With You By Bike: One Couple's Life-Changing Journey Around the World

With You By Bike: One Couple's Life-Changing Journey Around the World

by Katrina Rosen


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After many years together Katrina and Mike's marriage has unravelled. In a quest to mend their relationship they embark on a year long, 13,000 kilometre cycling tour with the hope of strengthening their commitment to one another.

Katrina is an adventure athlete who craves the wild; her husband, Mike, watches sports with his buddies. Like many couples, after 11 years in a relationship they’ve grown apart and have become mere acquaintances, as opposed to husband and wife. When they hit rock bottom they realize it's time for a change and they make the dramatic decision to travel the world by bike.

The couple ride through barren landscapes, scorching fires, and humid jungles. From backcountry roads in New Zealand, sharing a picnic with a man and his multiple wives in Malaysia, or camping at an orphanage in Cambodia; at every turn, they are touched by locals who feed them stories and laughter. Together they repair 54 flat tires, navigate heat exhaustion in Vietnam, altitude sickness in Tibet, and two robberies before they face the last hard climb to the world’s tallest mountain.

With You By Bike is honest and raw, describing Katrina’s search for forgiveness, acceptance, and change. It’s about rediscovering choice from the seat of a bicycle, exploring the world, and finding love by veering off the beaten path.

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ISBN-13: 9781771603157
Publisher: Heritage Group Distribution
Publication date: 09/03/2019
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Katrina Rosen loves the outdoors. Along with her husband, Mike, they’ve raised their son to believe it’s entirely normal to sleep in huts and tents as often as your own bed, and to spend as much time as possible biking, skiing, hiking, and playing. Eager to share her passions and inspire others, Katrina works as a hiking and cycling guide in the Rocky Mountains, opening up her guests’ minds to the forgotten possibilities in life. When she’s not roaming through the wilderness or competing in ridiculously long races, she can be found curled up by a fire with a cup of coffee, poring over maps and dreaming up adventures. Katrina and her family live in Canmore, Alberta.

Table of Contents

Author's Note 9

Chapter 1 Home: Make or Break 11

Chapter 2 Manitoba: Switching Gears 17

Chapter 3 Prairies: One Rotation at a Time 23

Chapter 4 Nevada: Going Somewhere 29

Chapter 5 Zion: Angels Landing 41

Chapter 6 Utah: Learning Lessons 49

Chapter 7 Colorado: Seduced by Summits 57

Chapter 8 New Zealand: Fixing Leaks 67

Chapter 9 West Coast: Reading the Signs 81

Chapter 10 Queenstown: These Are the Good OF Days 87

Chapter 11 Cattle Country: In the Groove 97

Chapter 12 Malaysia: Dodging Monkeys 103

Chapter 13 Northern Malaysia: Enter the Jungle 117

Chapter 14 Langkawi Island: Rock the Boat 125

Chapter 15 Thailand: Getting "Manipulated" 131

Chapter 16 Phuket: Cleansing the Spirit 137

Chapter 17 Koh Tao: Taking a Dive 147

Chapter 18 Bangkok: Tuk-Tuks and Tricksters 155

Chapter 19 Central Thailand: Missing Home 161

Chapter 20 Chiang Rai: Never Enough Bananas 173

Chapter 21 Laos: A Security Breach 185

Chapter 22 Main Highway: Trusting the Curve 209

Chapter 23 Southern Laos: Finding Forgiveness 215

Chapter 24 Cambodia: Scuff Marks 225

Chapter 25 Bakong: New Beginnings 233

Chapter 26 Vietnam: Zen and the Art of Marital Maintenance 241

Chapter 27 Coastal Vietnam: Tied Together 251

Chapter 28 Northern Vietnam: On a Mission 263

Chapter 29 China: Bouncing along the "Potato-Rock Road" 277

Chapter 30 Tibet: Pedals and Prayer Wheels 295

Chapter 31 Mount Everest: Soaring on an Air Current 309

Chapter 32 Nepal: It's just around the Corner 317

Acknowledgements 325

About the Author 327

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