by Madeline Sheehan
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Undeserving by Madeline Sheehan

Warning: This isn't a romance, but instead a tale of love between two despairing people, from two different worlds, both aching for something more.

Debbie Reynolds is a runaway, New York City-bound. Living on the road comes with many challenges-fighting for her next meal, seeking safe places to sleep, and dodging men with less than honorable intentions, all while searching for meaning in a life she finds painful and pointless.

Damon "Preacher" Fox, vice president of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club, has been in prison for club-related crimes. As his release draws near, he begins to reevaluate his choices in life, realizing that if he stays with the club, this won't be his last stint behind bars. Suddenly Preacher finds himself doubting everything he's ever known, wishing for a life beyond the club.

When Preacher and Debbie's paths cross, they find in each other a sense of peace they had been lacking. But life is about to catch up with Preacher, and Debbie, desperate to keep the one person who's ever shown her any kindness, finds herself caught between forces far deadlier and more powerful than she could have ever imagined.

This is Debbie and Preacher's story.

At the end, we should all go back to the beginning,
if only to remind ourselves that we once lived.

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ISBN-13: 9781535382069
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2017
Pages: 418
Sales rank: 511,618
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.85(d)

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Undeserving 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There aren't words to describe the emotions this book wrung out of me. Preacher & Debbie's story was everything and so much more than I expected it to be. This one will stay with me for a long while.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series so much, and this book brought so many things together. Re-reading previous books with this new perspective just miraculously improved on something I thought was perfect to begin with! Only thing I haven't enjoyed about this series is the wait for the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The love that Debbie and Preacher shared was remarkable. I can't express the love I have for this series. Madeline outdid herself yet again.
Karenls1956 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As all the others, a great read. Couldn't put it down. PLEASE Don't make us wait so long for the next book. I had almost lost hope of this one ever being published.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a wonderful read. Heartbreaking and beautiful at times the story sucks you in and doesn't let you go. Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for Preacher's story ever since his character was introduced. Sheehan did not dissapoint me! Preacher was everything I hoped for and seeing how the story lines crossed and met in the ending was really unique by most author's standards. The emotional pull of Eva' s love for this imperfect man and especially the last chapter, made my heart hurt. You are a great writer Ms Sheehan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read, I'm ready for the next installment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well worth the wait. Now for ZZ's story...
jennisnowfl More than 1 year ago
The heart and soul of these characters comes alive once again. I truly enjoyed this look back into Preacher's life and the surprises along with twists and turns had me enthralled to the very end. I love this series and the writers first work Undeniable has still never left my mind and probably never will. I look forward to ZZ's book and can only hope we won't have to wait years for it's release. A triumph!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book. The story of Preacher and Debbie was amazing. Very well done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing story i loved every minute of it and even cried alot. Amazing job!!
HC_TheHeathersBlog More than 1 year ago
Undeserving was unquestionably my most anticipated release for this year. When Sheehan dropped the book, I dropped everything else and started reading the moment it was available. She's been telling us for a while now that we needed Preacher's story and this was the right order in which we needed it. Of course, she was right. I knew I was going to love getting his story but I didn't know how emotional it would be. First off, Sheehan's writing is just absolutely amazing and what I was really impressed with in Undeserving was how she was able to switch between different times in life with such finesse and ease. The transitions were flawless and really made the whole experience tie together. Of course, we all love Eva and Deuce so it was nice to still get a piece of their epic love but this book is about Preacher. It's his story so I'll focus on him. Since Undeniable, Preacher has been a force to reckon with. He's the President of the Silver Demons, who has ties all over the country, including the FBI. People are terrified of him and rightfully so. Yet, we always saw that soft spot he had for Eva. I'm not going to try to give you a recap or anything like that. I'm just going to tell to what I felt. It was so great to get to see a different side of Preacher than what we are used to. We get to watch him grow into the man he became but most importantly, we got to watch him fall in love. I truly enjoyed watching Preacher fall in love with Debbie. Sheehan has a way of creating her characters so that they are relatable and easily connectable. From the start of this series, I've fallen for each and every character. Sure, some I hated but it was an emotional hate. One that shows that no matter what, I've connected to them and have some type of emotion towards them. I've always loved Preacher and wanted his story so this was the perfect chance to get the closer I needed. I cried, I laughed, I overall just FELT EVERYTHING. And I will admit right now that I didn't see what was revealed to us close to the end at all. So I literally gasped, threw my hand to my mouth and started crying. It takes a lot to get me like that. Once again, a testament to how well Sheehan's writing gets you emotionally invested with the characters. Thank you, Sheehan for once again delivering an amazing story that will stick with me for a long time. I will always listen to you when you tell us we need something, you certainly were right about this!
Danielle7901 More than 1 year ago
Undeserving is one of the best books I've read in years. Madeline Sheehan's tale of life, love, loss, and regret is a powerfully bittersweet masterpiece. Her riveting storytelling skill weaves seamlessly between Preacher's memories of the past, and Eva's heartbreak learning the truth about her parent's relationship as she copes with losing her beloved father in the present. Sheehan's story is layered with subtext. Her capacity to convey the unique nuance's and complexity of interpersonal relationships is an intuitive skill that is rare. I was immersed in the richness of her writing from the first page. Preacher is larger than life, jumping off the page to win my heart as only a well-written anti-hero can. Debbie, a lovable tragic character broke my heart. This book hit me hard emotionally, and I'm already looking forward to many re-reads in the future. Thank you, Madeline Sheehan for devoting the time to deliver perfection.
mrskeshia More than 1 year ago
Here's the thing about me as a reader. I blow thru books like a Tasmanian devil and can normally move on to the next book/series without a backwards glance. It took me 3.5 days to read UnDeverving. Why? There were these passages of beautifully written words that literally gave me pause. I had to stop and reread them a few times. I was whispering " babe, yeah" thru out the book. I will unashamedly state that the sexy scenes had me taking a double back as well. As a lot of reviewers are noting, this book was a long time coming. But never has a book lived up to the very high expectation, in my opinion. Ms.Sheehan is a perfectionist, and it shows in her work. Preacher's back story gave me so much clarity. It made me go "ahhhh" when I remember the man that was introduced in UnDeniable. And Debbie?! What a redemption for her. Heartbreaking that she met her end, but so happy she didn't abandon Preacher and Eva. I got sucked into this UnD world and it is by far one of my favorite series. While I am looking forward to the next book, I am going to savor UnDeserving a few more time.
peifgirl More than 1 year ago
Very few books reach out and touch something with in you. Almost rarer then that are series that get deep down inside you, hold on and never let go. For me that series is the UnDeniable series by Madeline Sheehan. These characters and their lives have become something that I will never forget. Preacher, the beloved President of the Silver Demon MC, has gotten the book that he deserved. This story is one that had to be told and Madeline did it justice. While this book shows the story before UnDeniable, this is the 5th book in the series. So many pieces to so many puzzles have been answered. There are so many things I understand better because of her giving us this book. Some things I knew where coming and man those were some hard pages to read through the tears and the heartache. UnDeserving was full of feeling and intensity, some parts where grueling and some parts were down right brutal but this book was worth the wait and then some. I love you Preacher.....RIP Deuce- It was nice seeing you again.....XOXO
mjlovestoread More than 1 year ago
Madeline Sheehan is indeed back and there is no doubt that this is her best work to date. Undeserving is THE book that truly encapsulates what we fans of this series have been longing for these past 5 years: Wanting to know more about Preacher, the dutiful father to Eva Fox, the man who ran the Silver Demons with an iron fist yet maintained a soft spot for his darling daughter. The author gives so much more that I could have ever expected with this book. Getting to go back in time and witness as Preacher, who is feeling lost and restless after his first stint in prison, meets the mysterious Debbie, the sexy little pick pocket who will ultimately steal his heart, was told oh so perfectly. It's basically the story of his life and all the hows and whys as to his reasons for never really talking about her to Eva nor to anyone else close to him. And I did not want to fall for this man but the way the author portrays his inner torment for not wanting to take over for his father as Prez of the MC is simply mesmerizing. I found myself riveted with every turn of the page, lost in Preacher's memories and wanting that HEA that he so desperately sought even without his 'Wheels' by his side. Secrets are laid bare. Holes in this continued storyline through 4 prior books are suddenly filled with plenty of a-ha moments and gasps I didn't even realize I had uttered. There is the usual grit and rawness that is a persistent dynamic of this series and yet it is so gloriously juxtaposed with the love that is deep within every single member of this unconventional family, known as the Silver Demons. Preacher not only surprised me but had me in awe of his strength and his vulnerability that wasn't always evident in prior books. His quiet nature was downright sexy and the hidden boyishness made him irresistible to a fault. And yes, Deuce West makes more than one appearance, his life almost on par with Preacher's. And as he utters, 'you feel me' to Eva at one pivotal moment, I responded in my own head: 'yes, I feel you Deuce and have since I met you all those years ago'. Undeserving is to me the penultimate chapter in this wonderful group of books. I feel a certain sense of calm, finally knowing all the reasons for all the decisions that affected Eva and her family during every tumultuous year prior to her birth and after. A book NOT to be missed, I am thrilled Madeline Sheehan decided to write the book she has always wanted to give her fans. The woman did not disappoint and I am simply in love with her words. 5++++ stars all the way!