10 Basic Needs of Romantic Love: For Marriages That Want Their Love to Last Forever

10 Basic Needs of Romantic Love: For Marriages That Want Their Love to Last Forever

by Valentina Ibeachum


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If you want to keep your relationship fresh, happy, and always passionate, you need to know what's in this book.

Do you want to know how to rekindle the love in your marriage?

When a couple gets to the point where they feel the spark is gone, is there any hope? Why does a natural fire go down? Because the kindle, material, or wood feeding the fire has been exhausted. Fire doesn't burn on nothing. It's the same thing with romantic love it needs to be fed. It has needs. So if you want that spark to come back or you want to ensure it keeps burning strong, you need to feed the flames of passion by feeding the needs of romantic love.

If you're searching for answers to any of the issues below, then you really need to read this book:

I don't feel connected with my spouse any longer

I'm feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of marriage

I don't feel in love with my spouse any more

I think my spouse is tired and bored with me

How can I keep the romance alive in my marriage?

In this insightful book, Valentina Ibeachum shows couples how to meet the 10 Basic Needs of Romantic Love. Because when you starve love it dies, when you feed love, it stays alive.

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