80 Things to Do When You Turn 80

80 Things to Do When You Turn 80

by Mark Evan Chimsky


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Turning 80 can be the beginning of a new chapter as the notable contributors to 80 Things to Do When You Turn 80 can attest. In this lively and inspiring collection of 80 essays, such illustrious achievers as Donald Hall, Pat Boone, Tab Hunter, Ruta Lee, The Amazing Kreskin, George Lois, Richard (“Mr. Debonair”) Dwyer, Dr. Ruth Heidrich, and Caroll Spinney reveal how they are having meaningful, dynamic lives at 80 and beyond. In addition, such distinguished experts in the field of aging as Stephen Johnston, Sally Abrahms, Dorian Mintzer, and Andrew Carle provide invaluable advice on getting the most out of later life. A special essay by neurologist and best-selling author Dr. Oliver Sacks is also included. Based on the format of the popular series that was launched by 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50, this book is the perfect gift for anyone who is turning 80 or older.

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ISBN-13: 9781416246107
Publisher: Sellers Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 03/14/2017
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 131,765
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Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Making Each Day Count

Turning Eighty Pat Boone 13

It's All About Our journey Tab Hunter 19

Pay It Forward Sally A. Breen 25

My Life Continues to Be an Adventure The Amazing Kreskin 31

Keep On Keepin 'On Elaine L. Newman as told to Kathy Stokes 37

Cultivating a Happy Life Gordon J. Bailey, Jr 41

My Life: An Audacious Adventure Fred Weinberg 45

On Turning Eighty Elisabeth Grace 49

The Joy of Old Age. (No Kidding.) Oliver Sacks, MD 57

Being Resilient in the Face of Change

Eighty Robert Ellis Smith 65

Changing Your Dreams: Talking About Life and Death Dorian Mintzer, MSW, PhD, BCC 71

Recovering from Injury and Illness: It's Up to Me, It's Up to You Morton H. Shaevitz, PhD, ABPP 77

How It Feels to Be Eighty Katherine Griesz 83

The Stingray David Black 87

Revisit the Dream, and Begin Again PJ Cowan 91

Life Is an Adventure Jerry Witkovsky, MSW 97

Be All You Can Be Roger Landry, MD, MPH 103

The Gift of Wisdom George Wolf 109

Eighty Is Old Walter M. Bortz II, MD 115

Losing My Teeth Donald Hall 119

How Your Work - and You - Can Live Forever George Lois 123

Rules of Engagement

Ruta's Rules Ruta Lee 131

Retuning Your Life Portfolio William A. Sadler, PhD 133

A Learning Life John O'neil 141

Life Lessons for Your Eighties and Beyond Betty Zimmer 149

"Rules for Old People" Thomas Y. Canby 153

Challenge Yourself to Grow

A Letter to My Younger Self Florence Ladd 161

Growing Young: The Formula Betty Finney 167

The Heat Is Off Cinnie Siena Bivona 173

A Work in Progress Rev. Margaret Stortz 177

Seeking Wisdom Fran Morris 181

All My Monsters Are Dead Betty MacDonald 187

It Can Happen to You: My Online Dating Experiences Nancy k. Schlossberg, EdD 193

Doing Meaningful Work

Volunteering for the Peace Corps at Eighty-Six Alice Carter 203

Meaningful Work Jan Hively, PhD 211

Ways to Earn a Little Extra Money and Avoid Boredom Art Koff 217

My World at Eighty Robert Matulonis 223

Aging into Selfhood Richard Anderson Bamforth 229

Keeping the Creative juices Flowing

Looking Forward Caroll Spinney 235

Strike Up the Band Elaine M. Decker 239

There Is Still Sex and Romance at Eighty! Desiree Holt 245

Anyone for Their Own Toy Theatre? Ann Stokes Neff 249

The Cycle of Nature Barbara Boldt 255

Writing for Your Family Willis "Wiz" Arndt 259

Looking at Life with a Comedian's Eyes Julie Kertesz, PhD 265

The joys of Solitude Carol Hebald 271

Retirement? Nuts! J. A. Pollard 277

Do Music! Karl Singer, MD 283

Free to Have Fun Robert Urban 287

A Second Life Roger Pepper, PhD 291

Pleasures Jennifer Birckmayer 297

Writing Poetry in Our Eighties and Beyond Joan Peck Arnold 303

Last Acts Patrice Dotson 309

Staying Active

Axels at Eighty Richard ("Mr. Debonair") Dwyer 317

Making the Most of Your Eighties: Be a Triathlete! Dr. Ruth Heidrich 323

Stay in Shape: Eighty and Up Jameson Skillings 329

Dance Naomi Goldberg Haas 335

Surprising Myself A. David Barnes, MD 339

Wings, Not Weights Nancy King, PhD 343

Travel: What's on Your Bucket List?

On Earthwatch Adventures Warren Stortroen 351

Retire at Eighty? Fuhgeddaboudit - I'm Too Old to Retire Ed Perkins 357

How Was the Food? Carol Scott 363

Cuba Is for the Birds Don Scott 369

An Eightieth Birthday Gift I Gave Myself Judy Mace 375

New Directions: Planning for Now and the Future

Making the Most of Technology in Your Later Years Sally Abrahms 383

Planning to Be Eighty Andrew Carle 391

Harvesting Our Wisdom Joanne Turnbull, PhD, MSW 397

Look in the Mirror Timothy M. Vogel, Esq. 403

Aging2.0 - New Technologies Are Changing Aging for the Better Stephen Johnston 407

How to Age Like a New Yorker Audrey S. Weiner, DSW, MPH 415

Eighty! OMG! Rick Kimball 421

A Fulfilling Life Is About Attitude, Not Age Bob Lowry 427

Spiritual Lessons

My Turning Eighty "Day Walk in Nature" Rev. Patricia Hoertdoerfer 433

Find Your "One Thing" LaTron S. Brown 439

Successful Aging Needs Spiritual Meaning Gilbert Leclerc, Phd 445

Life in the Eighties: Mourn or Celebrate Lanette H. Thurman, Phd 451

"This Is Now" Lois C. Ernst, MSW 457

Accept and Let Go Vimla Kaul 461

Life Is a Gift - Live It Fully Rev. Margaret L. Clark 465

On Joining the Over-Eighty Club Donald F. Murray, MDiv, MTh 471

About the Editors 476

Acknowledgments 477

Credits 478

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