Touch of Red

Touch of Red

by Laura Griffin
4.7 16

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Touch of Red 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Fredreeca2001 4 days ago
Sean is a detective, a HOT detective. Brooke is a forensic scientist, a cute, nerdy scientist. Brooke and Sean are investigating a brutal murder. This leads the two through a series of twists and turns to a surprise suspect. Along the way...their attraction grows and just keeps growing until....well, you get the picture.
I adore Brooke. Her intelligence and her caring for other people is so endearing. You really root for her to succeed. Then, there is Sean. He oozes sexuality. His is truly SEX ON A STICK. I love a good male lead. Especially one who is strong, smart and can save the day with a snap of his fingers. When Brooke and a young witness, Cameron, are kidnapped. It takes all Sean's willpower not to completely lose it.
I love the attraction between Sean and Brooke. They are so great together. Each have wonderful qualities with some stubborn streaks.
There is a storyline which never finishes. It's with Brooke's ex. I so wanted Sean to beat the crap out of him. But, the ex just sort of fades away and you never know....see these two need a sequel.
As most of you know, romantic suspense is one of my guilty pleasures. And Laura Griffin is one my favorite authors in this genre. Her characters are so relatable and her stories are strong and consistent. This book is one of her bests.
gmfuhlman 9 days ago
Brooke Porter, is the Delphi Center crime scene investigator. She has a keen eye for evidence from obscure places then others might have missed. Sean Byrne, is a Homicide Detective, and he has worked with Brooke, before. Sean and Brooke have made appearances in previous books in the Tracers series. The story starts right off with a murdered woman. This time the crime scene is so very disturbing in a strange kind of way. There is evidence that there might be a witness to the crime. Brooke Porter is assigned to the case and Sean Byrne, is the lead homicide detective. With both on the case, it brings their skill to this investigation. So that they can track down a witness and a suspect. With both of Sean and Brooke working closely it will bring all of Sean’s feelings for Brooke out into the open. Then you will see a romantic relationship between these two begin, but not without some hesitation from Brooke. Brooke, is skeptical of people motives, so she makes Sean work for it. Touch of Red, is full of evidence and investigation into the violent murder of a young woman. Laura Griffin, your book always gabs me from the very first pages. Each time that I read any of your books you always raise the bar. You really do have a gift for storytelling and you keep me engaged with your books. If you haven’t read any of her books you are missing out on someone who is a master of storytelling. If you are looking for fast pact with lots of roller coaster ride than this is the book for you. I voluntarily reviewed this book for exchange for an honest review
beckymmoe 19 days ago
I really enjoyed Sean and Brooke's story, as I had hoped I would from the teaser excerpt at the end of Cover of Night . The crime was horrifying, and the methods and techniques that Brooke and Sean used to solve the crime kept my interest--and really made me think about the legality of some of the new technology used today (one method was particularly iffy on the legal side, but pointed them in the right direction...that makes it okay...right?) I loved Brooke's dedication to her job, but she did act a bit tv/movie heroine-ish at times, making a few questionable choices that moved the case along but put herself or others in danger...still not 100% how I feel about that aspect. Sean is a fantastic hero, full stop, and together they are a great couple. The next book's pair are heavily hinted at in this one--can't wait to find out more about them! (Can't--but I will. Sigh.) Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
BooksAndSpoons 21 days ago
Riveting, enthralling investigation that kept me, and the characters, on the edge through the story with the sweetest, tender, endearing romance that just took my breath away. You ever get to the end of a book, you have a tear falling down your cheek and after the last sentence you hear yourself whimper aloud? Yes, a little whine comes out of you because it is just so perfect, so adorable, and you don't want to let them go and live their lives in the imaginary world, but you want to hold on to that moment for a little bit longer... I'm a bit emotional here, I admit... The constant, convoluted, twisted search for the killer and for his motives combined with the talents of the detectives and the CSI workers impressed me and challenged me as I was reading the book. The steps they have to take, the politics and rules they have to follow, the clues they find - what seems like out of nothing - and how they put them together, risking their lives while doing it was dazzling. The suspense plot is twisted and tangled, the tension is palpable, and overshadowing their personal lives as well. Crime scene investigator Brooke Porter is a strong, tough, brave, capable, smart woman. I admired her and her abilities to piece the puzzle together. She goes out of her comfort zone to protect a young witness, putting herself in danger. Homicide detective Sean Byrne has been attracted to Brooke for some time, he just hoped the chance to act on the interest would have had a better timing. Sean's patience, kindness, and sweetness are tangible when Brooke is around, yet the tough, capable, brave detective is utterly frustrated with Brooke disregard of her personal safety and mingling into his investigation beyond her duties. Sean and Brooke have the chemistry to put the pages on fire. Yet there is also a bond that goes deeper than the physical attraction and fire they have for each other. They share their vulnerabilities and their fears, forming a true foundation to the relationship developing in between them. This story captivated my mind from the very start and the constant twists in the plot and finds in the investigation, the development of the relationship and the intensity of the tale made this book unputdownable until the end. Prepare yourself for one breathtaking thrill ride! ~ Five Spoons!
dhaupt 22 days ago
Touch of Red Laura Griffin Griffin’s latest is a pulse-pounding nail-biting thriller that features her iconic, state of the art Delphi Center crime lab. The stars, Brooke, an über brilliant, yet wary of men crime scene investigator and Sean, an alpha macho San Marcos TX homicide detective with a huge ego and big heart are a genuine and likeable couple, and their head butting is just as entertaining as their romance is smoking hot. The author’s amazing attention to detail illuminates real facts in an incredible piece of fiction cleverly weaving an intricate web of a chilling mystery but not revealing “who-done-it” until the very end. The novel will satisfy both fans of crime drama as well as fans of romantic suspense. Finally the highlighting of the real vulnerability of troubled kids and the degenerates who prey on them is disturbing and eye opening. Novel can be read as stand alone. SUMMARY: When her ex became stalker-ish, Brooke Porter decided its time to take a break from men. Luckily she has plenty to keep her occupied with her job for the Delphi Center. When she catches a case for the San Marcos PD for a woman’s murder it also puts her in close contact with a certain alpha cop who’s high on her list of look but don’t touch and exactly the kind of man she’s taking a break from. Homicide detective Sean Byrne has a couple of puzzles facing him, one is his latest murder investigation one with few clues and always more questions than answers, but the biggest puzzle is the beautiful crime scene investigator whose working the case for his department, the same one he’s been lusting after and wondering if now is the right time to put the moves on.
ZR1000 23 days ago
A heinous crime, a suspenseful plot… This is the twelfth book in the Tracers series that can be read as a stand-alone. A woman arrives home and is brutally killed before she can enter the premises. In the bloody aftermath crime scene investigator Brooke Porter finds evidence of a possible witness another might have missed using not widely known technology, the unknown witness is a child she now intends to make sure stays safe. This CSI takes work seriously having no qualms going above and beyond job requirements to help solve the case in ways a CSI is not normally involved. She might be good at finding evidence but she’s not a trained detective and on duty is unarmed yet that won’t stop her from stepping into danger nor will the directive to keep her distance from the case from the detective she happens to like, her good intentions are apt to get her killed or worse. The way the victim was killed exhibited a serious level of rage and though Detective Sean Byrne looks forward to seeing the sexy helpful evidence gathering CSI, having her work the case like a detective is decidedly dangerous for one untrained. The pressure mounts as Brooke steps more and more into the investigation and after another connected grizzly death Sean knows that he’ll have to work harder to solve the case quickly since he wants to keep the CSI he really wants to get to know better safe. The protagonists had been eying each other prior to this case but it’s their involvement in this one that enhanced the magnetic pull that existed between them. They both had past issues to deal with but they navigated them well through bouts of honest communication amid the constant tracking down of clues and dealing with new developments. Though their timing could have been better, their chemistry was palpable and the romance flowed nicely and felt real. The crime which literally opened the story was heinous, the ensuing plot was suspenseful and held this reader’s attention, as the mystery slowly unraveled more questions arose. This reader was disappointed at the ending, would have liked the heroine to have offered or the hero to have extracted a promise of the heroine to never do something so reckless again, this reader wanted to smack her for taking risks she wasn’t trained for, that she got into serious trouble was of no surprise. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher via NetGalley.
Misty_W 23 days ago
Brooke Porter is a trace evidence analyst, when she arrives at the home of a murdered woman the only thing more shocking than the scene itself, is that someone walked away. Now its up to her to tell the police there is a witness, but she is invested in helping them find the boy. However, while she is insanely focused she is also distracted by homicide detective Sean Byrne. Sean has had his eye on Brooke for months, and while he is assigned to investigate the murder, this one gets to him more because Brooke is right in the middle of it. Sean is determined to help her on the case, as long as she isn't in danger, but his attraction to her and keeping work separate is difficult. Sean will make sure that Brooke is safe, but it gets even more complicated when the killer(s), is determined to get Brooke out of the picture because she knows too much. Laura Griffin's Tracer series is a great mystery to delve into and some even hit really close to home depending on your career. I really enjoyed Touch of Red you were never quite sure where the evidence was going to lead the investigators or who the killer was until the very end. I thought the romance between Brooke and Sean progressed at a natural pace and they have great chemistry. Sean's frustration with Brooke was sometimes entertaining because she is a determined woman and is set on doing what she needs to do to not only solve the case but help the boy involved as well. While we see characters from previous books, its not necessary to read the series in order. Received ARC in exchange for honest voluntary review from NetGalley
sarah53121 23 days ago
Thank you NetGalley and Laura Griffin for the ARC of Touch of Red that I read and reviewed. Well, Laura Griffin did it again with the Tracers series. She wrote another book that I was could not put down and kept engaged until the very end. In this book crime scene investigator Brooke Porter is matched up with homicide detective Sean Byrne in a case that has a child as a witness. As the case gets more intense so does the relationship between Brooke and Sean. What can I say? This book is as it all. A ruthless killer who as a lot to loose if he is caught so he will stop at nothing to stay hidden, even kill a child. A woman who is trying to avoid relationships but is drawn to a sexy detective and can't decide if she wants to listen to her mind or her heart and is willing to risk her life to save a child. A detective that plays by the book and has to break a few rules because the woman he is falling for wants to protect a child at all costs and also has to take things slow with a woman that want to be friends when he wants so much more. If you are looking for a book that has a lot of suspense and romance this book has it also. Also, if you are a fan of the Tracers series or just starting the series this book is a must read. You see some old friends and meet some new ones that will probably (I hope) be seen again. I am giving Touch of Red five out of five stars.
Anonymous 23 days ago
There’s nothing like a ringside seat for the action! An absolute 5 star read. Though, (regrettably) I haven’t read all of the Tracers’ books in this series, they are now at the top of my TBR list. The good news is, you don’t have to read them in order. The bad news is – you won’t sleep until you’re finished reading! Brooke Porter is a fingerprint expert called to work a particularly gruesome murder scene, a woman slaughtered on her own doorstep. Brooke’s special training and attention to detail reveals clues other detectives overlooked and provides the first leads in the case. Sean Byrne is a homicide detective who has investigated the worst of what man can offer. When he arrives at a victim’s house, the woman nearly decapitated, he and his partner are stymied until Brooke presents a scenario involving a child witness. The characters are so real and down to earth, you can see them as people you’d interact with. Their interactions are consistent and heartfelt throughout while the banter stays lively and tension remains high. As usual with this author’s writing, this book takes you on a twisted ride with the perfect amount of detail to keep you intrigued. Technical aspects are described in a way that is both easily understood and flows very well with the plot. Both Brook and Sean are incredibly hot, their romance interwoven throughout the ride. Still the fast pace will keep you glued to your seat. Warning: Line up your favorite beverages before you start. You won’t want to miss a darn thing. Of all the authors I’ve read, Laura Griffin should be at the top of everyone’s list!
PennieM 23 days ago
Oh so good, make that FABULOUS READ. Make sure when you start this one you have the time to finish it because once you start you will not be able to put it down. This starts right out with a grizzly murder and Brooke Porter is off and running with her meticulous CSI ways. Sean Byrne is a homicide detective and he is assigned this case and has had his eye on Brooke for quite a while. Now they are essentially working together and with this case having so many twists and turns it brings them closer. So much suspense, thrilling twists, and sexy heat added in to keep it interesting and the pages kept turning so fast until I was surprised it was over. Great character development and interaction with the secondary characters who have been around in the previous books and even if you have not read those you will not be lost. This one can be read as a standalone and is totally standalone and does not cross over at all, just characters. I highly recommend it! **Received this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley**
MBurton 23 days ago
This was such a good read! The heroine is a crime scene investigator and the Hero is a homicide detective. That right there was enough to keep me engrossed in this story. Laura Griffin did a fantastic job of creating a story that was exciting, while adding some spice into the mix with a love interest between Brooke and Sean, as they worked together to solve a murder. I was fascinated with Brooke's job. There were several scenes describing what her job entails to help investigations. I didn't know I would find that so intriguing. I actually enjoyed the parts about her job more than I did Sean's. I did enjoy Sean's pursuit of Brooke though. I loved these two as a couple. Brooke was a bit standoffish due to a bad break up previously but Sean handled it perfectly. It never got to a point that I was annoyed by the pushing away. This is book 12 in the series and it can be read as a standalone. I never felt like I was jumping into the middle of a series. I have not read any of the previous books but I did look at a few of the blurbs in previous series books to see if the side characters have their own books and they do. You can bet I will be going back and reading the rest of the series. ARC provided by NetGalley.
Bette313 23 days ago
This is the first book in this series I've read but after reading it I am now hooked!! It's fast paced, lots of twists and action, suspense, and a steamy romance. The writing and characters are fantastic and the plot will keep you guessing. I don't want to giveaway too much of the story since that's part of the fun of reading this one. It starts with a horrific murder and the action never stops from there. If you enjoy a good romantic thriller/suspense this is a book you don't want to miss. I highly recommend it.
Barb-TRC 23 days ago
Touch of Red by Laura Griffin is the 12th book in her terrificTracers series, which is romance suspense at its best. This series reads very well as a standalone, as in each book, the heroes are different members of the Delphi Center (forensics lab) and usually a detective working on the latest murder case. It is always fun to get glimpses of some of the characters we have met previously. Touch of Red starts off with a violent murder, and we meet our heroine, Brooke Porter, who arrives on the gory scene to investigate for any clues. Sean Byrne, our hero, is a homicide detective who also arrives on the scene. Sean has been eying Brooke for awhile, and now they will be working on the same case. Both are appalled at the scene in front of them, and soon Sean notices that Brooke left in a hurry to bring some evidence to the Delphi Center lab. She discovers that there may have been a witness to the murder, and surmises by her forensic tests that it is a young child. The race is on to find the witness before the murderer finds out that someone was watching. What follows is a very exciting adventure with so many twists and turns, it was important to not miss anything. Brooke and Sean’s relationship escalated into a sizzling romance, with their chemistry together off the wall. However, despite this sexy romance, the murder investigation is always the main focus of the story. Sean becomes unnerved when he finds Brooke taking a personal approach to find the child, and he tries to tell her it is his job to investigate, and she should stay only with deciphering the evidence. Brooke despite Sean’s warnings continues to get herself into situations that are not her job description, and puts herself in danger. The last half of the book is an edge of your seat thriller that will not allow you put the book down. To tell too much more would be spoilers, which I do not want to do. I loved Brooke and Sean together, and did think that Brooke went too far, and Sean was such a great hero, and perfect for Brooke. I am a big fan of the Tracers series, which has a bit of everything; intricate mystery, murder, suspense, exciting, great couple & secondary characters, as well as a sexy romance in the background. But the best thing about this series is how Griffin uses her knowledge of forensic anthropology and police procedural throughout her books. It is amazing to see how they can use different things for the clues they find; on just about anything. Touch of Red continues the Tracers series with an amazing intense mystery that has you on the edge throughout the entire book. If you enjoy a fast paced romance suspense, a murder mystery, with lots of action, intense situations and a touch of romance, then you should be reading Laura Griffin’s Tracers series. This is a wonderful series you should not be missing.
BananaTricky 23 days ago
Three and a half stars. I wanted to give this book three stars but I was comparing this to Laura's other books, compared to the genre she is still streets ahead of the others. Brooke Porter is a crime scene investigator with the Delphi Centre, incredibly dedicated she is almost OCD in her attention to detail and commitment to catching the guilty. She is brought to a crime scene where a young woman was brutally murdered just outside her front door. Immediately Brooke senses that there is something 'off' about the scene which leads her to discover that there may have been a witness. Sean Byrne is a homicide detective. After being shot recently he has had a 'come to Jesus' moment and realised that his life was fairly meaningless and he could have died without ever making a real connection or creating a legacy. He's attracted to Brooke, he finds her intriguing and wants to know her better. I haven't read the previous Tracers book so I don't know the backstory with Sean and Brooke (if there is any). While I enjoyed the investigative aspects of this novel I felt that the romance overtook the plot about halfway/ two-thirds of the way through and I lost interest a bit. The Brooke, the OCD investigator decides that she will ignore protocol and the rules of evidence and just investigate on her own. Whilst describing her as TSTL might be harsh she definitely has those tendencies. I have reviewed another series that Laura has started and commented that it felt as though she was being pushed into a direction that she wasn't comfortable with and sadly I feel as though the same is happening with Tracers. This is a series of romantic suspense/ thriller romances. There are scary psycho serial killers everywhere and geeky women who investigate. This started that way and I was L.O.V.I.N.G. it, then, as I said, just after half way through it felt like I was reading one sex scene after another and the investigation was shunted into the background. In the end, I didn't feel the murderer was all that exciting and I had serious doubts about the detective skills that identified the murderer. If you haven't read any of the Tracers novels before you will find this enjoyable and educational (who knew that about children's fingerprints?) but IMHO lovers of Laura Griffin's novels will find this a little disappointing. Please dial back the sex/ romance and up the mystery quality in the next one Laura. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
blonde_betty 24 days ago
Touch of Red is the latest Tracers novel by Laura Griffin. This is one of my favorite long running series, and on the auto buy list for me. This installment doesn’t disappoint. Brooke and Sean have made appearances in previous books. Griffin always brings future couples into books without making it obvious, which is a nice touch. The story moves quickly, and the romance is woven into it well. Longtime fans of the series will welcome the familiar, with twists, while new fans can jump right in. If you are a romantic suspense fan, you really should be reading this series. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
Anonymous 6 months ago