12 Bones Smokehouse: An Updated Edition with More Barbecue Recipes from Asheville, NC

12 Bones Smokehouse: An Updated Edition with More Barbecue Recipes from Asheville, NC


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Enjoy all the sought-after recipes from12 Bones Smokehousein Asheville, North Carolina, including their famous ribs, pulled pork, turkey, and chicken, plus iconic barbecue sauces like blueberry chipotle. 

In this newly updated edition of 12 Bones Smokehouse, you won't have to wait until your next trip to the restaurant to sample some of your favorite BBQ mains and sides. You'll find recipes that draw inspiration from all over the South (and sometimes the North), from old family favorites to new recipes invented on a whim. You'll enjoy page after page of the classics as well as 12 Bones' most popular specials and desserts, including:

  • 12 Bones' namesake ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken, and other meaty goodness;
  • more sides than you could possibly finish
  • pies, cookies, and even a cake or two to satisfy any sweet tooth
  • and—in this new edition—dozens of new recipes, including our best rib rubs and seasonal sauces!
Spark the smoker and light up the grill; it's time to make the most flavorful meals you've ever had.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780760362693
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Edition description: Updated
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,131,886
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Bryan King is co-owner of 12 Bones Smokehouse with his wife Angela, and where Shane Heavner is the head chef. Over the past decade, 12 Bones has quickly grown into an Asheville institution known best for its rule-breaking take on barbecue classics, such as their Blueberry Chipotle Baby Back Ribs. The restaurant has been featured in a variety of national media, from magazines like Southern Living and Garden & Gun to television networks like ABC, NBC, and the Travel Channel.

Angela King is the co-owner of Asheville, North Carolina's 12 Bones Smokehouse with her husband, David. 12 Bones has spent the last decade growing into a local institution by breaking the rules of barbecue. The restaurant has been featured in a variety of national media, from magazines like Southern Living and Garden & Gun to television networks like ABC, NBC, and the Travel Channel.

Shane Heavner is the head chef of 12 Bones Smokehouse. Of the eatery, Bon Appétit wrote, "Everything here is amazing, from the ribs to the corn pudding, but the BLT is ridiculous: house-cured brown-sugar bacon, fried green tomatoes, and pesto mayonnaise on thick slices of wheat bread." Southern Living said, "Blueberry-chipotle ribs—blasphemy or bliss? It's hard to imagine the traditional Southern favorite tweaked to such fruity/spicy terms, yet the taste is terrific."

Mackensy Lunsford is a food writer, journalist, and a former chef and restaurant owner. She has covered southern restaurants for a variety of independently-owned media and more recently for Gannett newspapers. She has won numerous journalism awards from The North Carolina Press Association and is a first place national award winner for food writing from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. Lunsford also writes and develops recipes for The Coca-Cola Company.

Table of Contents

Foreword 7

Introduction 8

I The Essentials 10

Tools of the Trade 12

Smoking Your Meat 13

Cooking over Gas 14

Cooking over Charcoal 15

The Word on Wood 18

Brine: What, Why, and How 19

II Beef and Pork 22

A Word on Rubs 24

Garlic Rib Rub 26

12 Bones Chicken Rub 26

Seasoning Salt 26

12 Bones Butt Rub 27

Salt-and-Pepper "Nekkid" Baby Back Ribs 28

Brown Sugar Baby Back Ribs 31

Smokin' Hot Pork Butt 34

Oven-Roasted Pulled Pork Butt 37

12 Bones Smoked Beef Brisket 38

12 Bones Brown Sugar Bacon 41

Smokehouse Bratwurst 44

Hogzilla 46

12 Bones House Sausage 47

Cabbage Sausage Rolls 48

12 Bones Andouille 51

Jamaican Jerk Grilled Pork Loin 52

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning 53

Beer-Braised Pork Cheeks 54

12 Bones Roasted Garlic 55

Flat Iron Pastrami 56

12 Bones Pastrami Brine 57

Livermush 58

12 Bones Pork Stock 59

Coconut Milk-Braised Bison Short Ribs 62

Slow-Smoked Pork Shanks 64

12 Bones Chili-Ginger "Q" Sauce 66

Ancho Paste 66

12 Bones Corned Beef Brisket 67

Corned Beef Brine 68

Corned Beef Smoked Fatty 69

Root Beer Oven-Roasted Baby Back Ribs 72

Smokehouse Meatloaf 73

Barbecue Scotch Eggs 74

III Poultry and Seafood 76

12 Bones Whole-Smoked Chicken 78

12 Bones Smoky Chicken Wings 80

Spicy Thai Chicken Wing Sauce 81

Smoked Shrimp 82

Smoky Spiced Shrimp and Grits 82

Smoked Shrimp Cakes 85

Smoked Whole Turkey 86

Turkey Brine 86

Turkey Rub 87

Smoked Turkey Breast 89

12 Bones Turkey Sandwich 90

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Mayo 91

Cranberry Barbecue Sauce 92

Smoky Turkey Gravy 95

Chicken Kimchi Meatballs 96

Smoked Chicken Shepherd's Pie 98

IV Big, Bad Barbecue Sauces 100

12 Bones Tomato "O" Sauce 102

12 Bones Mop Sauce 105

Jamaican Jerk Barbecue Sauce 106

Ancho-Ginger Barbecue Sauce 107

BBQ Thousand Island 107

Blueberry-Chipotle Barbecue Sauce 109

12 Bones Spicy Vinegar "Q" Sauce 110

Smoked Apple Barbecue Sauce 111

Memphis Barbecue Sauce 113

Smoked Garlic Barbecue Sauce 113

Horseradish Barbecue Sauce 114

Tangy Mustard Barbecue Sauce 115

Cheerwine Barbecue Sauce 117

Jalapeño "Q" Sauce 118

Jalapeño Vinegar 118

Pineapple-Habanero BBQ Sauce 120

Honey-Cherry Chipotle Barbecue Sauce 122

Pumpkin Barbecue Sauce 122

Cranberry Jalapeño "Q" 123

V Veggies, Salads, and Pickles 124

Sweet Vinegar Coleslaw 126

Pineapple-Habanero Red Slaw 127

Cucumber Salad 128

12 Bones Wedge Salad 130

Spicy Ranch Dressing 131

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut 132

Simple Green Salad with Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette 133

Collard Greens 134

Black Bean Salad 137

12 Bones Succotash 138

Buttered Green Beans 139

Smoky Tomato Basil Soup 140

Crockpot Pinto Beans 143

Portobello Mushrooms 144

Fried Green Tomatoes 148

Pickled Green Tomatoes 151

Pickled Okra 152

Pickled Okra Salad 152

Grandpa Buck's Pickled Red Beets 155

Aunt Violet's Mustard Pickles 156

Pickled Cantaloupe 157

Watermelon Rind Pickles 158

Pickled Peaches 160

Baechu (Napa Cabbage) Kimchi 162

Kkakdugi (Radish) Kimchi 163

VI Rib-Stickin' Sides 164

Honey Cornbread 166

Cornbread Stuffing 167

Cheddar-Jalapeño Skillet Cornbread 169

Damn Good Corn Pudding 170

Jalapeño Cheese Grits 173

Black-eyed Peas with Jalapeños 175

Smoky Baked Beans 176

Mushroom and Sausage Casserole 179

Macaroni and Cheese 180

Warm German Potato Salad 181

Smoked Potato Salad 182

White Cheddar Spuds 183

Smoked Gouda Drop Biscuits 184

Mashed Sweet Potatoes 187

Brunswick Stew 188

VII Southern Treats and Homemade Sweets 190

Pecan Pie 192

Key Lime Pie 194

Chocolate Chip Cookies 196

Ginger Stout Snaps 199

Candied Ginger 201

Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies 202

Granny's Apple Crisp 204

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars 206

Peanut Butter-Banana Upside Down Cake 209

Apple Brandy Buckle 210

Tres Leches Strawberry Shortcake 213

Pie Dough 215

Rhubarb Preserves 217

Rhubarb and Strawberry Turnovers 218

Chocolate Whiskey Cake with Coffee Bean Ganache 220

Index 222

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