Vision in Blue

Vision in Blue

by Nicole Byrd

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A delightful tale about a young woman who discovers the things she never knew about herself to be deliciously exciting.
Who is Miss Gemma Smith? No one wishes to know more fervently than the orphaned Gemma herself. One day, a fateful letter sends her to London in search of her long-lost family and her brother—who doesn’t even know she exists. On her journey she will meet Miss Louisa Crookshanks, who impulsively decides to take Gemma under her wing. The meeting sets off an unexpected series of events that will elevate Gemma’s social status. As destiny flexes its grip, Gemma meets former naval officer Matthew Fallon, who is himself searching for the sister he lost. So far apart in other ways, Gemma and Matthew are soon drawn together by their desperate quests for their lost loved ones—and the blossoming of undeniable passion.

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ISBN-13: 9781101204863
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/01/2005
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
File size: 475 KB
Age Range: 3 Months

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Vision in Blue 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
mschweer432 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Fun to read book about a young woman who was raised not knowing who her parents are. On her birthday, she receives a letter written by her mother when Gemma was only one. It tells her who her brother is so Gemma sets out to meet him. This book had tow story lines mixed together. On the way to meet her brother, Gemma meets Louisa Crookshank. This book is a tale of love for both Gemma and Louisa and well as Gemma's discovering of her family. I had a few problems with this book. One - I think it's a little bit far fetched. Most of the book talks about how prejudiced everyone is so it's hard to believe Gemma is so easily accepted into her newfound family. Two - some of the scenes between Gemma and Matthew are too similar to some of the scenes between Louisa and Colin. But overall, it was a good book. Not sure if I'll read it again, but I'm not sorry I read it.
Darla on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Vision in Blue connects to several previous Nicole Byrd stories, in that interwoven way I've noticed in previous books. It always makes me feel as if it's a real world I've stepped back into, where I might run into any of the characters from previous books. Connected books are not at all unusual, but the natural way these are connected are. There's no self-conscious list of characters making it predictable which one will have a story next, and no gratuitous listing of characters from previous stories delineating the number and gender of offspring each pair has produced.You can tell I've made quite a study of connected stories, can't you? I connected stories, and Nicole Byrd does it better than most, so I just had to gush a little. On to the story.Everything changed for orphan Gemma Smith when she received a letter at the school where she lived.... from her mother. The letter was written years ago, and tells Gemma that her brother is Lord Gabriel Sinclair (from Dear Impostor). Having wished all her life for a family, Gemma wastes no time in setting off for London to find her brother.On the way there, she meets Louisa Crookshanks (from Beauty in Black), who, saddled with a dull companion, takes Gemma under her wing, seeing the opportunity for a little excitement.When she's investigating the truth of her background, Gemma encounters former naval Captain Matthew Fallon searching for news of his sister at the same foundling home where she'd spent a miserable year before being sent to her school. They agree to join forces, to search for his sister and Gemma's history.Meanwhile, Louisa, who's trying to repair her reputation so she can snare a high-ranking husband, encounters the handsome and charming, and unforutnately penniless Lt. Colin McGregor squiring the venerable Lady Jersey on her shopping.The two budding relationships provide complementary and contrasting rhythms to the story--the intensity of Matthew and Gemma's investigation countered by the generally lighter mood of Louisa and Colin's courtship, though as Louisa and Colin become closer, their problems become more serious as well.If I understand correctly, this is the first Nicole Byrd book written solely by Cheryl, while Michelle is working on a new project. I paid close attention, but it's still full of the trademark wit, passion, and suspense.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gemma Smith has spent her entire life wondering where she came from and where she belongs, having known only a foundling home and later an academy for young women as her home. Gemma cannot stop wondering who has been paying her way over the years. After she receives a letter from her solicitor that she has a brother, Lord Gabriel Sinclair, in London. Gemma sets out to find and meet him, unsure of how she will be received. In her travels to London, she befriends Louise Crookshanks who quickly takes Gemma under her wing. Once in London, Gemma¿s meeting with Lord Sinclair is delayed as he is away from home. Gemma sneaks into the foundling home in search of information about her benefactor. This illicit search runs her quite literally into retired naval officer Matthew Fallon. Captain Fallon has sneaked into the foundling home in his search for a younger sister who had been sent there years before after the death of their mother while he was at sea. Gemma and Matthew share an immediate attraction and they begin a quest for the information that could change both of their lives forever. Nicole Byrd has penned an appealing book that tells that tale of two young women; the two stories mesh wonderfully. Readers witness Gemma¿s emergence from a solitary existence into that of a true social butterfly, surrounded by many who love and care about her. That love is well deserved and is very satisfying. The secondary story of Louisa Crookshanks is a wonderful bonus that hugely compliments Gemma¿s story without distracting from it. This is an extremely well written historical with appealing characters whose personalities and stories are described in rich detail. I recommend this book to all lovers of historical romance. Courtesy Laurie/Romance Junkies
harstan More than 1 year ago
An orphan, Gemma Smith has wondered who she really is for a long time and who is paying the bills for her to stay at Miss Maysham¿s Academy for Select Young Ladies. On her twenty-first birthday, her solicitor sends her a letter that informs her that her brother is Lord Gabriel Sinclair. She goes to meet him, but he is not in London when she arrives, but Gemma becomes good friends with Louisa Crookshank who knows Gabriel.--- Gemma continues to seek information. She meets navy officer (retired) Matthew Fallon who seeks his missing sister sent to a foundling home when their mother died and he was at sea. As they agree to team up on their respective searches they fall in love, but neither knows what to expect once they learn the truth.--- Though the above paragraphs concentrate on Gemma¿s tale, to a lesser degree Louise¿s story is also told; both are well done and complement one another. The cast is solid and the duel story lines are fun to follow especially the amateur sleuthing of Gemma, who went from feeling alone to being loved. Regency romance fans will also want to read BEAUTY IN BLACK, the first appearances of Gemma and Louisa.--- Harriet Klausner