

Juliana stepped away from the bustle of guests and servants coming in and out the door, and leaned back against the side of the inn with a sigh. It was a warm day. She closed her eyes, let the sun caress her face, and tried to calm her mind. She'd spent so much of the past few months scurrying from one place to the next it felt strange to be still and let her thoughts go quiet.

She took a few deep breaths until her frayed nerves calmed a little, then began once again to ponder a way out of her dilemma. That is, the dilemma of having come hundreds of miles in search of a man who might not wish to be found.

Not even by her, his dearest friend.

Why hadn't he answered her letters? Oh, what a fool she'd been to go haring off to Scotland after Fitzwilliam! Even if she did find him, he might refuse to return to England with her. If he'd wanted to come home, he would have done so by now.

Tears gathered under her eyelids, but she fisted her hands and held them back, furious with herself. What good would tears do her now? She was at a shabby inn in Gretna Green, ankle-deep in vomit. It was too late to change her mind now, and even if she could, she wouldn't. In the end, her decision to come to Scotland had been a simple one. She needed Fitzwilliam's help, and as surely as she was his dearest friend, he was also hers.

She knew Fitzwilliam, from the exact shade of his blue eyes right down to the size of his boots. She knew every corner of his heart. She couldn't explain why he hadn't answered all her letters, but she knew he'd never turn his back on her.

She only had to find him.

Juliana opened her eyes and blinked against the sun. The commotion in the yard had died down, but Stokes still hadn't turned up. Perhaps she'd just go on to the stables then, and fetch him herself. That way she could be sure he'd secured a post chaise and horses for early tomorrow morning.

She straightened from the wall and had taken two steps toward the stables when a man walking across the inn yard caught her attention. She had no reason to think he was coming toward her, yet she stilled, her breath held, unable to look away.

He was some distance still — far enough so she couldn't properly see his face, but he was tall and broad, with a headful of long, rather unruly dark hair. Perhaps he was handsome, but Juliana had spent too much time among the ton for a handsome face to unsettle her. London was rife with Corinthians, bucks and dandies, gentlemen of fashion and taste, of intelligence, grace, and uncommon beauty. She'd long since considered herself immune to even the most striking of male specimens.

But there was something about this man —

He looked up then, and Juliana froze, her heart stuttering in her chest. The angular jaw, the strong cheekbones, the square chin — there was only one man in the world with such an arresting face.


Had she said his name aloud? Had she shouted it, or whispered it?

He was coming toward her, and every part of her tensed to run to him. Every muscle, every nerve screamed at her to throw herself into his arms, but something held her back. Some instinct she couldn't explain kept her feet rooted to the ground.

He didn't call her name, or run to her. Why did he hold back? He'd be shocked to find her here, and perhaps angry with her for coming so far. She'd written and told him to expect her, but perhaps he hadn't received her letter yet, or ...

Alarm darted down Juliana's spine. He didn't hold himself like a man who was angry, or one who was in shock. He wasn't stiff, but loose-limbed and graceful — the sort of man accustomed to physical activity, and comfortable in his body.

He didn't walk like Fitzwilliam.

He drew closer, and closer still. By the time he stopped in front of her, Juliana was so agitated she was sure he could hear her heart thundering in her chest.

He said something to her — something about assisting her — but she could only stare wordlessly up at him, a gasp frozen in her throat.

He wasn't Fitzwilliam.

He had Fitzwilliam's brow, his nose, his sculpted cheekbones, but this man was too rough, his features too aggressive, his manner too stern to be mistaken for Fitzwilliam, who was all smooth, polished charm.

He was speaking to her still, but Juliana didn't try to make sense of his words. She was staring at his hard lips.

His mouth is all wrong.

It was too wide, with a hint of ferocity in the lower lip. His voice was deeper, too, and though not unkind it was raw somehow, as if he were accustomed to barking commands, and had done so a few times too often.

Dear God, who was this man? She might have been looking at Fitzwilliam's mirror image, but through a cracked glass that distorted the reflection.

He was still talking, saying something about running away, and a missing bridegroom, and Gretna Green ...

Gretna Green. The vowels lengthened in his mouth, and his tongue wrapped around the r's in a distinct Scottish burr. That lilt in his deep, smoky voice made her shiver, as if musical notes were darting down her spine.

He was Scottish. A Scotsman who looked just like Fitzwilliam.

What was happening? She'd never laid eyes on this man before. Fitzwilliam hadn't ever breathed a word about having family in Scotland, but it was beyond comprehension two men could be mirror images of each other without being related.

Indeed, they looked so much alike, it was impossible not to think they were ...


She shook her head, trying to clear it. "I don't ... it doesn't make sense," she muttered, dazed.

"He told you he loved you to get you to come with him to Gretna Green, didn't he, lass? But now he's gone and left you, hasn't he?"

Questions were tumbling through Juliana's mind, knocking everything about and leaving wreckage in their wake, but for some reason, this caught her attention. It penetrated the haze of shock, and a suspicion began to take hold.

Missing bridegroom ... left her ... Gretna Green ...

Oh, no. This Scottish version of Fitzwilliam thought she was a runaway bride!

Well, how absurd. That is, she was aware she wasn't looking her best at the moment. Her hair was a nest of tangles, her riding habit was creased and dusty, and even the fresh air couldn't disguise the unpleasant aroma hanging over her like a noxious cloud. Even so, it was ungentlemanly in him to make such an assumption, no matter if she was at Gretna Green.

Juliana drew herself up and fixed him with the most dignified look a lady with vomit on her boots could manage. "Left me? No! I'm not a —" she began, but then clapped her mouth shut before she could do something stupendously foolish.

Like tell him the truth.

Perhaps I am a runaway bride, after all.

Fitzwilliam had a brother. By the looks of it, a twin brother. A twin brother who must know where he was, and who even now was likely on his way to Inverness, and from there, to Castle Kinross.

She could ask him to take her along with him. That would be the simplest approach, but instinct held her back. Fitzwilliam's brother or not, Juliana didn't know or trust this man, and she hadn't the least intention of putting herself under his protection. She'd come too far to risk making a mistake now.

Still, this giant Scot was a precious gift, and he'd just fallen right into her lap. She intended to seize it — him — before he could slip through her fingers. She cast a frantic gaze around the inn yard, praying like she'd never prayed before that she'd find ... yes! Thank goodness. There was Stokes, just coming out of the stables. "There's my husband now."

She bit her lip as Stokes inched his way across the inn yard. Oh, dear. He didn't look much like an eager bridegroom. He was hobbling along as if his gout were bothering him again, and even from this distance it was plain to see he was old enough to be her father.

"Him?" The man's tone was incredulous, but at this point Juliana didn't care if he found her pretend marriage scandalous. She only cared he leave so she and Stokes could follow him straight to Castle Kinross.

"Yes, indeed. He's, ah ... that is, we're husband and wife."

A pair of dark brows too elegant for that rugged face drew together over his eyes. He gave her a long, measuring look. "Beg your pardon then, madam."

He bowed, and turned away with the sort of shrug generally reserved for stubborn children and barking dogs. Ah, good. He'd clearly washed his hands of her, just as she'd hoped he would.

Juliana kept an eye on him as he mounted a towering gray stallion. As soon as he rode out of the inn yard, she ran to meet Stokes. "Quickly, Stokes! Go back to the stables and secure two horses for us."

Stokes gaped at her as if she'd lost her wits. "I thought we were staying the night!"

"No, there's no time. I'll explain it all once we're on our way. Go on, hurry, while I run upstairs and have a word with Miss Findlay."

Stokes hurried off toward the stables while Juliana ran upstairs. She returned a few moments later to find him in the inn yard, waiting for the ostler to bring them fresh horses.

When he saw her, he shook his head. "You don't expect Miss Findlay to mount and ride today, I hope."

"No, she can't. I'm afraid she'll have to stay behind." Juliana didn't like to leave her companion alone at the King's Head Inn. Findlay was upset, and it wasn't proper for Juliana to travel without her. Then again, worrying about propriety at this point was rather like buffing a pair of riding boots stained with vomit — a wasted effort.

Poor Findlay was in no shape to chase a vigorous Scotsman from Gretna Green to Inverness. Juliana had no choice but to leave her behind with funds to hire a private coach to take her back to London.

As for her and Stokes ...

For most people it was a four-day ride from Gretna Green to Inverness, but Fitzwilliam's brother looked as if he could do it in three. There was no way they'd be able to keep up with him in the coach. No, they had no choice but to do it on horseback, and take care he didn't notice they were following him.


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To Wed a Wild Scot 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
dfosterbooks 6 days ago
Misunderstandings abound in Anna Bradley’s To Wed a Wild Scot which lead to some a desperate time for our heroine. But boy does she turn the hero on his head (and steals his heart) with her determination to right a wrong and fight for what she so desperately wants. Add in a villain that I would have liked to climb in the book and give a punch (or two) to and you have a 5 star read.
Anonymous 9 days ago
The Scottish clearances were real and to say the least horrible for Scots. This book's prologue describes one of the terrible instances, giving the reader a look into Logan Blair's actions several years later. Lady Juliana is a woman with a dilemma. She needs to be married in order to gain custody of her niece, Grace. Her time is running out since her father is very ill and has named Lord Benedict Bowden as Grace's guardian. Although Juliana knows Lord Cowden's true nature, her father does not. She will do anything to save her niece from being raised by a cold, calculating villain. And so we find Juliana traveling to Scotland to find and marry her best friend and long time betrothed, Fitzwilliam. Only she did not know Fitz had an identical twin, from whom he was separated from birth unaware of his existence until a short while ago. Logan, the Scot twin brother is all about the clan, and saving them from the clearances. To this end he has destroyed most of Juliana and Fitz's letters to each other. Desperation has Juliana following Logan after a chance meeting all the way to Castle Kinross and Fitz. What happens when she finally meet up with Fits and finds he is now unavailable? Will she be able to get a replacement husband quickly? And when she does, will she make it back to her father in time to seal Grace's future? I read several of Anna Bradley's books. I must say this is my favorite so far and I really enjoyed several of the others. This read has some unexpected twists here and there, along with a little character danger here and there.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Enjoyed reading this story of Juliana & Logan. Great fun learning this couple's journey to love!
Anonymous 18 days ago
A stormy romance with an happy ending. by sewsummore I just love a good Scottish romance and this one is one I enjoyed very much. Julianna must marry before her father dies to keep the guardianship of her niece. When she discovers that the man she expected to marry has become betrothed to another woman she becomes desperate. Without any other prospects available she ends up marrying his brother instead. I loved Julianna's take charge attitude and her determination to fight for her niece. Logan had never intended to wed an English lass but his honor demanded he do so. The fact that she was a red headed termagant he could not get out of his mind had nothing to do with him agreeing but agree he did. This was classic story of enemies becoming lovers and man who fell in love with the last woman he expected to love, theirs was a stormy romance with an happy ending. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Horsebranchjess 18 days ago
To Wed a Wild Scot finds Lady Juliana Bernard desperately in search of a husband. With her father's failing health, Juliana needs a husband fast to keep guardianship of the niece she has raised. Chasing down an old childhood friend the Duke of Blackmore, Juliana trapses across Scotland to find out that his twin brother threw away all of her letters and pleas to the Duke. The Duke is newly engaged and that only leaves one option for Juliana's husband. Logan, Laird of Clan Kinross and brother of the Duke of Blackmore, will do whatever it takes to protect his clan even marry a sassy English miss. A marriage of convenience quickly leads to true love in the entertaining story that is sometimes sweet and sometimes smoking hot with a satisfying HEA. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy form Netgalley.
Mimiphilly 20 days ago
This ARC was courtesy of netgalley - all thoughts and opinions are mine and unbiased Loved Loved loved this !! This author is new to me but shall certainly be looking out for more of her work. Logan was a little unsympathetic as a character first off but as the book went on I changed my mind - cleverly written to make that happen A wonderful summer read - highly recommended
lcdolphin 24 days ago
A very entertaining, uplifting read. Despite happening at the time of the brutal Scottish Clearances, the English Lady, Juliana, and the Scottish man, Logan, manage to fall in love, surpass their misunderstandings, and have their HEA. Very enjoyable read. Highly recommend.
Macmurphie 25 days ago
I enjoyed this story a lot! It's kind of an enemies to so much more story with some angst and twists. The story is very intriguing and well written. I love the characters in this story! Juliana has to marry or lose her niece. She writes to her best friend but does not get a response so she heads to find him. Instead she demands Logan marry her. The two are combustible and head strong. Sparks fly between them. This is the first story I think I have read by this author and hopefully not the last. This one was addicting.
happilyeverafters 25 days ago
Lady Juliana Bernard goes to Scotland in the hopes that once there her childhood friend Fitzwilliam, the Duke of Blackmore will let her explain how hard her and her beloved niece's life was in England and agree to care and protect them by marrying her. But when she finally tracks where he is, she founds out that he is already betrothed. Later she discovers that it was his brother Logan that had kept her letters from him and as it was agreed that her plight was all his fault, an agreement is made between them that they would marry. This was a delightful enemies-to-lovers story, Lady Juliana and Logan were perfect for each other, even if it took a while for them to see that. Loved this book!!! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
DebbieLTD 26 days ago
Fun, light romantic story. Really enjoyed it. Lady Juliana has had two broken engagements, and her critically ill father is worried about her future. He does not feel a woman should be alone, in charge of her money, land and most importantly the sole guardian of her orphaned niece. So he writes a will that states she must marry and marry well before he dies in order to maintain guardianship of Grace, otherwise she will be sent to a man Juliana detests to be raised. Desperate for a solution, she flees England on a dangerous journey to find her childhood best friend, and beg him to marry her. Sadly when she gets there the Duke is already engaged. With little else to do to ensure the welfare of her niece, she marries the Duke's long lost brother, who has lied to her, deceived her, and infuriated her at every turn. Can Juliana and Logan find a way to save Grace and live amicably together? Great historical fiction romance with some laughs, drama, and a little spice!
Tlbran 26 days ago
To Wed a Wild Scot is the second book in the Besotted Scots series but can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the first book, but it looks interesting. Lady Juliana’s father is dying, and he has changed his will so if Juliana does not marry her niece will go to a cruel man. The Duke of Blackmore “Fitz” has gone to Scotland and was not responding to her letters. He is her last hope of marriage and saving her niece before her father dies. Logan (Fitz’s brother) has been stopping her letters from reaching Fitz and tried to keep her from finding Kinross. When Lady Juliana sees Logan, she realizes he must be related to Fitz and follows him to Kinross. Upon discovering that Fitz is engaged to another women Juliana insist that Logan marry her to save her niece. I loved the storyline and the characters were great. Seeing them grow from enemies to lovers and overcoming all the misunderstandings was entertaining. I think I will have to read the first book since it gets such great reviews. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Tlbran 26 days ago
To Wed a Wild Scot is the second book in the Besotted Scots series but can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the first book, but it looks interesting. Lady Juliana’s father is dying, and he has changed his will so if Juliana does not marry her niece will go to a cruel man. The Duke of Blackmore “Fitz” has gone to Scotland and was not responding to her letters. He is her last hope of marriage and saving her niece before her father dies. Logan (Fitz’s brother) has been stopping her letters from reaching Fitz and tried to keep her from finding Kinross. When Lady Juliana sees Logan, she realizes he must be related to Fitz and follows him to Kinross. Upon discovering that Fitz is engaged to another women Juliana insist that Logan marry her to save her niece. I loved the storyline and the characters were great. Seeing them grow from enemies to lovers and overcoming all the misunderstandings was entertaining. I think I will have to read the first book since it gets such great reviews. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
mamafoofoo 27 days ago
Talking about falling for the wrong brother......Julianna and Logan take this to the next level. He will do anything to save his clan. She will do anything to keep her niece. The two together could do more harm than good. Fun read I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
georgia1 28 days ago
He was a man on a mission to save his clan. After the English had made a path through Scotland, killing and burning everything in sight, he was determined. But Logan Blair was not really the Laird of Clan Kinross. His twin brother was, who had been taken when young and raised in England by their uncle who had even changed his brother's name to Fitwilliam. Years later, Fitzwilliam does go to Scotland, and Logan wants him to step up and marry a Scotish lass which will tie him further to the clan. Fortunately, Logan begins intercepting letters sent to his brother from an English lady in care of a local inn. He sees she is wanting them to get married and he will have none of it and destroys the correspondence. Lady Juliana Bernard, has to get married as quickly as possible so she can have custody of her six year old niece. Fitz was her best friend and they had been bethrothed since childhood so she kept writing to him to let him know. Unfortunately he had not answered her last letter with her urgent plea. So she sets out for Scotland to find him! Headstrong and determined, Juliana comes upon Logan by chance at an Inn on her way. Wait, what? this man who looks like dear Fitz but has a Scottish Burr? Plus he looks a little harder around the mouth. No, what is going on? Then she sees him burning one of her letters at the Inn she has been sending them to! No wonder! Let the adventure begin! So she demands Logan marry her. Oh yes, and the sparks begin to fly. Yes their attraction is high but there are other emotions that come out. Can these two ever come together and trust each other? Absolutely loved this story and Anna Bradley always grabs me with her writing and her strong characters. Although this can be read as a standalone, I encourage you to read the first book. You will be happy you did! Excellent!! Lori Dykes
Anonymous 28 days ago
The Sassy Lassie From page one I couldn’t put it down. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long long time. I laughed out loud so often just in the first few chapters. When my family ask me what was so funny all I would tell them was The Sassy Lassie, they told me to go read in another room. The descriptions of everything rich in detail just brought the book to life for me. I can only imagine the first time Juliana saw Logan. I didn’t like Logan in the beginning after all the grief he caused Juliana but he redeemed himself early in the book. I can’t say enough good about To Wed a Wild Scot without spoilers. I laughed, cried even cringed a little but mostly I read as fast as I could. My only disappointment was it came to its happy ever after so I’ll just say if you enjoy a good romance you won’t be disappointed. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
def618 28 days ago
1814: Strathnaver, Scotland The Countess of Sutherland sends her factor to burn homes with the families still in them, driving the farmers from their lands and clearing the way for sheep. Logan Blair, considered the Laird of Clan Kinross, travels north to see the devastation and aftermath. The lairds are now more English, like the Duke of Blackmore, Logan’s maternal uncle, who has never seen his land and doesn’t understand what is happening. Logan has a twin brother he has never seen, or spoken to, as he was taken to England as a babe. His brother was christened Gavin Blair but goes by Fitzwilliam Vaughn as he is the heir. 1816: The factor who burned and killed the Scots was found not guilty. Logan is determined that the English will not destroy Clan Kinross. 1818: Lady Juliana Bernard and her companion have left England and are headed to Inverness. She is worried about her dear friend, Fitzwilliam, as she hasn’t heard from him lately. When they stop at an inn on the way she meets a man who looks like Fitz. She sees Logan again in Inverness and decides to follow him to his castle. He knows he is being followed and catches her. She expects to marry Fitz, but he’s engaged, and his fiancée is pregnant. Logan is not so happy to have her there. After she helps with the sheep and saves a lamb, he learns to appreciate her. He marries her as he’s learned she must be wed to have custody of her orphaned niece. There is a lot more going on while they’re learning about each other and the child they will raise together. I loved this book and hope you will try it.
Barj60 28 days ago
Book two in the Besotted Scots series a well written story with a very good storyline the story flowed smoothly from page to page. This is Lady Juliana Bernard and Logan Blair the Laird of Clan Kinross' story of everything that can go wrong does for these two and Logan is the most to blame. I want to read the next book in this series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
vpenning87 28 days ago
One her way to finding the answer to saving her niece, Juliana Bernard is thrown for a loop when her salvation ends up already in love and engaged to someone else. Her plight is dire, and she reaches for the only hope she has, the brother of her best friend. The only problem is, he does not wish to marry her, as he has his clan to think about instead. However, the fates favor love and he cannot resist the lovely, wee, stubborn English woman and her determination. I found this book to have a wonderful romance story, which drew me in and let me see the hearts of the characters. The conflict was mostly within the characters, though the threat of Juliana’s niece going to a malicious neighbor at the death of her father, does add to the strife. I felt the secondary characters added to the depth of the plot without overwhelming the major storyline. Though the story did have some scenes that were not chaste, they were not overly done, and were appropriate to the continuation of the romance. Though the title says this is book 2 in the series, there is not need to have read the first one at all, as the story stands on its own. However, as this story took me on a wonderful romantic ride, I am sure I will read the others in her repertoire.
Historical_Romance_Lover 28 days ago
Juliana must marry to retain custody of her niece. But after two failed betrothals, she starts to have doubts about it every happening. Her last chance is her best friend, the Duke of Blackmore. The only problem is that she has not heard from him in months. So she decides to head off to Scotland to track him down. Logan wants what is best for his clan and that is not his brother, the duke, marrying an Englishwoman. He does everything in his power to stop it from happening. But when the Englishwoman shows up on his doorstep and Juliana learns that the duke is in love and already betrothed to another woman, Logan is offered up as the replacement groom. They end up married, but start out as enemies. Can they make this marriage of convenience turn to one of true love? I loved Juliana and Logan's story! They start out as adversaries and end up falling in love. In between there were many antics that had me laughing out loud! This was a great addition to the Besotted Scots series!
Anonymous 28 days ago
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Available for purchase on 9-17-19, To Wed A Wild Scott is Anna Bradley's second book in the new Besotted Scots series. Offered up for our reading pleasure are Lady Julianna Bernard and Logan Blair, Laird of Clan Kinross. Ms Bradley gives us rather vivid mental pictures of the wildness and beauty of the Scottish Highlands. The entire country is somewhat of a dichotomy, and also an antinomy. There can be beauty in the wildness and wildness in the beauty. This can be applied to our couple. Both strong, stubborn, determined people and yet scared, unsure, and unable to speak their minds. Normal in most people but taken to extremes in Juliana and Logan. Instant attraction doesn't always lead to a smooth relationship. These two are complex and sometimes wearing down. Logan's twin brother was taken away to England as an infant; they don't remember each other. One is Laird and one is Duke, of the same land and people. Their relationship alone could fill an entire book. Lady Juliana has been BFF's with Fitz, the twin, all her life. Their families hoped they would wed, Juliana has already let another man off the hook. Her kind actions have circled back around to become a nightmare. She needs a husband to retain custody of her niece. She travels all over and does un-ladylike things to try and save Grace. It leaves her fierce and shaken at the same time; she's a bundle of nerves and a hot mess. Our couple have to come to terms with the fact that only Logan can save the situation, neither really wants this. It takes so long to work through their feelings & finally have a meaningful talk that I was beginning to wonder at it all. They are lovely people, to be commended on their sense of family, duty, and love. I'm glad they get an HEA. Nice people should always win and find a lasting love. Instant attraction really should be rewarded. Happy reading #Netgalley #KensingtonBooks #ToWedAWildScot #BesottedScotts #AnnaBradley
Pompie1999 28 days ago
We met Lady Juliana Bernard in The Wayward Bride, book one in this series. I really liked her in that book because she was intelligent, caring, and seemed to have her act together. In this book, Juliana seems to be a tale of two people. In the Scottish portion of the book, she is strong, intelligent, caring – stubborn and determined. In the English portion of the book, she seems to shrink as a person. I did enjoy both locations, but the Lady Juliana that we meet and get to know in Scotland is much more relatable than the one we meet in England. Logan Blair loves Scotland and his clan above all else. He is devastated by the clearances that are happening all over Scotland and does everything in his power to help the people – especially those on his lands. Well, technically they aren’t his lands and technically he isn’t laird, but he was raised to act as laird and to care for the people of the land. Logan has a twin brother who is eighteen minutes older than him and it is that brother who owns the lands and the lairdship. That could all be well and good, but the two brothers were separated shortly after birth – the older brother was raised by his uncle in England and the other was raised in Scotland. Logan’s brother is the heir to his uncle’s dukedom and they haven’t seen each other in all that time. When I mentioned that Logan would do everything in his power to help his people – that is literally true – and what he does causes harm to others without his meaning for it to do so. When the person who was harmed turns up at his door, he doesn’t feel guilty at all because what he did was for the good of his clan. But then, he comes to understand the real harm he’s caused – not that he is inclined, at first, to remedy the situation. Lady Juliana is as dedicated to her young niece, Grace, as Logan is to Scotland and his clan. When she acted nobly – in The Wayward Bride – she thought she had another alternative. However, she hasn’t heard from that alternative in months and her time is running out. If she isn’t married soon, before her father dies, she’ll lose custody of Grace to a really despicable character. She absolutely cannot allow that to happen and takes off for Scotland to track down her betrothed. This story is well-written and well-plotted but I did have a little trouble understanding how Juliana came to Love Logan so quickly. He’d done something that could ruin not only her life, but her niece’s as well, and he showed no remorse for it nor any real intention of making amends. Yes, don’t get me wrong – I LOVED Logan – I just didn’t get how she could become so enamored of him so quickly. On the other hand – I can easily see why he’d come to care for her – she was honest, brave and strong. I couldn’t give a 5-star rating because there was just too much – misconception, jumping to conclusions, and total lack of communication. They spent more time angry and not speaking than they did actually speaking which is why I came to question the true romance. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
AmyHi 28 days ago
Logan is a stubborn loyal Scotsman whom, due to guilt, weds himself to Juliana an English heiress. The author clearly portrays the different worlds these two characters come from and how they overcome their differences for love. I received an ARC for my honest review.
CynYoung 28 days ago
I read an advanced reader's copy of To Wed a Wild Scot. Lady Juliana Bernard is a heroine that is willing to take risks to protect her niece. Logan is also willing to do what he needs to do to protect his clan. The story takes place mostly in the highlands and the author has done her research of the area and the time period. I love that the characters are protective of their loved ones. There is some friction between the brothers but it's understandable due to the circumstances surrounding them. One thing that wasn't clear to me was why the person who was to get guardianship of the niece was chosen instead of the more appropriate blood relative. I was also bothered a bit by Logan's brother, the Duke of Blackmore, who claims to be a man of honor and yet some of the actions he was willing to take for Juliana's sake seemed less than honorable. I enjoyed this story and thought Logan and Juliana were well-matched for each other.
moonfox1234 28 days ago
I enjoyed this romance. I did like Logan and Juliana as a couple and how the storyline brought them toogether. It was fun to see their relationship evolve and feelings begin to grow between them. That being said, I did think that there were way too many misunderstandings and a lack of communication between these two. I feel trust should grow right alongside of deepening feelings and it really should get easier to actually talk to someone once you know them better. In spite of these things, I genuinely liked the book.
charleneC 28 days ago
Juliana needs to get married quickly to not lose custody of her niece. She decides to marry Logan, though they dislike and don't trust each other. Lots of chemistry in these complex interesting characters. Good story with lots of twists and turns. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.