Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes

by Blushing Books, Courage Knight

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Heroes aren't just soldiers, or firemen, or rescue workers. They can be anyone, anywhere, given the right circumstances. These stories are about just such men � quiet, strong, intelligent men who provide exactly what their heroines need � whether it's a hot meal or an even hotter bottom!

The Day Care Teacher

"Never date a co-worker." It's a maxim that was never hard for Kelly Andrews to live by - there generally aren't many men working with preschoolers. The hours are long, the pay is low, no health insurance and few benefits. But everything changes when Tom Cooper comes to Start Right Child Care Center. The gorgeous hunk is great with kids and parents alike. He knows just how to get the wiggly ones to sleep at nap time, and how to diffuse a tense situation before it blows out of control. The fact is, Tom Cooper is irresistible. But he doesn't believe in dating.

Kelly didn't realize that when she went out with him for pizza. Or when he took her to the senior center to play cards with a bunch of old folks. Tom claims he isn't dating her, he's courting her. His ultimate goal is marriage. She'd like nothing better than to be a stay-home mother and raise a house full of children, but can she make a life with Tom? He's too perfect. Except for his belief that a sound spanking is the right response for poor choices.

Kelly knows she is far from perfect. Growing up in foster homes with no real parental guidance, she has a lot to learn. Tom teaches her about responsibility and commitment. He teaches her about family. But the one thing she needs more than anything else, he isn't willing to give. Can they forge a future together, or will Kelly have to let Mr. Perfect get away?

The Painter

It had all seemed like a big adventure when Shannon decided to withdraw from college, collect the partial refund and run off to the big city to begin a career in modeling. Maybe one day she would have a penthouse apartment and a chauffeur - which would be quite a change from her rural upbringing. But she couldn't get a job without references, and she couldn't get references without experience. Shannon was so hungry, that she would do anything - lie, cheat, or steal - just to get that first big break! Then she overheard two women talking about the famous artist, Kerrick Peyton, and how he was looking for a new model. She would go to their interview early, and with a bit of luck, maybe Mr. Peyton would hire her.

What she didn't know, though, was that Kerrick only painted nudes. And it was in his contract that he would discipline his models any way he saw fit to get the results he required. She wasn't in his studio even an hour before she found herself over his knee for her very first spanking ever. And did it hurt! It was embarrassing! It was childish! Yet, she really needed the job - which was going to last six weeks. Six whole weeks of eating three meals a day, and having a warm place to sleep at night. She could do it. She had to! If only she could just learn to do as he asked the first time - she'd save herself a lot of spankings!

The Librarian

NOT all librarians are dorks. Some are downright studs. And some - unfortunately for Bailey Yates - spank. Hard. Bailey is the young wife of a small-town Wisconsin librarian who takes his job very seriously. And AJ Yates takes Bailey seriously, knowing that his wife did not have the educational opportunities or family support as a teen. AJ is strict but fair, believing that a program of domestic discipline is the best thing he can do for his wife.

When Bailey is punished, she not only spends time over her husband's knee, but is subject to corner time and then must write an essay. AJ is a librarian, after all. But one day - after a not particularly heinous offense - AJ is suprised at her writing assignment. It's not an essay at all - but a research paper on the childhood of Abraham Lincoln. It's going to take her a week - or more. And why did AJ choose this topic? What lessons does he want Bailey to learn?

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Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
Publication date: 07/30/2014
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About the Author

I started writing stories in First Grade. I had a wonderful teacher, the rare breed that inspired and nurtured me. She was a published author of children's books, and I � being perhaps a bit of a teacher's pet � read every one of them.

I came from a large family, fourth out of five children, and shared a bedroom with my younger sister. She would pester me to tell her stories every night at bedtime. I whispered them to her, as we were supposed to go right to sleep. Invariably, she would fall asleep on my stories, but every night she begged me to tell her more. Sometimes her inattention irritated me, but it also gave me the opportunity to rewind and tell a favorite part of the story again � great practice for the rewriting process.

While raising my own brood of munchkins, I didn't write much of anything although I was gathering experience. I read whenever I could find five minutes to myself. I took a few workshops and courses, and I sold some nonfiction articles, but it wasn't until 1998 when I really began writing fiction. My husband took a job in another state. I stayed behind with the children and tried to get ready for a move. The days were filled and busy, but the nights were long and lonely. I poured out my soul on the keyboard, and one night I uploaded a fan fiction novel to a fan website. The Internet was still something new to me � we'd had a computer for years, but had just joined the "world-wide web". Within days, I had over 200 emails from adoring fans pouring into my inbox.

And that is how my writing career began.

We bought a home, I moved in with my darling husband, got the children settled in the new neighborhood � but still wrangled time out of my hectic schedule to fulfill this deep need to put thoughts to paper and spin my tales. Over the next two years, I wrote 22 full-length novels of fan fiction. Then I branched off and started writing romance. Perhaps I've put another generation of Internet little sisters to sleep.

Visit my website here: www.CourageKnight.com

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Unlikely Heroes 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
Three Domestic Discipline Novellas In One Book Three Novellas in one book of 200 pages.  Each story is well told with likeable characters. The first story is The Day Care Teacher and involves a man and woman who both work for the same daycare center and start a relationship.  He believes in DD and no sex before marriage.  The story covers their courtship and has an epilogue. The second story is The Painter and it covers an artist who paints nudes and a down-on-he- lucky young woman. He doesn't want a relationship but falls for the girl anyway. The third story is The Librarian and it is a married couple. She is irresponsible and he not only spanks her but makes her write essays.  Each story is well constructed and all three work well in this combined book. The sex is not explicit, but the spankings include over the knee, with a paddle and cane.
_SH More than 1 year ago
While I am not typically a fan of novellas I did have a great time reading this one because there were three in one book. The stories are well thought out, well written and definitely worth the read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
K. Tyler: This is a bundle of three individual stories. Each story is a quick read depicting the DD romantic life style. I found each story to be equally intriguing. I thought the Librarian overly harsh in his discipline but for all three stories the love in the relationship was clear and mutual.
Gaylina More than 1 year ago
I'm sorry. I don't underdstand. I wanted romance with the spankings. There were plenty of spankings but other than that it was kind of g rated romance and I'm not even sure about how I freel about the romance. The first one had nothing in it but spankings. No sex scenes at all. Then it shows the future with kind of the same thing. What's that about? The second one called "The Painter" was a bit better but nothing to rave about. And the Libarian was sensative but had me crying because this poor girl thought she was such a screw up. Seriously, what husband gives his wife a spanking and then an essay to write to complete the punishment. This book was not my thing. Very disappointing. I would not recommend this book.
angeloo7 More than 1 year ago
These are great stories Each one is filled with romance The Hero's are strong the heroines are strong willed in need a helping hand
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a really good package of stories! All 3 novellas delivered exactly as promised: headstrong, down on her luck, or misguided, these gals had met their match! All the stories had great, fun characters and men that were not afraid to spank!! Very fun and enjoyable read.
madpuss More than 1 year ago
These are three really good stories. These stories are each completely different but they have one thing in common. They feature girls who still have growing up to do. Girls who all had problems with their homelife growing up. They either didn't have fathers they needed or, rightly or wrongly they thought their father didn't care or love them anymore, causing them to be insecure and unsure of their own worth. They need looking after and help in growing up. The men who fall for them aren't necessarily perfect but they are perfect at that. Ouch! These men didn't let their girls get away with anything with spanking escalating with repeat offences! I loved these stories. There was never a dull moment, the characters were all likeable and the stories well-written.
Katy_Beth More than 1 year ago
This is a great collection of stories.  Each one looks at a different relationship between ordinary people.  Not flashy cars or money being thrown around just regular people who are in a relationship.  All three stories show strong loving men who care about the women in their lives.  One story features a couple that are moving from friendship and co-workers to being a couple.  Another story exams what happens when strangers meet and find something in each other that they need.  And there is an established married couple that are still working together to make sure they are both the best they can be.  
SLGIL More than 1 year ago
This a collection of three short stories, 2 previously published and one new. It has  Day Care Teacher, The Painter, and The Librarian.  Each of the stories is cute and short and involves DD between couples.  They all have a happy ending.  The theme is Unlikely heroes.   Each of the couples has obstacles to overcome.   The day care teacher has a problem with forgetfulness and impatience.  Her boyfriend takes her to hand for her misdeeds.   The painter is a runaway that is currently homeless and penniless due to her stuff being stolen.   The Librarian is a smart man  and his wife feels uneducated because she blew off high school and didn't extend herself.   There are sex scenes but not particularly graphic, racy and hot, but not overly graphic.  There are spankings with cane,  and paddle and hand in each of the stories.  There is loving forgiveness at the end of each chastisement.   Each had a happy ending.  Cute, short reads. There is no extensive character development, or background story other than the immediate scenes.  
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
This is a collection of three short stories.  The Day Care Teacher is about Kelly and Tom.  Kelly is a day care teacher and so is Tom.  They work together in a daycare.  Kelly and Tom start to court, not date.  Courting is them getting to know one another in preparation for marriage.  Kelly has been making poor choices and Tom spanks her for them.  She accepts because she is in love with Tom.  Eventually, Kelly meets his family and she understands where he is coming from.   This is traditional Hoh.  The Painter is about Shannon and Kerrick.  Kerrick is a painter that paints nudes.  Shannon ran away from home because her parents are very religious and don’t want to let her live a normal life.  She lies and tells him that an agency sent her to pose for him.  He knows she is lying and so he spanks her and then paints her.  He becomes enamored with her.  They have a deal.  She will work for him for 6 weeks and he will pay her $3000.  Of course, and spank her.  There is a HEA and there is a lot of spanking.  The Librarian is about Bailey and Ajay.  Bailey was a difficult teenager who got into trouble and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service.  She spent it with the librarian who spanked.  The first time she was spanked she went to the judge, who laughed and told her that she could fulfill her time or go to jail.  Eventually, she fell in love with the librarian, Ajay, and married him.  But, she was still spanked.  Ajay is pretty severe in his spankings.  An hour in the corner, then a half hour of being spanked and then a long discussion of what she did wrong and last, she had to sit and write an essay on what she did wrong.  This time, Bailey was sentenced to write a research paper about Abraham Lincoln.  She spent a long time researching and writing notes.  She felt stupid and uneducated.  Eventually she has a break thru and learns self confidence.  I liked the story, but it is rather severe.  5 stars
soundslikefun13 More than 1 year ago
The book is made up of three short stories, The Daycare Teacher, The Painter and The Librarian. My favorite story in this book is The Daycare Teacher. Ms. Knight does a fabulous job creating characters that you can’t help but cheer. Each story is well developed and a decent length. You will definitely love this book.