Written in Ruberah: Age of Jeweled Intelligence

Written in Ruberah: Age of Jeweled Intelligence

by P. Christina Greenaway


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New York real estate broker Miriam Lewis takes off for a brief getaway to a remote inn on the rugged cliffs of Cornwall. Rest and romance with her boyfriend seem like the perfect cure for a life that appears to be going nowhere, and too fast.

Entering Cornwall, Miriam crosses the River Tamar and glimpses a luminous girl floating in the river. A memory from long, long ago begins to unfold in Miriam's thoughts-something about a promise she made to perform a selfless act of courage. Could it be true? Could she ever rise to such heroism or is it just a hallucination?

While at the inn, Miriam experiences a series of flashbacks from a life she lived in an ancient land called Ruberah. These startling images convince Miriam that she did write the promise and that she must keep it. But to do so, Miriam will have to let go of everything in her life and place her trust in a guide-the river girl-the wise and eternal spirit of the River Tamar.

"Greenaway juggles the many strands of her lushly descriptive book with ease, managing to bring all these characters, from all their separate time periods, together in a rousing climax that invests just as much energy in high fantasy as modern romance, with winning results.
The richly imagined story of a modern woman bearing ancient responsibilities." -"Kirkus Reviews"

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ISBN-13: 9780615949871
Publisher: girl by the sea
Publication date: 03/19/2013
Pages: 422
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

Christina Greenaway, author of "Dream Chaser: Awakening" was born on the rugged land of Cornwall and now lives in the United States. A traveler at heart, Christina may be found anywhere in the world writing the next book in the "Jeweled Intelligence" series.

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Written in Ruberah: Age of Jeweled Intelligence 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Written in Ruberah, by P. Christina Greenaway combines science fiction, mythology, romance and even a touch of science as a mystical being strives to bring the right future and right powers into alignment. So there’s something for everyone, maybe. A quiet Cornish guest house forms the backdrop for present-day adventure as American Miriam finds herself torn between longing for food, love of Mitch, duty to her daughter, and the power of a mystical former life. Meanwhile Mitch’s own past life catches up with him as his unknown mystical power seems stolen. Conniving Gwenellen pitches potential lovers against each other, and Tamara of the river hides in ruby shade. There’s a pink pen, determining the future; a Dark Master, distorting hopes of the wounded; perfectly American French fries from a Cornish tavern; and a mythical history of giants, love and destruction. Will volcanic fires from Ruberah tear Cornwall from the face of the earth? Will Miriam remember her sacred future? Will the wrong future play out on the movie screens of Control? Or can a selfless act save all? The story starts in Ruberah with an intriguing scene of the ending and birthing of myth. Then it enters the modern world, where some nice foretelling is quickly lost in a slew of confused relationships, misplaced memories, and forgotten pleas. Time slows in Cornwall, of course, and in this long, complex tale. But modern technology and mindsets intrude as much into myth as Ruberah does into the lives of the characters, making this a fantasy both languid and frightening, crossed with a seriously star-crossed romance. Disclosure: I won an ecopy and I offer my honest review