Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

by Joseph Cunningham

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Ways to Increase Your Brain Power by Joseph Cunningham

The average human being only utilizes a small percentage of his or her total brain power. That means there is a massive cognitive resource in your head that is only waiting to be unleashed. The process of unleashing the true potential of the human mind is not complicated. Increasing one’s brain power is actually a continuous process. Everybody is built differently and people respond differently to specific brain boosting strategies.

When the human brain is challenged and stimulated regularly, it finds reasons to grow and expand. Neural connections within the brain are increased, and in turn, you become sharper and more powerful mentally.

It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are; as long as you really want it to happen, it will, with the right brain boosting strategies.

Organize Your Scattered Ideas with Mind Maps - A mind map is an organized idea blueprint that allows people to create expansive schematics with just a pen and a paper. The idea behind a mind map is that you can easily plan something if you can create the proper connections between the multitudes of ideas you have in your mind. A mind map is composed of the following elements: headlines, sub headlines and associated ideas. That’s it – with these three major elements, you can organize your ideas on absolutely anything.

Discover the Benefits of Journaling - If you feel burned out from work and you also feel that your mind has suffered from endless days of hard toil, then journaling just might work for you. Journaling is simply the act of writing on a journal or a diary. Journals have long been used for stress and anxiety management, and now experts are seeing the brain-boosting benefits as well.

Don’t Forget to Power Nap! - That’s right – no matter how smart or sharp you are, your mental acuity will take a hit if you don’t give the body enough rest every night. The human brain can only compensate for so much exhaustion; after a while, it slowly gives up trying to be efficient.

If you can’t modify your sleeping habits right now, the least that you can do to preserve your mental acuity and sharpness is to power nap every day. Power napping is really just taking great naps in the middle of the day.

Meditate Your Way to a More Powerful Mind - Meditation is an ancient art that combines progressive relaxation, rhythmic breathing, and strategic postures. Research has shown that meditation can help a person concentrate better on his or her tasks because it naturally clears mental fog.

A Fit Body Produces a Fit Mind - Current studies show that the link between the mind and the body is so strong that if anything bad should happen to the body, the mind will also take a hit. On the flipside, if you do something good to your body, your brain will also get immense benefits. If you want your brain to be really powerful, you can do that by strengthening your body first. The brain will receive the same benefits as the rest of the organs in your body.

Let Video Games Increase Your Brain Power - That’s right – games actually help people boost their brain power! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what kinds of games you should play. The important thing here is that you are giving the mind a chance to explore a completely different type of stimulus.

One of the best ways to improve one’s brain power is to socialize with other people more regularly. Isolating oneself from others is actually quite harmful to the human mind because we are by nature social beings. The human mind continually needs social interaction. A simple get-together at home is a good enough for the brain. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just because you want to socialize more frequently.

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