Where Are the Snows: Poems

Where Are the Snows: Poems

by Kathleen Rooney
Where Are the Snows: Poems

Where Are the Snows: Poems

by Kathleen Rooney


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Where Are the Snows takes its title from the famous refrain of François Villon’s 15th Century poem “Ballad of the Ladies of Times Past.” Like that poem, the book functions, among other things, as an ubi sunt, Latin for “Where are they?” as in “Where are the ones who came before us?”—the beautiful, the strong, the virtuous, all of them? In keeping with that long tradition, these poems offer a way to think about life’s transience—its beauty, its absurdity, and of course its mortality. Allusive and associative, anti-capitalist and unapologetically political, aligned somewhere between comedy and anger, this poetry juxtaposes the triumphs and tragedies (mostly tragedies) of our current age with those of history, and—by wondering “Where are they?”—explores the questions of where we are now and where we might be going.

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ISBN-13: 9781680032925
Publisher: Texas Review Press
Publication date: 09/07/2022
Edition description: 1
Pages: 73
Sales rank: 430,656
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About the Author

KATHLEEN ROONEY is a founding editor of Rose Metal Press, a nonprofit publisher of literary work in hybrid genres, as well as a founding member of Poems While You Wait, a collective of poets and their typewriters who compose poetry on demand. Her most recent books include the novels Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk and Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey, and her criticism appears in The New York Times, The Chicago Review of Books, The Brooklyn Rail, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and elsewhere. She lives in Chicago with her spouse, the writer Martin Seay, and teaches at DePaul.

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Let’s give featureless time some features:
Horn-rimmed glasses—bushy eyebrows attached—and a large plastic nose above a plushy
Groucho glasses are also known as “the beaglepuss.”
She who wears a disguise hard is she who tries hard.
Put the beagle of the mind in a rhinestone collar, then yank the leash. Thanks for staying on the
Although wearing a disguise is unlikely to fool friends, it might inspire laughter.
I never forget a face, but in yourcase I’ll be glad to make an exception: us to the 21st century so
She who tries hard is she who dies hard?
Getting slapped with a stick is not actually funny.

Table of Contents

Dress Up 1

To Replicate the Sacrifice of Christ's Journey into the Desert for 40 Days 2

Every Now and Then 3

The Production and Consumption of Goods and Services 4

Pastoral 5

Pedestrian Access 6

Epistolary 7

The Life of the Mind 8

Hump Day Has Always Been a Terrible Nickname 9

How to Act 10

Humanistic Geography 12

The Special Organ of Breathing and Smelling 14

The Ten of Pentacles 16

A Quiet State After Some Period of Disturbance 17

A Talisman Attracts, An Amulet Repels 18

The Moon is the Moon Whether We Call It That Or Not 20

The Word by Which a Person or Thing Is Denoted 22

A Human Female Who Has Given Birth to a Baby 24

To Cherish a Desire with Anticipation 26

A Power or Ability of the Kind Possessed by Superheroes 28

Exalted or Worthy of Complete Devotion 30

I'm Always Up for an Arbitrary Challenge 32

A Court Game Played with Long-Handled Rackets 34

Atmospheric Water Vapor Frozen into Ice Crystals 36

Ekphrastic 38

Foretelling the Future by a Randomly Chosen Passage from a Book 40

The State or Period of Being a Child 42

A Building That Serves as Living Quarters 44

To Celebrate the Anniversary of Someone's Birth 46

The Physical Universe Beyond the Earth's Atmosphere 48

The Point in Time or Space at Which Something Originates 50

The Surroundings in Which an Animal or Plant Lives or Operates 52

The Act of Passing Across or Through 54

The Sweet and Fleshy Product of a Tree or Other Plant 56

A Place Set Aside for Burial of the Dead 58

One Authorized to Perform the Sacred Rites 60

A Source of Inspiration, A Guiding Genius 62

Ubi Sunt 64

The Natural Agent that Stimulates Sight and Makes Things Visible 66

With the Face to the Rear, In the Direction Behind 68

Acknowledgments 72

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