Yoga Radicals: A Curated Set of Inspiring Stories from Pioneers in the Field

Yoga Radicals: A Curated Set of Inspiring Stories from Pioneers in the Field

Yoga Radicals: A Curated Set of Inspiring Stories from Pioneers in the Field

Yoga Radicals: A Curated Set of Inspiring Stories from Pioneers in the Field


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Consisting of curated interviews with yoga pioneers including Gail Parker, Heather Mason, Ganesh Mohan, Neil Pearson and Danilo Forghieri Santaella, this book shows the transformational benefits of personal yoga practice and uncovers a collective deepening, resulting from accumulated practice and conscious application at scale. These interviews were collected with the "presencing approach," developed by the author in the dialogue and the interview process itself. The yoga narratives that form the heart of the book are inspirational stories from lineage holders and newer practitioners who have created transformational change in their own lives, or incorporated yoga into a bigger vision to benefit society and the planet. The book also presents a toolkit of actionable steps for readers to create social action and/or change. A unique example of moving from the "me" consciousness to the "we" consciousness. Yoga Radicals invites readers to join pioneers on a path of social action through personal transformation.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781787754676
Publisher: Kingsley, Jessica Publishers
Publication date: 08/19/2021
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

Allie Middleton is a yoga practitioner, business innovator and coach. She is also yoga therapy training faculty in an IAYT-accredited program. She has been in leadership positions in business, not-for-profit and government. Her speciality is curating optimal teams who flourish together for productivity, profitability, and prosperity. Allie teaches yoga throughout the world and serves many global clients through her somatic coaching practice. She is also a long term member of the Presencing Institute community, a global awareness-based action research learning organization.

Table of Contents

Dedication 13

Foreword Amy Wheeler 16

Acknowledgments 18

Preface 19

Introduction 23

Yoga Radicals 31

I The Journey Starts: Arriving with Deeper Listening 33

Stories about transforming perception, gathering attention, mindfulness, extending awareness.

Race and ethnic informed practices Gail Parker 35

Phoenix rising Michael Lee 43

II Grounding and Co-Initiating: Planting Seeds of Potential 49

Welcoming the emerging future with embodied creativity.

Social justice is spirituality, spirituality is social justice Itta Roussos 51

All paths lead to here Amina Naru 57

Cultivating wisdom Matthew J. Taylor 65

Diving in with heart Jivana Heyman 71

III Connecting to Source: Awakening into the Immanent, the Emergent 77

Unfolding the "me" into the "we."

Compassionate embodied engagement Anneke Sips 79

Courageous heart and soul Shelly Prosko 87

Making space for integration at the beginning Joseph Le Page 95

I belong, you belong… Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani 103

IV State and Stage Shifts: Acting with Heart, Mind and Body as One 109

Healing self and others by resting and moving from a place of confident action. Crystallizing, playing with a shared coherent field of being-ness.

Blessed altar of the heart Amy Weintraub 111

When paths cross Pamela Stokes Eggleston 119

Just go Larry Payne 123

V Transforming Actions: Conscious Engagement, Stewarding "the New" 127

Moving with the collective will as it becomes visible, engaging with self and others through all the senses.

Making magic in the 'hood Freidel Kushman 129

Loving myself and others Catherine Cook-Cottone 135

Where will it all take us? Marlysa Sullivan 141

Climbing mountains Gary Kraftsow 147

Remembering our bodies, the earth Danilo Forghieri Santaella 153

VI Reflections on Participatory Action 161

Returning to rediscover the deeper shared roots, naming the magic of the ancient forms of true connection, staying simple.

Staying lost Richard C. Miller 163

Combining forces Helene Couvrette 169

Dancing our way in and through it all Camille Maurine 175

Loving wisely Neil Pearson 183

Keep playing in tune Rose Kress 191

Staying with it Stephen Cope 199

VII Further Reflections 203

Listening to the universe with others, listening again.

Waking up early Shirley Telles 205

Structuring the new pathways Ganesh Mohan 213

Trust the teachings Kazuo Keishin Kimura 217

Homeschooling arts Ann Marie Johnston 225

Sit sweet and still Nischala Joy Devi 231

An original moment Lori Bashour 237

World service Rob Schware 243

VIII A New Day After a Long Night 249

Landing in wellbeing and dreaming the world into being.

Finding home Monique Lonner 251

Heart intelligences Leigh Blashki 259

Tell me again, please Jana Long 265

I know how Heather Mason 271

Playfully swimming, embodying the Yantra Lorin Roche 279

Postscript by Amy Gage 287

Appendix 1 The Interview Process 290

Appendix 2 Shaping Change and Healthy Social Innovation with Theory U and Mindful Dialogue and Embodiment Practices 293

Background Bibliography 298

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