Underwater Seascapes: From geographical to ecological perspectives

Underwater Seascapes: From geographical to ecological perspectives


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ISBN-13: 9783319034393
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 03/25/2014
Edition description: 2014
Pages: 291
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: Towards a shared language: semantic exchanges and cross-disciplinary interaction.
Laurence Le Du-Blayo, Olivier Musard

Chapter 2. Underwater seascapes in the eye of the diver.
Olivier Musard

PART I: Exploring the diversity of underwater seascape representations and frameworks

Chapter 3. Landscape emerging: a developing object of study.
Olivier Musard, Laurence Le Du-Blayo, Camille Parrain, Christine Clément

Chapter 4. Underwater landscape put to the test of law.
Jean-Pierre Beurier

Chapter 5. Underwater landscapes and implicit geology. Marseilles and the national Calanques park.
Jacques Collina-Girard

Chapter 6. Boreal submerged black sea landscapes.
Gilles Lericolais

Chapter 7. Gaze into the landscape: Can sensory immersion, landscape reading and design, and landscaping methods be adapted to the underwater landscape?
Charles Ronzani, Alain Freytet

Chapter 8. Underwater landscapes in comic books.
Laurence Le Du-Blayo

Chapter 9. The underwater landscape: a Vernacular term? Reflections through the eyes and experiences of divers.
Eva Bigando

Part II: Towards landscape ecology applied to the marine area

Chapter 10. The Concept of Marine Landscapes within the French Information System on Nature and Landscapes (SINP).
Amélia Curd, Alain Pibot

Chapter 11. Management of infralittoral habitats: towards a seascape scale approach.
Adrien Cheminee, Eric Feunteun, Samuel Clerici, Bertrand Cousin, Patrice Francour

Chapter 12. How 3D complexity of macrophyte-formed habitats affect the processes structuring fish assemblages within coastal temperate sea scapes?
Pierre Thiriet, Adrien Cheminee, Luisa Mangialajo, Patrice Francour

Chapter 13. Can we use a landscape approach to assess natural and anthropogenic perturbations of the rocky shore ecosystems?
Christian Hily, Maud Bernard

Part III: Tools, methods and instruments for monitoring and modelling underwater seascapes

Chapter 14. Underwater multimodal survey: merging optical and acoustic data.
Pierre Drap, Djamal Merad, Jean-Marc Boï, Wafia Boubguira, Amine Mahiddine, Bertrand Chemisky, Emmanuelle Seguin, Frederic Alcala, Olivier Bianchimani

Chapter 15. Application of the multi-sensor fusion method for underwater landscape modeling.
Claire Noël, Christophe Viala

Chapter 16. Reefscape ecology within the South Pacific: confluence of the Polynesia mana network and very high resolution satellite remote sensing.
Antoine Collin, Yannick Chancerelle, Robin Pouteau

Chapter 17. Seascape integrity assessment: a proposed index for the Mediterranean coast.
Sébastien Thorin, Pascaline Bodilis, Thibault Schvartz, Eric Dutrieux, Patrice Francour

Chapter 18. The seascape as an indicator of environmental interest and quality of the Mediterranean benthos: the in situ development of a description index: the LIMA.
Sylvie Gobert, Aurélia Chéry, Alexandre Volpon, Corinne Pelaprat, Pierre Lejeune

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