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Womentality: Thirteen Empowering Stories by Everyday Women Who Said Goodbye to the Workplace and Hello to Their Lives

Womentality: Thirteen Empowering Stories by Everyday Women Who Said Goodbye to the Workplace and Hello to Their Lives

by Erin Wildermuth (Editor)


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"This inspiring collection makes a strong case for how women can design their work lives to meet both personal and professional needs.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

Womentality: Thirteen Empowering Stories by Everyday Women Who Said Goodbye to the Workplace and Hello to Their Lives is a collection of powerful, personal essays from enterprising women around the world who came to the same realization: work shouldn’t have to be painful and demeaning. Armed with an internet connection and plenty of creativity and ingenuity, they prove that it is possible to redefine the nine-to-five work paradigm and create a flourishing career that is flexible and fulfilling outside the corporate structure.

The thirteen women—from diverse countries such as Uganda, Venezuela, Poland, Palestine, and the Philippines—approach independent work in different ways, but are all motivated by the same impulses—to escape the drudgery of office life, to have control of their time, and to enjoy the freedom of working for themselves. Importantly, many discover that—outside of the office—it is possible to triumph over global pay disparities that favor men.

Womentality is not a book about people who do not work—on the contrary, these women work hard and their stories illustrate how they overcame challenges to achieve their goals—whether they sought freedom to travel, to spend more time with the family, escape demeaning office politics, or simply to control their career.

The essays in Womentality prove that a life of independence is not reserved for elite, American workers. It is possible for anyone. As the women who contributed to Womentality can attest: escaping the nine-to-five life isn’t easy—it takes guts and persistence—but it’s absolutely worthwhile.

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ISBN-13: 9781941110843
Publisher: Three Rooms Press
Publication date: 10/08/2019
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

About the Author

Erin Wildermuth is an economic philosopher with a master’s degree in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics. She seeks to explore how trends and technology can help people move from economic exploitation to economic independence. She first left the nine to five in 2011, negotiating a part-time, remote arrangement with her employer. Within a year she had moved to Thailand and quit her job to work as a freelance underwater photographer and videographer. She lived in Thailand for three years and has since since built a successful career as a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in such diverse publications as the Huffington Post, American Spectator, and Scuba Diver Magazine. She currently lives in Baltimore, MD.

Table of Contents


Erin Wildermuth, editor, United States

Chapter One: My Escape from the Rat Race

Lauren Gerber, South Africa

Chapter Two: The Fear and the Farm

Emily Schwartz, United States

Chapter Three: Finding and Sharing Freelancing

Yanique P. Walters-Dynott, Jamaica

Chapter Four: Brexit: The Final Push

Aleksandra Kaye, Poland

Chapter Five: From Uganda To The Cloud

Christine Muleme, Uganda

Chapter Six: Escaping Dictatorship and Making My Way

Xionary Guerrero, Venezuela

Chapter Seven: Veering Off the Tracks

Klara C. Racpan, Philippines

Chapter Eight: Freedom at Forty

Debra Hall, United States

Chapter Nine: Choosing Jayden

Terry Gachanja, Kenya

Chapter Ten: From Nursing to Abroad

Gayle Aggiss, Australia

Chapter Eleven: Choosing Art

Ayelen Lamas, Argentina

Chapter Twelve: Stepping, Starting, Teaching

Alison Wood, United Kingdom

Chapter Thirteen: Building a Successful Freelance Business

Samar Owais, United Arab Emirates

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