American Diet Revolution!: The Strength for Life Guide to the Foods We Must and Must Not Eat To Be Leaner and Stronger in the 21st Century

American Diet Revolution!: The Strength for Life Guide to the Foods We Must and Must Not Eat To Be Leaner and Stronger in the 21st Century

by Josef Arnould


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Obesity, diabetes, dementia, and related epidemics plaguing Americans today are primarily the result of deceptive dietary advice that began in the 1950s. By following that advice faithfully throughout the last half of the 20th Century, a majority of Americans became helpless victims of these diseases. Now, in American Diet Revolution!, Dr. Josef Arnould reveals how Americans can throw off the chains of deceiving dietary advice, overcome these epidemics, and regain the personal freedom of good health. He conveys why Americans must eliminate the fattening, inflaming, toxic, industrial foodstuffs that have dominated their diets for decades and how they can easily do so. Additionally, American Diet Revolution! shares simple and economical strategies to purchase and prepare nutritious foods to replace the toxic ones of the past. Then, in an empowering finale, Dr. Arnould takes the genre of dietary advice to a new place and demonstrates that, by rejecting the deceitful dietary advice of yesteryear, Americans are inciting a second American Revolution. In the process of creating new diets and new food economics based upon honest nutritional research, Americans are revolting peacefully, but powerfully, against all individuals and organizations that previously maximized their power and profits by colonizing Americans with toxic information, toxic foods, and toxic drugs.

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ISBN-13: 9781642791082
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Pages: 218
Sales rank: 1,018,329
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About the Author

For 35 years, Dr. Josef Arnould has provided chiropractic, strength training, and nutritional counseling services in his clinic, the Strength for Life® Health & Fitness Center. Dr. Arnould earned a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. He holds also a master’s degree in education and a doctorate in chiropractic. His first book, Stronger After 40, a comprehensive textbook on strength training for adults, was published in 2005. He has also published numerous articles on exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic healthcare. Currently, he conducts live workshops and appears on TV and online in videos about exercise, nutrition, and weight loss. Dr. Arnould resides in Easthampton, an intimate and progressive city located in heart of the Five-College Area of Western Massachusetts.

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