A Shot of J&B (Vasquez Inc. 1)

A Shot of J&B (Vasquez Inc. 1)

by Lou Sylvre

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When Brian Harrison first met Jackie Vasquez at a Hawaiian wedding, Jackie was sixteen and troubled. Six years later they meet again; Brian's career at Scotland Yard is budding with promise, while Jackie's student days at the University of Nebraska are rolling toward a strong finish. Magnetic mutual attraction pulls them insistently toward one another, but the ocean separating their lives makes for a simmering romance.

When the waiting ends and they get together for a weekend in Denver, Dom Brian and sub Jackie both know they've tapped into something scalding hot, and much deeper than sharing an artful session. Shibari, lust, and love are all on the agenda -- but for Brian, so is his police career, and a strange series of crimes seems poised to threaten their romance -- and maybe their lives.

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BN ID: 2940160989310
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Publication date: 11/01/2019
Series: Vasquez Inc. , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Website: http://www.rainbow-gate.com

Blog: http://www.sylvre.rainbow-gate.com

Lou Sylvre loves romance with all its ups and downs, and likes to conjure it into books. The sweethearts on her pages are men who end up loving each other -- and usually saving each other from unspeakable danger. It’s all pretty crazy and very, very sexy. As if you'd want to know more, she’ll happily tell you that she is a proudly bisexual woman -- a mother, grandmother, lover of languages, and cat-herder -- of mixed cultural heritage. She works closely with lead cat and writing assistant, the (male) Queen of Budapest, Boudreau St. Clair. She lives in the rainy part of the Pacific Northwest, and hearing from a reader infallibly brightens the dreary weather. Find her through her links listed here, or drop her a line at lou..

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A Shot of J&B 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
pegasus-one 11 days ago
Brian first met Jackie at a wedding but Jackie was only sixteen and too young for him. Six years later. Brian is a detective at Scotland Yard when he meets up with Jackie who is finishing up college. There is an instant attraction. Brain wants to see where it goes and also if Jackie will fit in his life style. I enjoyed this book.
AGoodell More than 1 year ago
This is my first book by this author, and it started out so well. I little confusing with them jumping not just State to State but country to Country, but I started to over look that and get to the story which seemed promising. A teenager kidnapped, a young man tasked with finding the kid only to find out he’s the one that he crushed on and then stepped away from because of the age difference. Years later meet again, rekindle the feelings they both shared. And then the murder, mystery aspect all made for a really great foundation. Problem was, for me at least were the consistent repeat phrases, suggestions, words. We get it, Jackie is into geocaching and that will be his downfall. And as the title suggests lots of shots of J&B are poured and drank, among, other issues I just found too annoying and took away from the enjoyment of the story. However, I did like the twist at the end, just wasn’t enough to make up for the whole book. 
InkedRainbowReads More than 1 year ago
ThreeandHalfStars Jackson Vasquez "Jackie" and Brian Harrison have known each other for a while. Despite their age difference there was an immediate attraction. With a past trauma in Jackie's life that Brian witnessed and with Brian fighting his feelings for the much younger Jackie, Brian leaves and finds himself living alone in London. Brian's job is one where he is to search out patterns in seemingly different assaults. Someone is scaring people almost to death. I enjoyed the mystery in this story and that is perhaps what really captured my attention. I thought that the romance/love aspect of the story was somewhat weak. Also, there were times when it was very apparent that there needs to be another edit done. I would have liked to know more about the relationship between Jackie and Brian. Both of their thoughts and feelings - it could have been so much more, but it almost seemed an afterthought for most of the story. In reality, this was a mystery book with some romance thrown in. Also, in the end, I thought that it was wrapped up very quickly. There was all of this buildup and then it was just over. This was a good mystery book. It was just an OK romance book. I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads. ~AvidReader
Pixie_Mmgoodbookreviews More than 1 year ago
4 Hearts reviewed by Pixie for MM Good Book Reviews This story is part of the Vasquez & James universe and takes place before Because of Jade. Brian has never forgotten the young man who caught his attention several years before, and when he is visiting Luki and Sonny and runs into Jackie again Brian discovers that his feelings are just as strong but this time Jackie is old enough to pursue. But has Jackie’s kidnapping left lingering scars? Jackie has always remembered Brian as the man he felt safe with after his kidnapping, meeting him on equal footing has Jackie eager to get to know the man better but a long distance relationship isn’t ideal. Accepting the university he wanted to attend has Jackie and Brian in the same country and their relationship picks up, but Brian’s job and Jackie’s studying has their time together limited. As Brian hunts for a criminal who likes to scare people Jackie’s new friendship with fellow students and geocaching buddies leads to him being held captive by a psychopath and Brian has to move quickly if he wants to save the man he loves. The first thing I’d advise everyone is to ensure you have read the Vasquez and James series or at the very least to have read Finding Jackie before cracking open this book as you will get the full background of events that are mentioned in this story about one of the main characters Jackie. When we meet up with Brian and Jackie again six years have passed since the events in Finding Jackie and we see the progress that both men have made in their lives. Brian has become a Dom who specialises in Shibari (rope play); he has been working as civilian staff at Scotland Yard and has applied for police recruitment. Meeting up with Jackie again has him longing for the man as his sub, but he is unsure if Jackie is ready or is still suffering from the lingering effects of his kidnapping. Jackie has done his best to move forward from his imprisonment, his therapy not only helped him with his mental recovery but has made him realise that it is also a subject that fascinates him. Jackie has also never lost his interest in submission and Jackie is confident that Brian could be the Dom for him. Together these men are wonderful, it isn’t easy for either of them though as everyday life seeks to keep them apart. Lou Sylvre has written a wonderful story where her characters take centre stage, their inner emotions are there for all to see and we are with Jackie and Brian every step as they work out what they feel. We also have the touch of angst and danger that Lou manages to infuse in her stories, Jackie and Brian both angst over their first tentative steps in the relationship and then there is the danger that Jackie inadvertently finds himself in. The mystery/suspense side of the story really is kinda hair-raising, and I won’t give anything away except to say there really are some sick puppies in the world *shudder*. This story flows smoothly with Jackie and Brian’s relationship moving at a good pace, they have some very sensual moments and boy are they hot together! I found myself captivated by this story, seeing Jackie and Brian connect and begin their romance was very sweet and watching as they juggled their lives to spend time together was a refreshing change from seeing couples instantly fitting their lives together easily. So we have a budding romance, a touch of light D/s involving some very sensual rope play, we have a dash of chills as the suspense unfolds and then we are hit with danger as a psychopath finds thrills in fear. Hmmm I suppose I would have to recommend this story to those who love romances that struggle to get off the ground, who love light BDSM, who loves a slight mystery, who adore chills and a dash of danger, who love characters who have been through hell and back and stand strong and who find the love they deserve.