All About Evie

All About Evie

by Cathy Lamb


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Set against the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest, acclaimed author Cathy Lamb’s latest novel tells the emotionally compelling story of one woman’s life-changing discovery about her past . . .
As a child, Evie Lindsay was unnerved by her premonitions. As an adult, they have become a simple fact of life—sometimes disruptive but also inescapable, much like her quirky, loveable family.  Evie’s mother, Poppy, and her aunts, Camellia and Iris, are well known on San Orcanita island for their free-spirited ways and elaborately decorated hats. Their floral shop and Evie’s bookstore draw streams of visitors all summer long. This season promises to be extra busy: Evie’s sister, Jules, is getting married on the island.
As Jules plans her unconventional wedding, she arranges to do a DNA test with her mother, sister, and aunts, to see how much accepted lore about their heritage holds true. The results blow apart everything Evie has grown up believing about herself and her family. Spurred on by the revelations, Evie uncovers the real story of her past. But beyond her feelings of shock and betrayal, there are unexpected opportunities—to come to terms with a gift that has sometimes felt like a curse, to understand the secrets that surrounded her childhood, and to embrace the surprising new life that is waiting for her . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781496709851
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 35,041
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Cathy Lamb is the bestselling author of twelve novels, including The Man She Married, No Place I’d Rather Be, What I Remember Most, The Last Time I Was Me, Henry’s Sisters and Julia’s Chocolates. She lives with her family in Oregon and can be found online at

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All About Evie 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
MM_Reviewer 14 days ago
Thank you so much to the author, Cathy Lamb, the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this book for an honest review. This was such a fun and charming book. I loved that Evie had premonitions, and that the author was able to bring you into her world each time that she had one, and that everyone knew about her premonitions and believed in her and her world. It came as a shock when Evie realized that her family wasn't her blood family however finally knowing her past helped her to understand her premonitions much more, and she became a better person/character for it. As always, Cathy Lamb, hit a home-run with this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! If I could give this one 10 stars, I would.
MM_Reviewer 14 days ago
Thank you so much to the author, Cathy Lamb, the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this book for an honest review. This was such a fun and charming book. I loved that Evie had premonitions, and that the author was able to bring you into her world each time that she had one, and that everyone knew about her premonitions and believed in her and her world. It came as a shock when Evie realized that her family wasn't her blood family however finally knowing her past helped her to understand her premonitions much more, and she became a better person/character for it. As always, Cathy Lamb, hit a home-run with this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! If I could give this one 10 stars, I would.
Fredreeca2001 16 days ago
Evie's sister, Jules, is getting married. And not in the usual way! Jules decides to have a DNA test done on her and Evie. This throws a huge kink in the whole family's heritage. This explains at lot about Evie's special gift...among other things.
 Evie has premonitions. She can see if someone is about to get hurt. This is a curse as well as a gift. Sometimes she just can't save everyone. It is heart wrenching for her. Plus, she is having a premonition with herself involved and she cannot figure out what is going on. She is also being stalked by the new law enforcement officer in town. She is completely unnerved by this man, and not in a good way.
 This story is just full of unique characters and creative imaginations. Evie's aunts tickled me to death! And Evie is a character I fell in love with. I related so well to her, minus the premonitions . She is an introvert but yet, she loves people. She also loves books! I enjoyed all the book references. But, that is just a small section of this tale. This story is about love, family and overcoming difficulties. I highly recommend this extraordinary tale!
Nursebookie 26 days ago
Evie Lindsay has to live with her premonitions all her life, and can see the future of what could happen both good and the bad. Now an adult, they have become a part of her daily life. As a young girl, her parents suddenly move Evie and her sister Jules to San Orcanita Island where it was quieter, to hopefully abate and control her premonitions. Evie does act on her premonitions and have saved many people from disastrous accidents and death. There is one premonition she keeps having since she was a child and have been haunting her. Evie seems happy living by herself with all her animals - and there are plenty, and running her busy bookstore serving tourists and her community fancy coffees, teas and amazing pastries. She reads books as an escape, and when she is reading, she is not having any premonitions. Her sister Jules is planning a wedding and decides to do a DNA test to find out more about their heritage and this starts revelations about Evie’s past. I loved how Cathy Lamb in this beautiful story was able to weave a story of a haunting past to the present day, about Evie’s life and drawing a beautiful parallel story. The characters in the story added to how Evie’s life is made whole by all the people that love and surround her. Throughout this story, I really wanted to be a part of Evie’s life and wonderful community. What an enjoyable read and one that was also deep and brilliantly written only Cathy Lamb does.
Sheremy2627 3 months ago
I enjoyed this well told story. We meet Evie who owns the island bookshop and her quirky mother, mother, sister and aunts. Evie also has the gift of premonitions. The burden of seeing these things har happen in the future is sometimes overwhelming for Evie become a barrier to her living her true life. This story made me both laugh and cry as it examined relationships, fears, guilt and seeking truths.
bookluvr35SL 3 months ago
Evie has been plagued with premonitions since she was a young girl. They caused her to retreat to San Orcanita island, where they are somewhat less frequent. She lives there with her wide assortment of rescued animals, near her mom Poppy, and her aunts, Camellia and Iris. Evie runs a bookstore called Evie's Books, Cakes & Tea. She has her store, her books, her animals and her family and for the most part it is enough. But she is in love with the local vet. She refuses to go out with him because she has seen what will happen if they are together and she can't let that happen to him. Then when her sister ropes her into doing a DNA test to learn more about their ancestory she uncovers secrets her mom and aunts never thought would be uncovered. This book was so good. It had a great storyline with fun, kick-butt female characters. This is perfect for fans of Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen.
Annette5151 3 months ago
What a fun quirky book! I loved all the characters and all her animals! Loved the fact that everyone knew about her premonitions and believed her. I thought this was a really good story! Thanks to Netgalley for the early copy. Definitely recommend
LoriKB 3 months ago
Popcorn is made out of corn, which is a vegetable. Apple pie has apples in it. Ice Cream is in the milk group. A book hoarder too! What’s not to love! I so enjoyed the character of Evie and her story. Quirky, compassionate, sensitive Evie owns an independent bookstore on the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest. She also has had premonitions her whole life, affecting every part of her life. Because of this, she has shut herself off from most situations, especially her love life. Something is missing, but she’s not sure what. Her Mom and Aunts are hysterical, the love with her sister so touching, her animals are almost human ... you fall in love with them immediately. The book started a little slow for me, but picked up nicely to the point I finished it in three sittings. Your heart will go out to the situations in the book, heartbreaking to say the least. Ms. Lamb ties the story together nicely. Her words flow, and descriptions transport you to this small island. You feel Evie’s anxiety and confusion. At the beginning, I could not relate to the characters, but, by the middle, you are so totally vested it doesn’t matter but you may have more in common then you think. A totally enjoyable, different read. I can’t wait to read the other books I have by Ms. Lamb. Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for this ARC. Opinion is mine alone.
MatteaLC 4 months ago
An engaging story of Evie, who’s unsettled world has dominated her life, with premonitions that have haunted her since a child. She lives a quiet life on the beautiful San Juan islands, selling books, delicious baked goods and delightful items from her mother’s and aunt’s lovely gardens. She surrounds herself with her faithful animals and engaging neighbors, but forever noting an empty space in her heart, as if a piece is missing. This novel is about love of family, the comfort and unconditional love of our furry family, the value of a good book and the enjoyment of a freshly baked pie or delectable pull of a moist gooey cake. I loved the descriptions of the gardens and flowers that surrounded her sweet carriage house and the quirky family members that are so entertaining. It all blends together and just made me smile, as well as created a craving for one of the delectable treats. The Veterinarian sounded as if he was worth a trip to his office with an ailing pup. My thanks to #NetGalley, #Kensington Publishing and #Cathy Lamb for the ARC. All comments and opinions are my own.
bumblebee23 4 months ago
Get Ready For Evie!! Another fantastic read by Cathy Lamb! Every time she has a book coming out I get so excited! This time was even more amazing because I was given an ARC and I felt so honored! "All About Evie" has amazing characters and a town that I would love to be a part of. I loved the way the book was written as we got to know the various characters and their stories. I loved the premonition aspect and was intrigued by each one. I felt so many emotions while reading "All About Evie", as I do with every Cathy Lamb book. She always makes me laugh, cry, get angry at someone, and get excited about her next gem! I highly recommend this book, and if you are a Cathy Lamb regular reader keep an eye out for an awesome reference to one of her best! (Also, I really want to meet Marco! Actually Evie too because she is awesome, but Marco sounds gorgeous!)
Shelley-S-Reviewer 4 months ago
I had a hard time reading this book. I found the writing to be choppy and disjointed, it just didn't flow well for me. The chapters and the book itself were way too long and it was very repetitive. Not much happened in the first 100 pages or so and the only parts I even remotely enjoyed were in the 1970's timeline and there weren't nearly enough of them. I love books that have you caring for the people and involved to the end of the story. This is not one of those. It almost seems like the story is just thrown together to confuse and amuse the reader. When the characters are introduced they were quirky and cute and I figured I could get through the boring chapters. I found the main character, Evie, to be immature and childlike and she just grating on me. While I don't want to get into specific details that could be spoilers for others, I will say that I had a harder time connecting with these characters, and I felt that too much of the story was geared towards trying to make all readers turn into physic believers, I felt completely lost and unhappy with the final explanations. I will definitely give this author another go, but I'll be more cautious and read more reviews before picking the next book.
Teri1957 4 months ago
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is the first Cathy Lamb book I've read and it was amazing! Evie and her family felt like my own family members. The plot of this book was unusual but very well written to make it a very enjoyable and entertaining read. I highly recommend this book! Enjoy!
michealep91 4 months ago
This story was delightfully written, well developed and very engaging from the very beginning. This author was new to me, but her style of telling Evie's story had me hooked early on and I will be seeking more of her stories for sure. This is a story about the love of family and the secrets we sometimes have to hold on to. I very much enjoyed this book and I know you will too!
lauriesophee 4 months ago
One more Fabulous novel by Cathy Lamb! I was so absorbed in all these characters that I actually dreamt of them one night. Evie has always been different. She sees and feels things nobody can imagine to be true. UNTIL it is! Only she has this sixth sense and it is lonely and causes anxiety and depression. There is not another person in her family that has this ability and people think she is crazy. Is she? AND then... When her sister Jules has them both take a DNA test to find out exactly their heritage, she learns that maybe there are other people who have this special sense; another entire family who is looking for her! This is just a wonderful, amazingly beautiful story with family, friends, pets (lots of great pets) and some mystery that will quickly keep you glued to the pages. I laughed, cried ugly tears and truly loved every page!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Evie lives on a a small coastal island in Oregon, where she owns a bookstore. She sells baked goods as well as books. The cast of characters who came to the book store were delightful. Evie is not only a book lover--she also loves animals. She has dogs, cats and llamas and goats. She is also in love with a guy named Marco. But Evie has a problem. She has premonitions and sees the future. None of her other family members experienced premonitions. With the the help of her sis, Evie uncovers secrets about herself and people around her. Evie's mother, aunt and sister were a delightful cast of characters,who I found endearing. The plot was i intriguing, well developed , and fun all at once.
GreenGablesBookReviews 4 months ago
“All About Evie” … so much love in this book! An Island where everyone watches out for each other, small-town love…also, deep passionate love, but Evie cannot act on that love because of her lifelong premonitions. She can’t risk it because of what she’s seen and knows will happen. She’s saved so many, now can she save herself? I want to read more from Cathy Lamb! 5 stars! – Green Gables Book Reviews Evie has so many wonderful things in her life! She has her Mom and her free spirited Aunts that she loves so much. She has her soon-to-be-a-bride sister, Jules, she has her animals, and (swoon) their Vet, Marco, and the love of people in her town. She has her dream bookstore and is very successful. She is everyone’s friend. Evie also has premonitions. These premonitions are something she has had since she was a child and she has saved many people from harm. Some of these times were big events, like running into the street to save a child from oncoming traffic, others were things no one knew she had a part in, like slashing bike tires to save someone from having a bike accident that day. Unfortunately, Evie has had two premonitions that have been with her for a long time. And, they haven’t happened yet. One of them has caused her life to be altered to save someone she loves and the other…she hates to even think about. Evie’s sister, Jules, is so in love and so excited about her upcoming wedding, that her enthusiasm is contagious! So, when she comes with DNA tests, to find out more about their family’s past, what’s the big deal, right? Why are her Mom and Aunts acting so strange? When Evie’s results come back, everything starts to make sense, but nothing makes sense. What does this all mean and can she finally deal with the premonitions she’s had her whole life and the one’s she’s been waiting to happen? 5 stars!
Susanlibgirl 4 months ago
I really enjoyed this book. Evie and her premonitions lend to a very interesting read. It is a book that will keep you up reading and enjoying the story. Her aunts are so funny and help the story move right along, Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this book!
Julia_R 4 months ago
I am usually not one to like books with premonitions, supernatural forces, etc., but this book really captured me! Evie is a young woman who loves her animals and her family. She has had premonitions her entire life. The stress of these premonitions is obvious when she feels she must rescue those who are in danger. Evie is blessed with an eccentric family and lives in a small island town. Will she fall in love? Will she uncover the mystery of her past? This was a great read that had me laughing and crying. I was not able to put the book down and read into the early morning hours. Great writing!!!
gypsygrandmatv 4 months ago
All About Evie was not what I was expecting....but I loved it! Evie has been blessed/cursed with premonitions her entire life and has struggled with her abilities to predict the future suffering from depression and anxiety, But it is foremost a story about of family, romantic love and love of self. I found myself laughing one moment and crying the next. Cathy Lamb gives us colorful well-drawn characters that we can fall in love with. The setting, the wild and beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington state, is as much a character as Evie and her mother and her crazy aunts! Oh yeah...and I love how much Evie loves books and can't understand people that don't read! Some of the best scenes are when when she is confronted with them in her bookshop. Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
BuckeyeAngel 4 months ago
Evie knew the little girl was going to be hit by a white truck. Evie was going in her book store carrying a box of books she had been reviewing at home, in her other arm she had a cat kennel with Ghost the cat in it. Ghost loves to go to Evie’s book store . It was early in the morning. She saw the little girl with her mother . She had reenvisioned the premonition she’d seen in a flash when she noticed her. Evie knew the little girl was going to be hit immediately and started running up the street. Evie grabbed the girl just in time. Evie decided she would have to make a change in her life. Exercise. Eat more vegetables, but not today. Maybe next Saturday ...maybe not. The little girl wasn’t moving, she was in shock. The little girl’s name was Maggie, her mother screamed and asked her if she was alright. The mother was crying as she thanked Evie. Darrell was an organic farmer and sells to local grocery stores. He said” Those premonitions must be awful. Yousee something and you have to go save someone. You’re a right kind person Evie. Always helping others.” Mr. jamon croaked out “Lucky she had premonition it was going to happen! She’s been having them since she was a little girl.” Evie said” I don’t have premonitions.” She knew no one believed her, but it was her standard line. Evie could see the future for someone . Sometimes it was scary, or bad, or sometimes it was wonderful. It leads to a lot of mental distress, trying to save people, or choosing not to save people and committing minor crimes along the way, all of her tiny criminal acts or legal interventions, have been to slow people down so that the premonition will pass them by. But she has one premonition on and off her whole life, starting when Evie was about five years old. In the premonition there are two women, and one is Evie and one of them dies. She has not been able to figure that out, which was strange. Her endings for her other premonitions are all quite clear, but there’s fussiness here, as if the premonition doesn’t even know who precisely is dead at the end of it. She doesn’t know who the woman is. She doesn’t know how old she will be. She doesn’t know when it will happen. What she does know is that she is driving on a road, wide enough for only one car, alongside a mountain on her right. On her left os a steep cliff. The ocean is in the distance peeping through pine trees and there’s a whole bunch of orange poppies. Evie sees the oncoming car and they both swerve and crash. I really enjoyed this book. I loved Evie, her mom , and her aunts as well as the townspeople. I loved how Marcus didn’t give up on Evie and was so patient and kind. This story was a little confusing at times with with the direction that the story was suppose to be taking but it does all come together in the end. I loved how the town accepted Evie’s premonitions and her mothers and aunts add ways. I liked how the author brought in some issues like abuse and injustice. My heart broke for Betsy when Rose was taken from her. I didn’t really like the back and forth between past and present. I choked up at times while reading this and chuckled at other times. I love how evie rescued so many animals and loved them so much. This book has: family, rescues animals, premonitions, family drama, sisters, a DNA test, friendship, cruelty, heartbreak, and so much more. I really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.
Svara 4 months ago
This book took off with a bang and never slowed it's roll. Evie is a character you will fall in love with and long remember. She is quirky, funny leads a strange life including having an alpaca as a pet! Evie also has a bookstore and her premonitions.....well. Quite an enjoyable read.
MKF 4 months ago
Oh those DNA tests! You gotta wonder how many people there are who, like Evie, get a big surprise when they get the results. Set on a lovely island in the Pacific Northwest, this is the story of how Evie learns that she really is different from the rest of her family (much as she loves them). She owns a bookstore (love this part) and she has premonitions, which are sometimes good and sometimes bad. Her sister Jules' wedding is the prompt for the test and it unravels a long held family secret. This hits a number of serious issues as well as more light hearted ones. It also occasionally wanders into the twee (it's the writing style). Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Good characters and a very realistic plot line make this a good read.