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by Sasha White

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Readers first met Karl Dawson in BOUND, they'll get to know him a little better in TROUBLE, but one woman will learn all in WICKED.

Lifestyle Dominant Karl Dawson is restless. As a divorce attorney he's seen all the ways love can go wrong, but lately, he's gotten a few glimpses of how it can go right. Now he's craving something more out of life than the casual


Readers first met Karl Dawson in BOUND, they'll get to know him a little better in TROUBLE, but one woman will learn all in WICKED.

Lifestyle Dominant Karl Dawson is restless. As a divorce attorney he's seen all the ways love can go wrong, but lately, he's gotten a few glimpses of how it can go right. Now he's craving something more out of life than the casual playmates he's held dear for so long. When he meets sassy Lara Fox, he can't deny her appeal, but she's no sweet submissive, and that's what he wants.

Lara believes the only way to live life is to experience it all, and that means she backs up her "try anything once" mantra with action. So when bad boy Dominant Karl Dawson challenges her to submit to him, she goes for it. After all, she's a modern, independent woman who can do anything she sets her mind to - except that falling-in-love thing. She's got a need for control too strong for most men, and an inability to walk away from something she wants, and she wants Karl. He's cocky, arrogant, and demanding - everything she's never wanted.

So why can't she walk away from him?

"Sasha White's WICKED definitely lives up to its name; the sizzling hot and sexy storyline has characters you'll fall in love with."-Fresh Fiction.com

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"This fast moving story is sure to keep you wanting more with its erotic action, delightful characters and intriguing plot. It was also nice to hear Karl's story after getting to know him a bit in Bound and Trouble, though reading the previous stories isn't imperative to keep up in Wicked. 5 Angles!"- Fallen Angels.com

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Meet the Author

Bestselling author Sasha White writes modern erotic fiction with an edge of kink with the occasional foray into paranormal and science-fiction. White has published over thirty stories with publishers such as Kensington Aphrodisia, Berkley Heat, Avon, Black Lace, and Samhain Publishing, and is recognized as one the top authors of the genre.

After over 20 years as a waitress/bartender, Sasha now works full-time as a writer. She's says "I learned how to build well-developed, realistic characters from exploring cultures, including our own when serving millions of drinks to millions of people. I'll talk to pretty much anyone, and more importantly, listen to them."

Pick up one of her stories, and enjoy something White Hot today.

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Wicked 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 75 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I ab..so..lute..ly loved this story!! Karl is the ultimate MAN! And Lara is a woman with a lot of spirit. Lara loves to get physically close to a man but doesn't let him delve into her heart or mind. But when she meets Karl she is forced to trust him on a level she has never trusted a man with because she wants to learn about BDSM scene he is involved in. She learns new heights of sexual arousal as well as new areas of trust. I couldn't put this book down. No boring stuff here.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Though I enjoyed the book.. I wished previous reviewers would have stated the book only has 194 pages!!!!!!!!!!!! I was highly pissed to pay $12.99 for 194 pages. This book does not compare to Bare To You or 50 Shades.. Not even Becasue Your Mine by Beth Kerry... If it goes on sale for $3.00 then purchase but until then.....
mischif More than 1 year ago
This book was a great read, and the reality of the D/s situation was great. The dynamics between characters was wonderful, and the gay couple were fun to read, as well as their story was. The club was a great tool to use for the character growth, and experience. Overall a great read. The sex was hot all the way through. Praise to Sasha White. Keep the stories coming.
storm1974 More than 1 year ago
Loved the main male character. The dominate and submissive is toe curling. The woman who is always "in control" of her sex life but is never completely satisified until she experiences the DOM. And being the strong willed woman she is it is slightly difficult for her to secume to the submissive role.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite from Sasha White. If you are used to 'straight edge erotica' like I am, this is a real eye opener ladies! You can't help but fall in love with Karl.This is one book you don't want to miss!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sasha's latest title is also my favourite of hers so far. It has the wonderful characterization that I expect, with personalities that are so real and easy to relate to with their vulnerabilities, hopes and fears. Karl and Lara are mature yet playful with each other and the story had all the sexiness AND romance that I wanted for them. I've been reading more anthologies/novellas lately but this book let me get to know the characters more deeply and it made the read that much better. And what a beautiful cover! A keeper from first to last page.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely hot. I read it a long time ago and recently found the book again. I have to say I loved it even more the second time. The only think I found wrong was the ending. The climax was literally at the end, like two pages before the last. To me it was unfortunate, however this book really made me want a Karl of my own :p.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read this in a day! It was so intriguing. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. The characters come to life wonderfully. Looking forward to purchasing another one of her works :)
Veen75 More than 1 year ago
This is the 1st Sasha White's book I read & I'm hooked. Karl is the PERFECT Dom & I just love Lara's character. The hot scenes just keep getting better & better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book can be finished quickly but has very descriptive details of seductive encounters. Lame ending though.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jaded divorce attorney Karl Dawson doesn¿t believe in love, so when flirtatious Lara Fox does some computer network upgrading at his office, he figures he¿s in for a good time. A sensual Dominant, Karl sees in feisty Lara a submissive challenge. Lara Fox has been independent since a young teen, and likes it that way. She fun-loving, flirty, and loves to assert control, in a noncommittal sort of way. When she meets her roommate¿s boss, Karl, she sees in him a challenge to good to pass up. Lara¿s ready for nights of sensual pleasure, but when Karl informs her that he¿s a Dominant, she¿s not sure she¿s ready to give up control. Willing to try anything one, she allows Karl to take control¿and realizes it¿s what she¿s been missing in her life. Afraid for what is beginning to look like commitment and love, neither is prepared for the direction their relationship is traveling. When a vandal starts targeting Lara, however, all bets are off and Karl¿s protective nature reveals to Lara that this is more than just bedroom BDSM. Will these two ¬submit to their blossoming relationship and will they admit to themselves and to each other that live might be real, after all? Sasha White has another hit with WICKED. This book is a good representation of the some of the delightful aspects along the BDSM continuum. The characters are likeable and the plot smooth. At times, I wished for a little more internal conflict in the two main characters. But the sensual tension and sexual intimacy between Karl and Lara is hot enough to melt ice, even on the coldest day. Kudos to Ms. White for one WICKED ride.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lara Fox is fiercely independent, having fended for herself since the tender age of 15. She's a hard-working young woman who is self-assured in everything she does, but she'll be the first to tell you that when it comes to love, she's a non-believer. Life has dealt her one too many low blows and while she has managed to get back up after each one, the emotional scars remain. When her good friend Graham introduces her to his boss, attorney Karl Dawson, she can't help but flirt with this arrogantly intriguing man. When he gives back as good as he takes, she knows the two of them could sizzle together. Karl is a well-known Dom and when he introduces Lara to the ways of a true submissive, neither is certain that she will ever be able to relinquish complete control, although she desperately she wants to please him.****** Karl is fascinated by Lara from the moment he spies her sweet little butt peeking out from under Graham's desk. He tries not to be interested, thinking that her headstrong nature would make any sort of relationship just too much work, despite the fact that he has tired of his current playmates and their sexual games. A violent attack against Lara has Karl on the defensive, and when the attacks escalate, he wants to keep her safe, but Lara has been on her own for too long to give up her independence. Karl begins to tutor Lara in the ways of dominance/submission and while she is eager and a fast learner, there's a slight hesitance on her part that leaves Karl confused. He is even more confused by the emotions he is beginning to feel for Lara and, because he believes in love even less than Lara does, is unsure of just how to manage them.******* Lara and Karl are very interesting characters. Their personalities are excellently written and there is never a question as to the reasoning or purpose behind any of their actions. Sasha White allows readers glimpses deep inside her characters in a way that few authors are capable of and there's never a disappointment in her books. Karl and Lara are so wonderfully written, and their personalities delved into so completely, and I loved their story very much. The two are almost instantly attracted to each other - they didn't want to be, mind you, and they did fight it - those deep emotions come into play and make for an absolutely beautiful story. A side M/M romance is sweetly written, and the return of familiar faces as secondary characters is a bit of a bonus. I give WICKED a strong recommendation, and ask that even if you aren't a fan of edgier sex scenes, you consider giving it a try because the love story it tells is so deliciously well written.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Divorce attorney Karl Dawson notices the shapely butt underneath the desk of his office assistant Graham Nelson. Graham explains to his boss that the divorce business is booming so he asked his friend Lara Fox to install a wireless so that they can connect to the internet using their laptops anywhere in the building. Already attracted when Lara gets out from underneath the desk, Karl¿s mouth waters and her nipples hardened, but he doubts she is worth the trouble to teach her who is dominant she sees he is a SEXY DEVIL, but not worth more than one night with her on top. Their desire remains high, but Karl is a popular Dominant who frequents the Dungeon BDSM scene and Lara used to being on her own since she was fifteen hates not being in charge of at least herself. Karl sees inside her soul and believes hiding behind the façade of defiance is a submissive who has been forced to wear a controlling hide to survive. As they fall in love, she insists it must be lust as the former does not exist in any form. --- Sasha White provides a WICKED erotic romance starring two likable protagonists who believe love and marriage are societal farces. The metamorphous of Lara from tough independent street brawler to submissive is done with tenderness and caring, which makes her transformation seen genuine. The return of players from BOUND and TROUBLE add depth to this contemporary by showcasing the BDSM lifestyle can include commitment. Sub-genre fans will enjoy Sasha White¿s latest heater. --- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its so engulfing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I so loved this book...it rocked my socks off!!!  Sasha White I love ALL your books...I think Karl is one F.I.N.E. alpha male and Lara is a spitfire...they are awesome together and their chemistry is off the charts!! The BDSM lifestyle in the story was very well done and this is now one of my favs for a good HOT and STEAMY read!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this book a lot and the relationship that developed with these two were just amazing...crazy but amazing all the same.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was a good book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good book but it so wasn't worth 12.99
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a good read enjoyed it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago