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Viper's Kiss

Viper's Kiss

4.0 11
by Shannon Curtis

Librarian Maggie Kincaid yearns for excitement—but being accused of espionage is not what she had in mind. Wanted by the police, the FBI and the criminal element, Maggie goes on the run—and runs straight into sexy Luke Fletcher. Unfortunately, when Luke pulls out the handcuffs, it's not because he has something kinky in mind...

Security expert Luke


Librarian Maggie Kincaid yearns for excitement—but being accused of espionage is not what she had in mind. Wanted by the police, the FBI and the criminal element, Maggie goes on the run—and runs straight into sexy Luke Fletcher. Unfortunately, when Luke pulls out the handcuffs, it's not because he has something kinky in mind...

Security expert Luke is intent on seeing the murderous spy known only as Viper brought to justice. The un-spy-like behavior of his fugitive makes him suspect he's apprehended the wrong woman. Just as they give in to lust, new evidence convinces Luke that Maggie's not as innocent as she claims to be.

Devastated by Luke's inability to trust her, Maggie runs again. She's determined to clear her name, and if that means tracking down a notorious spy even Interpol can't seem to locate, then that's exactly what she'll do...

53,000 words

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"Maggie? What the hell are you wearing?"

"It's my disguise," Maggie Kincaid answered, stuffing the rolled-up knitting she carried into her laptop bag and placing it on her desk. She was working on a scarf to match the knitted cap she had on. She removed her tattered gloves, along with the cap and the curly gray wig she wore beneath it, and patted the honey-blond hair she'd pulled back into a tight bun. Tossing the aviator sunglasses on the desk, she reached into her shirt pocket for her customary red-rimmed spectacles. Oh, thank God. Now she could see much better.

Susan Delaney laughed as Maggie doffed a garish overcoat to reveal the white shirt and tie and pleated, gray, no-nonsense skirt underneath. "That coat is hideous. Why are you wearing that get-up?"

Maggie turned her head and nodded to the crowd of male students clustered outside the front doors of the University of Washington's undergraduate library. "I had to get past the fans. I borrowed from the costume department over at the School of Performing Arts." She kept her voice low. "I didn't want them to notice me coming in."

Susan handed her a steaming mug of coffee. "Clever."

"Thanks." She wrapped her hands around the mug. The weather outside was brisk, the walk from her apartment long, and she relished the opportunity to return circulation to her near frozen fingers.

Susan leaned a hip against Maggie's desk. "So, what did your mother say about Miss April Hotrod?"

Maggie rolled her eyes as she set up her laptop. "It took me nearly two hours to convince her it wasn't me in the picture." She opened the top desk drawer and pulled out the calendar she'd tossed there. The nude woman in the picture, sprawled suggestively over the hood of a car stared up at her. Maggie still wasn't used to that almost familiar face gazing back at her with lowered eyelids and a seductive pout.

She tossed the calendar into the trashcan underneath her desk. "She's everywhere, damn it."

"Um, have you seen the website yet? With our resident librarian centerfold?"

"There's a website?" The words came out as a whisper and Maggie closed her eyes to try to stop the heat that flooded her cheeks. She'd aced her exams and had attended the University of Washington on a full scholarship. She'd taken pride in her academic achievements. Over the years she'd built a good, solid reputation at the university. Now she was popular for the size of her boobs and a likeness to a nude centerfold. It was frustrating. And possibly career-ending.

"It's amazing how much the woman looks like you."

Maggie turned her laptop on. "Ms. Kandy Karamel is making my life hell." She swiveled in her chair and reached for her mug while she waited for her laptop to boot up. "I've got to wear disguises to avoid oversexed students wanting autographs at the front door. The Library Director talks to my chest, and my mother nearly had a heart attack when the delivery boy asked if I was home to sign his calendar." She looked down at the trash can on the floor next to her desk. "Did you ever have that nightmare where you turned up to work naked? Well, welcome to my life."

"Hey, look at the bright side. Think of all the dates you could score. Miss April could be your claim to fame."

"But I don't want to claim her fame," protested Maggie. "Besides, how many men wanting to date Miss April would accept the ninety day rule?"

Susan shook her head. "I can't believe you use that probation thing for dating."

Meet the Author

Shannon Curtis has worked as an office admin manager, distribution coordinator, dangerous goods handler, switch bitch and betting agent, and now runs her own creative services consultancy. She decided to write a story like those she loves to read whilst at home after the birth of her first child. Her first two books were shortlisted for Favourite Romantic Suspense by the Australian Romance Readers Association. http://www.shannoncurtis.com/

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Viper's Kiss 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KawaiiDelights More than 1 year ago
Right from the beginning this book throws you into a story full of action and suspense! I first loved the idea of the main character being a librarian and then throw in the fact that she is being charged on suspicion of espionage and murder, and you get an awesome story! And talk about the romance between Maggie and Luke...sexy!!! Its kind of sad when Luke refuses to believe her when she tries her best to prove it to him, but you'll just have to read it to see how that ends. I also liked the two supporting characters, Drew and Noah. I hope that they get their own story someday soon, because I will definitely be reading it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: Wow! This book was a suspenseful, fun romp from the absolute beginning of the book. Maggie is a smart, resourceful librarian at the University, with a Wonder Woman fetish, who has definitely had a weird twist of fate take hold of her life. First, she has a double in the world who just posed naked for a Miss April centerfold. As if that hasn't made her life crazy enough on campus, she was just arrested for spying and espionage. She has no idea what's going on...simply that everything has to do with a visi-suit that is being developed and obviously stolen by someone pretending to be her. She is certainly not a spy...just a resourceful librarian working on the outskirts of the project through the University. Suddenly, people are dying all around her and she is on the run...straight into gorgeous Luke Fletcher's arms. Luke is a contract security guy working for the company out to catch Viper (codename for the spy that stole the visi-suit.) He's holding her captive also, but the difference is, he doesn't appear anxious to kill her or convict her without proof like everyone else has been. Luke is a computer savvy tech guy in charge of his first mission. He can't decide whether to trust Maggie or if she is just a really amazing actress. All he knows is that she is extremely sexy and he feels incredibly protective of her. Not a good combination when he is supposed to be bringing her into protective custody. I liked the way that he would get totally flustered and then make himself step back and think everything through. This is a guy used to using his brain before his brawn and it was incredibly sexy. Maggie is amazing. To say that her day/week/month has been bad is putting it mildly, but she doesn't break down into a pity party. She realizes that the only one that may be able to get her out of this mess is herself so she sets to using her brains to do just that. Maggie reacts to adversity the way that we ALL hope that we will react when things go bad. She continues to think things through and gets proactive in finding a solution, no matter how bad it gets. There were things about this book that probably pushed the limit of believability, but I was having so much fun reading it and following along with Luke & Maggie's adventure, that I decided to simply accept it all at face value. The suspense was great. I had no idea who the really bad guy was until right before it was revealed. The sexual tension was perfect. I loved Luke & Maggie together. They really made an incredible team. I loved how Luke would just randomly need to kiss Maggie, much to the surprise of both him and her. It ended absolutely perfectly and had me in tears. I am really, really hoping with the way that the book ended in Chicago and with Reese (Luke's boss) that this is the beginning of a series. I definitely want to see more of this team!!!
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
I really liked this novel; I enjoyed all the characters and found even the secondary characters interesting. The plot flowed quickly and smoothly with no potholes, a few light twists to keep you guessing. The romance was pretty light as well; it was there but not too intense. Well, there was that one scene against the fence. ;) The attraction between the two main characters sparked quickly but progressed at a believable pace, there was a back and forth battle of trust between Luke and Maggie that added to the romantic suspense. There was also plenty suspense in trying to figure out the villain's identity and purpose. A fun read that I'd recommend to contemporary romance fans looking for a break from the long, intense full length novels.
Alaiel_Kreuz More than 1 year ago
Review By Alaiel Kreuz: This book had me since the first page, is not only funny but also incredible clever. We start with Maggie, our main character, trying to get to her work without being noticed. Why you ask? Well, turns out that a woman that looks exactly like her, a model, just posed nude for a car calendar... And now Maggie has lots of "unwanted" attention. But she doesn't have time for this, she wants to arrive in time to her work as a librarian and she is also worried for her mom that has a terminal illness. But not long after her arrival to work she is arrested. The charges? Theft and murder. And on top of that the police thinks she is Viper, a international spy that has stolen a very unique suit that has the ability of making the wearer invisible. Even with this she is kidnapped from the police and faces one of the most difficult things in her life: she is about to get raped and tortured in order to get information from her. But this doesn't stop her and she manages to escape and stumbles into a handsome and sexy man: Luke Fletcher, who has been sent to get Viper and the special suit. But the more he interrogates her the more he thinks she is telling the true, maybe she is not Viper... maybe he doesn't need to hide the incredible attraction he feels for her... Until new information arrives and he is more convinced than ever that Maggie is Viper and that all was a lie to try to use him and run away. understanding that Luke believes again that she is Viper Maggie is now determined to clear her name, find the real Viper and kick some asses in order to recover her life and maybe her true love. For me the story was a non-stop. Between the action, the sexual tension and the sci-fi elements I found myself encouraging and cheering for Maggie and Luke lots of time. A book full of pleasurable excitement.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago