Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson

Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson

by Amber Frey

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Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson by Amber Frey

1 corinthians 10:13, niv
"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."

Amber Frey's life was full of blessings: an exciting new business, a beautiful home, and most of all, her infant daughter, Ayiana. But Amber had been through some unhappy relationships, and she longed for a true and loving partner. In November 2002, she went on a blind date with Scott Peterson. He was handsome, charming, thoughtful, and romantic. Best of all, he was single and ready to settle down . . . or so he said.

Their connection was immediate. Over the next few weeks, Amber and Scott grew closer and closer. Scott won her over with his warmth, humor, and intelligence, and he even won the heart of little Ayiana. Before long, he began to speak of the beautiful future the three of them were destined to share as a family.

Soon enough, however, Amber began to suspect that Scott Peterson might not be the man he claimed to be. On December 9, he broke down in tears and told her that he had been married, but had "lost" his wife. This was weeks before Laci Peterson, eight months pregnant at the time, was even reported missing. Scott Peterson hadn't lost her, but clearly he was planning to.

Suddenly a relationship that seemed full of promise was turning into Amber's worst nightmare.

Amber launched an investigation of her own. The moment she was able to confirm her worst suspicions, she contacted the Modesto Police Department, in northern California, and offered to do whatever she could to help. She began secretly taping her conversations with Scott, pressing him for information but never letting on that she had heard the news of Laci's disappearance. Those conversations became the basis for the prosecution's case against Scott Peterson for the murder of his wife and unborn child.

Amber's whole world was turned upside down in the process. She lost her privacy, as every detail of her life was scrutinized by the media, who couldn't seem to get enough of this tragic, heart-wrenching story. But she soldiered on, looking deep inside herself and drawing strength from her faith.

Witness is the chilling story of how a young woman became ensnared in Scott Peterson's web of lies, then risked everything to seek justice for Laci Peterson and her unborn child, Conner. It is also a story of forgiveness and faith, and of one woman's struggle to live with an open and honest heart.

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ISBN-13: 9780061758638
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 03/17/2009
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 274,008
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About the Author

Amber Frey is a certified massage therapist and lives in Fresno, California. She has a daughter, Ayiana, and a son, Justin.

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For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson

Chapter One

"Can I Trust You With My Heart?"

I first met Scott Peterson on November 20, 2002, at the Elephant Bar, in Fresno, California. It was a blind date -- my best friend, Shawn Sibley, had set us up -- and I got there before he did. I took a seat on a bench in the glass-walled foyer, within view of the walkway, and every time someone approached I looked up. I had butterflies in my stomach. I had a feeling my life was about to change. Scott Peterson sounded absolutely perfect.

Shawn had met him at a convention in Anaheim. She had been very impressed. Scott was intelligent, good-looking, and very funny, and he seemed eager to settle down. "Do you think there's a special person that you're meant to be with forever?" he had asked Shawn. From anyone else, the line may have seemed like a come on, but Scott was different. Shawn had told him that she was in a committed relationship, and he never once made a single flirtatious comment, never once tried to cross the line. At the end of the business day, she and Scott joined a few people for drinks and dinner. At one point he joked about putting the words "Horny Bastard" on his business card, thinking it might help him meet women, but mostly he behaved like a perfect gentleman. By the end of the evening, Shawn had a plan. "There's someone I want you to meet," she said.

"Who?" Scott asked.

"My best friend."

Shawn called me the next day to tell me about Scott and to ask if she could give him my number. I was full of questions. "What did you say about me?" I began.

"That you were beautiful and a good person," Shawn said.

"What was he like? Is he nice? Is he cute?"

"Very cute. And he couldn't be nicer."

"And he's serious?"

"Very. He said he was looking for someone special, and he asked if I knew anyone who was interested in a committed relationship."


"And I thought of you, of course."

I didn't hear from Scott for several weeks, and when we finally connected he couldn't have been sweeter. He asked if I was free for dinner the following evening, and we made plans to rendezvous at the Elephant Bar.

"How will I recognize you?" I asked.

"Well, I'm not very tall," he said. "And I have long, greasy hair and a big, loose belly."

"That's good," I joked back. "I'm real tall and I weigh about a hundred and sixty pounds."

"Really?" he asked, laughing.

"No, not really," I said. "I'm thin and small-framed, five foot seven and a half, with blond hair."

"Good," he said. "Then it won't be a problem if I walk up to every attractive blond in the place and ask if she's Amber."

Shortly after six on the appointed evening, Shawn came over to stay with my baby daughter, Ayiana. "Just remember that I have to be at work tomorrow morning," Shawn said, only half-joking.

"Don't worry," I said. "I know."

I arrived at the Elephant Bar with time to spare. At exactly four minutes after seven, as I sat waiting for Scott, a man approached and made eye contact. I thought it might be Scott -- he sort of fit the description -- but I had a bad feeling about him. "Please God," I thought, "don't let it be him." I looked away, and -- much to my relief -- he moved through the foyer and disappeared into the restaurant. A moment later, another man approached; in my heart I knew and hoped that this was Scott. He was a shade over six feet tall, in good shape, and he was wearing a well-cut suit. He stepped through the glass door and lit up when he saw me.


"Scott?" I replied, getting to my feet.

He leaned close and gave me a small peck on the cheek. "Am I late? I'm sorry I'm late."

"Not at all," I said.

The plan had been to meet at seven, in front of the Elephant Bar, and to go to dinner from there, so we left and made our way to the parking lot.

"I was a little nervous about meeting you," Scott said en route, but he didn't look nervous to me. He was smiling, and he seemed somehow relieved. "Can I ask you a favor?" he said.


"I've been in this suit all day. Would you mind very much if we went to my hotel so I could check in and shower and change?"

I didn't mind. It seemed reasonable. I left my car in the parking lot and we got into his Ford truck and drove to the Radisson in downtown Fresno. When we got there, he began to unload his things. There was a big green lock-box in the cab of his truck, and his luggage was stashed inside. Scott looked at me sheepishly, as if embarrassed. "Look at all this stuff," he said. "I practically live out of my truck."

We went inside and took the elevator to a room on the top floor. Scott put his luggage down and reached into a brown duffel bag and pulled out a bottle of champagne. He smiled, and I found myself thinking he had a very nice smile. He popped the cork and proceeded to pour each of us a glass. Clearly this was a man who planned ahead.

Scott had a sip and turned on the radio and excused himself and went off to take a shower. I nursed my champagne, singing to myself to pass the time.

When Scott emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, he was wearing black slacks and a clean white T-shirt. He went off to get a blue dress shirt and was still buttoning it up when he rejoined me. I was wearing a black skirt and a blue top ...

For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson
. Copyright © by Amber Frey. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 52 reviews.
Recordlover More than 1 year ago
Amber Frey's decision to allow her attorney, Gloria Allred to devise a way to turn Amber's minimal involvement in Scott Peterson's life into a multi-million selling book deal is sad....very commercial,yet sad. As Amber's agent.....oops I meant to say attorney, Gloria made the rounds of all the news-as-entertainment shows on the Fox News channel discussing ad nauseum her take on the ongoing Peterson trial in Redwood City, California. The book was obviously written by a ghost writer, and poorly written I might add, because when Miss Frey was interviewed on Oprah's gab fest afternoon talk show...Oprah was more familiar with the details contained within Amber's book than Amber was. Actually, maybe Amber Frey was a bit nervous on Oprah's show, because she seemed to have considerable difficulty putting big words together to form sentences. Numerous references of Amber's new-found religion are sprinkled throughout the book....a kind of born-again-con-artist thing going on. Gloria Allred cleverly sidestepped questions by skilled attorneys on numerous talk shows about her future plans to sign book and/or movie deals with her client. Well, the ink wasn't dry on Scott Peterson's guilty verdict form....and "witness For The Prosecution Of Scott Peterson" by Amber Frey was being shipped to book stores nationwide. The book could easily be read in two hours by even a remedial 5th grade student on valium. It is a very easy read. So Amber's brief "fling" with Scott Peterson, a torrid affair that began the first day she met him....but after consuming several alcoholic beverages, and hitting a kareoke bar, she wound up in bed with Peterson at his hotel room in Fresno on their first date. Approximately 2 months later dear Amber became a police agent having her phone tapped to collect damaging evidence against her new beau for the Modesto Police. This must have been a very schizophrenic time for poor Amber. On one hand she loved her new boyfriend(actually saved condom wrappers they had used)and on the other hand she's Sgt. Amber, police woman! In this book Amber neglected to touch on why she posed for nude and semi-nude photos as a "career move" while she sported braces. She doesn't speak on her book tours that she shacked up in Fresno with a male stripper she befriended at a Fresno bar; or that she dated a married man before she met Peterson....and had a hand in that couple's ongoing marital difficulties.But of course Allred knew that that info would not draw sympathy for Amber and increase book sales so it was overlooked. Don't waste your time on this book. If you absolutely must know about the ongoing con game that Amber and Gloria have hoisted upon America...visit your local public library. Bobby Lauser Salinas,CA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an easy read, I finished it in less than a day. I am certain Amber did not write this book, I'm assuming she used a ghost writer and not a great one at that. The book was interesting in the beginning--How she met Scott, their conversations, future plans...and then all the lies he was telling her towards the middle but at times I felt the story to be very repetitive. What bothered me is how much Amber talked about "God" and how religious she is. Through out the book she basically comes across as a born again christian who is 100% commited to "God" Okay if you are so religious why are you constantly having so much sex before marriage and unprotected sex at that? One abortion and 2 children out of wedlock does not sound like a religious woman to me. She even admits thinking she might be pregnant with Scott's baby when they have sex without using anything. Can you imagine if she WAS pregnant with his kid? And before the trial is even over she has another baby with a semi-boyfriend. Amber came across as one of those women who is very needy and constantly wants a man in her life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was kinda dissapointed with this book. I thought that it would be more specific with the relationship between amber and scott. Dont get me wrong it did just that but only in the first few chapters then it goes on to tell you more about amber. Amber did do the right thing knowing what could have happened to her.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Doing the right thing isn't easy. In fact, it comes at a price. Amber Frey, an ordinary and imperfect woman, paid that price when she learned that the 'perfect' man she'd been dating - Scott Peterson - not only was married, but was suspected of having murdered his missing wife and unborn baby. She assisted the police as they investigated, and then followed through as a witness in court, despite the personal difficulties doing so presented when she'd just given birth to her second child. The case may be sensational, but this book is not. It's Ms. Frey's simply told first person account, first of her relationship with Scott Peterson and then of all that followed the moment when her slowly growing doubts about this man found confirmation. Sometimes Ms. Frey is admirable, and sometimes manifestly not but that's exactly where her book's power lies. She's honest about herself as well as about the pathological liar who was her lover, and once she knows the truth she never wavers in her determination to see justice done for another young mother: Laci Peterson. Not a polished work by any means, but an interesting and unexpectedly uplifting read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While I applaud Amber for coming forward as quickly as she did and for assisting the police in the investigation, I found this book to be extremely hypocritical. The continual theme throughout book is how she supposedly leads a life according to what God wants however, her actions go against that claim. She fails to use contraception, accused and took the wrong man to court for child support for her daughter, and not long after her fling with Scott Peterson was pregnant again by another man. I believe she could have had much to say and she gave good insight from her point of view but it was overshadowed by her hypocrisy and use of Bible passages throughout. It was a bit too self serving for my taste.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Though a bit cheezy, I couldn't put this book down. It gave great background information and put the whole chain of events into perspective. I could've done without the religious quotes though.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Amber's book, while necessary reading for a true Peterson junkie, only tells part of the story. I much preferred Catherine Crier's 'A Deadly Game.' Crier's book is stand alone and is the one to read if you want a thorough telling of this tale. Of course I ran out an bought Anne Bird's book as well. Sharon should have an interesting take on this case as well.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was really bad. Even though all evidence pointed to Scott, she still kept talking to him on the phone. The whole book is about repetitive conversations she had on the phone with him. Amber even had pictures of herself in this book. I thought this was about a missing woman and her baby? Not about you Amber. She writes a book because she makes bad relationship choices?? And even goes as far as quoting Bible verses?? This book really missed the mark. I'm glad I borrowed this book and did not pay for it. I would have been mad at myself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Straight and to the point
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jac2848 - did not like
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Icommend ambers bravity for how she helped to put another sick bastard away she was guarded all through her ordeal through god we cant know how she felt because she was there we werent she also risked the lives of her kids too two thumbs up for amber
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a single mother to 2 young daughters. Just because she was a single mother and had a child out of wedlock doesnt make her a bad person or someone who was needy. She was looking for love just like everyone else. If youre going to be jidgemental dont read the damn book and dont comment. People say they are christians but judge others for having children without being married or looking for love even if ts in the wrong places. People who jidge others should take a good long look at their lives.
AnabellesMommy More than 1 year ago
Good book, I always like reading different sides of the story. It made me look at her in a different light...a better light than I've seen before. Good read.
xMissMelaniex More than 1 year ago
Amber had every right to write a book about what happened. She was dragged across the coals for being "the other woman" even when she didn't knowingly do it and even though she did the right thing. Her darkest secrets were aired to us all and she is justified in clearing the air. She's just an average girl with a desire to find love and if you read or heard any of the phone conversations between them, he was a pretty suave guy. It's easy for us to sit back and say we wouldn't have been fooled, but it happens. Go forth Amber and live your life. At least you got a good hair style and a boob job out of it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a very good book for women to read, i mean Amber gave facts to detectives on what information Scott may have given her. it actually in some weird way gave me more confidence. Since she came forward to share her story it showed me not to be afraid of coincequeces when other may have to face death since you were to afraid. But on the negative side the book had some inapropriate language even if the words may not of been used frequently. I give this book 2 thumbs up!!! Sincerly, More Empowered
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was a very interesting book to read even more details about the case, directly from the author.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read the book, it didn't even take me twenty four hours. I am a little on ease. I don't understand how someone is so into 'God' but has went against him so much and som many times. I am a hypocrite, I guess. I believe in God, but I to make mistakes. Although I do not find myself activily involved in Christ (as I should be). I think Amber mentioned the Lord to many times. I feel for her, and I am proud of her. But she didn't have to let everything about her personal beliefs come out into the world. I think it was her way of getting more people to change there perspectives about her, and she was worried about her reputation. I think she did a good job, but she could have done without the bible verses.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It gave me insight into Scott Peterson and Amber Frye. Amber is a very brave women to tell her story. My heart goes out to her. I read this book in two days.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book in one evening! It really kept my interest. Amber Frey got such a negative image during the entire case. This book made you see her for what she really was. It was a hearfelt look into her life and how the entire relationship with Scott Peterson affected her from beginning to end. Well written,,,, yea! Amber....
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a great book. I couldn't hardly put it down. This gave me a great view of both Scott Peterson(s) (loving man/murderer). Would recommend to everyone intersted in the case.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a great book. It should make people with any doubt about Amber come to really understand her. Anyone with any negative thoughts toward her definantly needs to read this book! Amber is a very brave and smart young woman.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a great source to learn about Amber herself and the murder of Laci and Conner. I was surprised to see Amber put our own life mishaps out there to help solve the murder of Laci and Conner. Amber is a very strong woman to have gone throught this and put herself in harms way to get Scott to try and talk. I'm sure Amber would have been someone Laci would have called a friend if the situations would have been different. God Bless Laci and Conner!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book on an 11 hour flight to Japan. I have to say that is it nothing of what I expected. I feel that Amber did a good thing by informing the police and helping them so much but I feel like her writing this book was for publicity and sympathy. The book told too much about her personal life and putting her modeling pictures in the book was a bit out of line. What she did was a good thing but the book was going a little over board.