Almost Missed You: A Novel

Almost Missed You: A Novel

by Jessica Strawser


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ISBN-13: 9781250107619
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 02/06/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 309,179
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Jessica Strawser is the editor-at-large at Writer’s Digest magazine, where she served as editorial director for nearly a decade and became known for her in-depth cover interviews with such luminaries as David Sedaris and Alice Walker. She's the author of the novels Almost Missed You, named to Barnes & Noble’s Best New Fiction shortlist upon its March 2017 release, and Not That I Could Tell. She has written for The New York Times' Modern Love, Publishers Weekly and other fine venues, and lives with her husband and two children in Cincinnati.

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Almost Missed You 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unless you are female , somewhere between the ages of 20-40 with young children , this novel probably will hold very little appeal for you . Overly romantic with unrelatable characters . Unlikely finale.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This novel was very engaging and interesting. I enjoyed every second of it.
Anonymous 23 days ago
SMWard More than 1 year ago
Loved it! This book falls into one of my favorite categories: it’s a suspenseful domestic drama. Almost Missed You reminded me of a Liane Moriarty novel—full of heart-wrenching emotional scenes between friends and family, and revelations about the secrets people keep from even their closest confidants. Why would an otherwise loving husband up and disappear with a toddler in the middle of a peaceful family vacation? It’s a mystery that I wanted to solve, and as I dove deeper into this novel I got hooked and was flipping pages late into the night. The author keeps a tight focus on three main characters: Finn, his wife Violet, and his best friend Caitlyn. The reader gets a good look into the motivations of each. The author also handles jumps in time well, as we flash back to the “original sins” of each character. I enjoy realistic, contemporary fiction that delves into the complexities of human behavior. Sometimes we hurt those nearest to us, often without meaning to and without thought of the consequences. Our harmful actions may be due to foolish impulses and selfishness, or they may be simply accidents or inertia. That’s life! And I love reading about it in a well-structured novel. There was more than one time where I thought I knew exactly where this story was going but was proven wrong, which is fun for me as a voracious reader. I highly recommend this novel, a strong debut in 2017.
booksandbeverages More than 1 year ago
I always enjoy books that have multiple layers. The ones that can initially lead you down one path, but after different pieces and character’s stories, reveal something a bit different. This debut from Jessica Strawser was memorable and a good fit for those who enjoy layered stories. This is one of those books you finish in one setting because you really want to know how it all plays out. I admit, I almost….almost, jumped to the end to find out the what happened. I stopped myself though because as the story moved forward, I realized this wasn’t going to be exactly as I thought it would be. While it wasn’t a perfect novel, I did enjoy it. I thought it was honest about the difficulties in marriage, the secrets we think are better off hidden, the struggles we hide and the consequences we face when we make not so wise decisions. Through all of it though, I was surprised at how I enjoyed the ending. I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out, but I appreciate when an author leaves us readers with hope and redemption in ways you don’t fully expect. What’s a recent novel about married couples you enjoyed? (This was a Spring pick for Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for a copy of the book. All views expressed are my own.) Originally posted at
pet1210 More than 1 year ago
What should have been a relaxing, enjoyable vacation in Florida, turns into a terrible nightmare for Violet, when her husband, Finn, disappears from their hotel room taking their three-year-old son, Bear, with him. Violet is distraught but also baffled. She thought her marriage to Finn was solid and they both loved being parents to Bear. Meanwhile, Finn manages to solicit the help of his high school friend, Caitlin, to stay under the radar of the FBI. Caitlin had also become close friends with Violet as her husband, George, was away a lot and their twins were of a similar age to Violet's and Finn's son, Bear. Caitlin understands how devastated Violet must be and feels torn about aiding Finn but is forced to remain quiet in order to protect her own secret and her family. The story switches between August 2016 when Finn disappears and various times in the past when the reader learns about all the events that finally led to Finn and Violet getting married. Told through the three alternating perspectives of Finn, Violet, and Caitlin, it slowly becomes clear that all the characters have been keeping secrets. I really liked that every character managed to surprise me and the way the revelations were made was well done. All the little twists kept me glued to the pages. The story contained a compelling mix of suspense, mystery, and emotion. It's been a while since I've been this absorbed in a domestic suspense novel. From the convincing writing style, the unanticipated plotting, and the solid characterization I would have never guessed this was the author's first novel. I thought it was really impressive. My only minor issue was with the epilogue. It's not that I didn't like it as such, but it was just a bit too high on the serendipity scale for me. I will, however, definitely be looking out for Jessica Strawser's next novel due out in 2018.
MMFinck More than 1 year ago
For fans of Liane Moriarty, Beatriz Williams, Marisa de los Santos... Absolutely gripping. This story was so intense for me as mother that I vacillated between tearing up and feeling sick. The plot twisted and twisted. The writing itself, down to the sentence level, is *expert.* Jessica Strawser reminds me of Liane Moriarty in the way she writes with the deeply felt emotional pull of women's fiction while also giving secrets teeth as is more often seen in thrillers and mysteries.
SherreyM More than 1 year ago
So many secrets. So much sorrow. All between the covers of Almost Missed You. Jessica Strawser’s début novel, Almost Missed You, wears a plot line woven as finely as a spider spins its web. Intricately written into each of her characters are elements of deceit and lies. It should be noted that often they don’t outright lie. They simply don’t share the truth about certain things. Of her characters, the one I identified with was Gram, the grandmother of Victoria, the main character (or at least the main one from my perspective). Gram had raised Victoria from childhood and they had a bond as maternal as a natural mother and daughter. Although a somewhat minor character, Gram’s strong love and support see Victoria through a devastating period when her husband and son disappear. I suppose being a mom, grandma, and great-grandma drew me to Gram’s personality and treatment of others. The other characters were well-developed for their purposes. However, the degree of secrecy among them was astounding. Strawser deftly manages sharing chapter by chapter their individual stories. At times, the switching between characters and story lines left me in a state of vertigo keeping up with who knew which secret. This would be my only critical comment about Almost Missed You. Strawser’s writing and ability to thread together the various plot lines and characters in this her début novel leaves me a bit jealous as a fellow writer. I highly recommend Almost Missed You if you enjoy a fast-paced book filled with suspense and mystery. Thanks to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for providing an ARC for review purposes.
sandrabrazier More than 1 year ago
It all began the day that Violet and Finn took Bear to see the ocean for the very first time. Violet and Finn had a story book kind of meeting on this very same beach years ago, so it was a very special place to them both. As Finn takes Bear into the hotel room for his nap , Violet is left sitting on the sparkling beach, a refreshing drink in her hand, and heart full of precious memories, gratitude, and contentment. When Violet finds Finn and Bear and all of their belongings gone upon her return to the hotel room, it almost feels like they had been nothing but a dream of hers. There was no trace of of her small family. That is the moment when Violet’s beautiful world falls apart. The characters in this story are realistic and likable, in spite of their faults, so they are able to carry a plot filled with twists and turns quite effectively. Just when you think you have this one figured out, the author has more surprises for you. I highly recommend this twisting and turning mystery. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Almost Missed You, Jessica Strawser Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Women’s Fiction    OK, this is quite a hard book to review. I loved the idea of it, was on tenterhooks thinking why on earth Finn would do that, especially from the fragments we saw of how he was with Violet and Bear just beforehand, but the constant past and present flipping made me feel in danger of whiplash. Its not a format I really like, I’ve read a very few where it works for me, and too many more where it doesn’t. Just as I'm engrossed in the story of the past it flips to the present, and then I’m suckered in to whets happening and bam...its back to the past.  I've read books where that works well for me, but with this one it just left me really frustrated, flipping back and forth right when there was a huge question needed answering. I guess there's an argument that it kept up the suspense of the secrets and let them out at  optimum time for that but for me   it just was really annoying, and spoiled the story. I ended up skipping and flicking through to read past, past, past, and then all the present bits, as I was getting so irritated at the flipping of times. Oddly enough I've just read another laid out exactly the same way, where from about 1/3rd in I did the same thing....Leah Mercer's novel Who we were Before. Another that's really emotional at times, where the past and present collide creating a huge rift between a couple. If you love this book look out for that one. As to the story and characters, well TBH I really only liked Violet and Bear. I understood why the other characters did what they did, but I was amazed at how easily it seemed to come to them, how they didn’t think beyond the immediate actions. Its kind of hard to write without giving things away but all the characters lives were so closely intertwined and the secrets had such a huge impact. I didn’t understand why some things weren't told earlier, of course the book would have been different if they had ;-) so as that needs to be kept for me there needed to be a better reason for the actions and the secrets. I did feel for Finn when it all came out, but enough to forgive him the awful thing he he to Violet? I don’t know – she loved him but did she ever see the real Finn, or was she in love with the person he presented to her? Or is there really any difference, maybe we’re all more than one person, maybe the way life hits us makes us what we are? He had some pretty awful thoughts between Violet and his past, that made me really feel for her and get cross at him, but then again we can’t actually control what we think, what we feel can we?   I did feel too that some of the events towards the end got a rather poorly explained and slick conclusion, that didn’t feel as if that would have happened in reality, and that niggled at me. The ending was a little ambiguous, but it left the way open for a HEA and for me that's OK, I can imagine one for them, for Violet needed that, wanted that and I loved her. I’d really have preferred a more concrete happy ending though – I’m a sap I know but I love things to end well. Overall though I felt I was interested in the story, wanted it to end well, but the present/past/present/past flipping format was so annoying to me. I wasn’t totally gripped by the story and I think that was a huge reason why, and maybe in a different format I would have enjoyed it more. The plot is perfect, real, and one that made me think, its just the exec
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. This is a wonderful debut by this author. I have never read a story quite like this one before. It is about connections, those we make and those we miss, it is about friendship, love, betrayal and loyalty. It is so beautifully written. As a mother I could totally relate to how Violet felt to have her little boy Bear missing and at the hands of her husband. I actually found I could relate to her quite often as she uncovers some other details from Finn's past. This story was very cleverly thought out and so well executed. There were so many unexpected twists and turns in this story it kept me 100% engaged all the way through. I would definitely recommend this book especially for anyone who wants to read something a little different. I will definitely look for more from this author in the future.
Deb-Krenzer More than 1 year ago
I have mixed feelings for this book. I think the author did a great job writing the book. I truly enjoyed it for the most part. However, I come away with an extreme emotion for one of the characters. It's an emotion that I just can't get over. I have never, ever felt this way over a character in a book. I'm guessing it's the mother in me that is making me feel this way. I'm not going to spoil the reading of the book for anyone, so I will not give the particulars here. For anyone who has read the book, I'm sure you will know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, I did enjoy the book and was glad that I got the opportunity to read it. Thanks to St. Martin's Press for approving my request and to Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review.
crystallyn More than 1 year ago
Wow! What a fantastic read! Strawser's debut is a deep entanglement of friendships, relationships, responsibility, love, romance, guilt and a whole lot in between. For me, this novel evoked the memory of other books like Gone Girl, Interference, and Girl on the Train, except that in this case, it all seems so much more plausible and relatable. You can imagine how everything got so complicated and there is a thread of love and understanding that weaves through the story and props it all up in a much more human and positive way. The book is a page-turner and I ripped through it in just two nights. This one will be high on the book lists in 2017.